Below are links to most forms customers and contractors will need when doing business with the Department of Water. Additionally you will find standard drawings and requirements for new services and installations. Hard copies of all forms are available at the Department of Water’s Administrative offices, 1995 Prospect Avenue, East Meadow during normal business hours. Any questions you may have can be directed to the Department of water by calling 516-794-8300 during normal business hours. Emergency water calls are answered 24 hours a day by calling 516-794-8181.

  • Approval of Backflow Prevention Devices

    This form is submitted by design professionals or device installers for new backflow devices. Single family residential structure installations do not require sections 9, 10, 11 or 12 to be completed.

  • Backflow Device Installations and Requirements

    Reference drawings for backflow device installations and regulations.

  • COVID-19 Payment Deferral Application

    This form should be completed by residential customers financially impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic Please refer to the letter for details of this program.

  • Employee Disclosure Form

    This form must accompany all application made to the Department of Water.

  • Use of Fire Hydrant to Fill Tank Trucks

    Application form for construction contractors and landscapers seeking to fill tanks from Department owned fire hydrants.

  • Water Service Application Card

    Information and contact card to be used by customers wishing to change or update the name or mailing address on their water account. This form should also be completed when establishing a tenant account for a rental property. Please call the Billing Section at 516-794-8300 for guidance on completing this card.

  • Water Service Permit

    Application form for new water service taps, new installations and fire hydrant use permits.

Once completed, original copies of all forms with original signatures must be submitted to the Department of Water at 1995 Prospect Avenue, East Meadow, New York 11554 for processing. Forms may be dropped in the blue drop box located next to the stairs in front of the building or mailed to the Department at this address.


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