Alternative Veterans Exemption

The Hempstead Town Board participates in a property tax reduction program for eligible veterans. Eligible applicants will receive a partial exemption from county and town taxes equal to 15 percent of their assessment for service during wartime and an additional 10 percent for service in a combat area (includes recipients of expeditionary medals). The Veterans' Exemption applies to county and town taxes, but not to special district taxes. Villages are exempted at local option. A recent amendment to the law allows school districts the option to participate in this exemption. Qualifying veterans will receive an exemption on their 2017/2018 school property tax bills, provided their school district has passes a resolution to opt in by January 2, 2017.

In order to receive the Veterans' exemption, the veteran must have served on active duty in the United States Armed Forces during a designated time of war as follows:

Conflict Dates
Persian Gulf Conflict Beginning August 2, 1990
Panama December 20, 1989 - January 31, 1990
Lebanon June 1, 1983 - December 1, 1987
Grenada October 23, 1983 - November 21, 1983
Vietnam War February 28, 1961 - May 7, 1975
Korean War June 27, 1950 - January 31, 1955
World War II December 7, 1941 - December 31, 1946
World War I April 6, 1917 - November 11, 1918

A veteran who is a recipient of an Armed Forces expeditionary medal, a Navy expeditionary medal, a Marines Corps expeditionary medal, or a Global War on Terrorism expeditionary medal may qualify for the Veterans Exemption. Many Merchant seamen who served during Warld War II are now eligible for this exemption.

The property may be exempted if its owner is an honorably discharged veteran, his or her spouse or unremarried surviving spouse. If there is no unremarried surviving spouse, the veteran's surviving dependent father, mother or minor children may also be eligible under certain conditions.

Veterans of the Guard and Reserve who were called up for active duty for any service other than training during a period of war, are entitled to a veterans exemption on the town and county portion of their real estate taxes. In order to qualify, the veterans must provide proof that their service was not for training.

An additional exemption is granted for veterans with service-connected disabilities that are certified by either the Department of Veterans' Affairs or the Department of Defense. This exemption, one-half of the disability rating, lasts as long as the disability does. If the disability is not certified as permanent, the applicant must submit a renewal application as required by the Nassau County Assessor.

Percentage-level benefits are subject to a maximum dollar limit set by each taxing jurisdiction.

Nassau County has adopted an alternative property tax exemption for Gold Star Parents. A Gold Star Parent is defined as the parent of a child who died in the line of duty while serving in the United States Armed Forces during a period of war as defined in NYS Real Tax Law.

Once you have applied and your application has been approved, you do not have to re-apply again unless you sell your home and buy another residence that also qualifies for the exemption.

Complete details may be obtained from the Nassau County Department of Assessment by calling (516) 571-1500.

View Your Guide to VETERAN EXEMPTIONS an informational brochure prepared by the Receiver of Taxes.
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View a NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services Alternate Veterans' Tax Exemption Application.
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View a NYS Instructions for Alternate Veterans' Tax Exemption Application.
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Cold War Veterans Exemption

In April 2008, the town passed local legislation qualifying previously ineligible veterans for the Cold War Veterans Exemption. The exemption is extended to veterans or the unremarried surviving spouse of the veteran who served on active duty in the Armed Forces between September 2, 1945 and December 26, 1991, who are not currently receiving the "Eligible Funds" or "Alternative" exemption. The exemption provides up to a 15 percent reduction of county and town taxes for eligible recipients on their primary residence. The county, school districts and villages have the option to offer the reduction. Disabled veterans may receive an additional benefit equal to one-half of their VA combined service-connected disability.

Previously, New York State law had limited Cold War Veterans Exemption benefits to a 10-year period, but recent amendments gave authorization to local jurisdictions to grant the exemption permanently. In March 2018, legislation crafted by Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin and co-sponsored by Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney and Councilman Dennis Dunne, Sr. was adopted by the Hempstead Town Board, making the exemption permanent. For complete details and to receive a Cold War Veterans Tax Exemption application, you may contact the Nassau County Department of Assessment at (516) 571-1500 or view an application below.

View a NYS Application for Cold War Veterans Exemption from Real Property Taxation.
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View a NYS Instructions for Cold War Veterans Tax Exemption Application.
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Eligible Funds Exemption

Veterans who purchased their home with a military pension, bonus or insurance monies can file for the Eligible Funds Veterans Exemption. The exemption reduces the assessed value of the primary residence by the amount of eligible funds used to purchase the home. The exemption can be reduced by re-assessments or increased when newly received VA money is reinvested into the property. Further details, applications and instructions are available online at the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website.