Official Town Seal

§24-1: Adoption of seal; description.

The Town of Hempstead shall use the following seal which shall be known as its official seal.

A. Description of Seal

  1. The seal shall consist of eight concentric circles. The outer circle shall be colored blue, and the interior circles shall alternate yellow and blue until the inner circle, which shall have a background of white.
  2. In the upper part of the fourth concentric circle shall be inscribed in blue capital letters the words "TOWN OF HEMPSTEAD, N. Y." and in the lower part the words "FOUNDED 1644."
  3. Upon the white background of the inner circle shall be superimposed an eagle, whose head shall be turned to the right and in whose beak shall be held a scroll upon which shall be superimposed in capital letters the words: "E PLURIBUS UNUM." In its right talon shall be an olive branch, and in its left talon shall be 13 arrows. Upon the breast of the eagle shall be a shield upon which shall be 13 white stars superimposed on a field of blue, and seven vertical white stripes alternated with six vertical red stripes. Above the head of the eagle shall be a blue rectangle upon which shall be superimposed in yellow capital letters the words "NASSAU COUNTY."

B. The Following is an Enlarged Pictograph of Said Seal

Town Seal Download Full Resolution Town Seal (.png)

Note: This image is a new adaptation of the original town seal. There was no vector based format for the original seal, nor was there a high resolution version. This seal is a replica that conforms to the description stated in §24-1 of the Town Code. The colors are sampled from the original yellow and blue of the old seal. The main difference between the new seal and the old seal is the shape of the eagle. We recommend using this for all future purposes.