Government Transparency

1. All executed Contracts that are currently in effect are to be published under the section of the Town website of the agency or Town department administering the agreement.
2. The final financial, forensic and performance audits of the departments, agencies, and operations of the Town as conducted by the Town Comptroller, as well as the audited Consolidated Annual Financial Reports(CAFRs), for each of the past five (5) years all of which shall be redacted if necessary, to comply with applicable law.
3. The tentative budget, the preliminary budget and the annual; budget as finally adopted.
4. All job specifications, as established by the Town of Hempstead Civil Service Commission, for each civil service job position and title in the Town of Hempstead.
5. The final adopted Capital Improvement Plan for the current year and each of the ensuing five (5) years.
6. All roadway rating surveys as conducted by the Highway department for the current and prior year.
7. The Town’s procurement guidelines, including rules for contracting with bidders and instructions for submitted an RFP.
8. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Town and the CSEA and any amendment thereto.
9. Freedom of Information Law request form.
10. A hyperlink to the text for the Freedom of Information Law and Open Meetings Law.
11. A section designated to notices of public meetings (date, time, location), including public hearings and budget hearings, posted in advance of the meetings.
12. A hyperlink to the Town’s ethics law and guidelines.
13. All fee schedules for use of Town parks or other facilities, permit application fees and variance fees.
14. The date of any Town election.
15. The names and terms of appointment for every board or commission member.
16. A link to the New York State Board of Elections campaign finance disclosures webpage.