Pumpout Facilities & Marine Towing

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Pumpout Facility Location Contact
Bay Park Fishing Station East Rockaway Channel (fee) (516) 766-3110
Empire Point Marina Shell Creek, Island Park (fee) (516) 889-1067
Town of Hempstead Inwood Marina (24 hours a day) Inwood (free) (516) 239-0945
Precision Marine Island Channel, Seaford (fee) (516) 785-3013
Town of Hempstead
Guy Lombardo Marina (24 hours a day)
Between Woodcleft &
Hudson Canals, Freeport (free)
(516) 378-3417
Town of Hempstead Angie M. Cullin East Marina (24 hours a day) Reynolds Channel, Point Lookout (free) (516) 897-4128
Wantagh Park County Marina Bellmore Creek, Wantagh (free) (516) 571-7460
Short Beach, West End Boat Basin State Boat Channel, Wantagh (free) (516) 785-1600
Hudson Channel Fuel Hudson Avenue, Freeport (fee) (516) 379-9370
Town of Hempstead Pumpout Boat
'Sanitary 1'
Pump-out boats will operate from 8 am-4 pm on the dates indicated below.  One boat will be at Zachs Bay each day of operation; a second boat will be at the specific daily area location indicated within the schedule.  Pump-out vessel can be hailed on channel 71.

Area Location Description
West Bay – From the Atlantic Beach Bridge to the Long Beach Bridge.
Middle Bay – From the Long Beach Bridge to the West Side of the Meadowbrook Parkway Bridges.
East Bay – From the East Side of the Meadowbrook Parkway Bridges to Seaford Creek.
You can reach the pump-out operator on channel 71 during operational hours (8am-4pm) and our office at

(516) 431-9200,

Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:45pm.
Yacht Harbor East Rockaway Channel, Oceanside (516) 764-3300


Marine Towing Location Contact
Sea Tow 389 S. Main St.
(516) 623-4183
Marine VHF - Channels 16 & 10
Operating 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
Tow Boat U.S. 121 Maple Ave.
Bay Shore
(631) 666-5380
Marine VHF - Channel 16 & 08
Operating 7 days a week, 24 hours a day


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