E-Bills Are Like an Easy Button for Taxpayers, Clavin Makes Hempstead Town the First Municipality in New York to Feature Property Tax e-Bills

Mon, January 22nd 2018 (8:10 PM)
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Issued by: Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin

Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin unveiled a new e-Billing program that will help deliver property tax bills to residents from the comfort of their home computers or electronic devices without having to wait for them to arrive in the mail. Clavin’s new e-Billing system enables residents to go “paperless” by receiving property tax bills in their email inbox, and then having the option to pay online through a few simple steps.

By implementing an e-Billing program, Clavin has made the Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Office the first in the state of New York to offer tax e-Bills. While several other governments, including Hempstead Town, already accept online tax payments, they do not offer e-Billing. By signing up for the Receiver’s e-Bill program, property owners will be able to receive tax bills electronically (via email) instead of through the U.S. Mail.

“E-Bills are like an ‘Easy Button’ for taxpayers,” Clavin said. “What’s more, by embracing this technology, Hempstead Town is setting a new standard by saving money, boosting government efficiency, conserving resources and protecting our environment.”

More than a hundred taxpayers have already signed up for e-Bills during an initial launch, but with the system fully in place, Clavin is encouraging taxpayers to register for the easy, convenient way to receive their property tax bills. As more residents sign up for the e-Billing service, the town will see a boost in savings. For example, if 10 percent of taxpayers who typically receive their bills in the mail are signed up for e-Billing, Hempstead Town could realize a savings of about $50,000 a year. If the Receiver attains his goal of having 50 percent of taxpayers enroll in e-Billing, the program would save the town almost a quarter of a million dollars per year.

Bills are issued twice a year, once in January for the General Tax Bill and once in October for the School Tax Bill.

For those who prefer paper bills, taxpayers would not be required to participate in the town’s e-Billing program. Instead, simply do nothing, and the Town of Hempstead will continue to send paper tax bills through the U.S. Mail. There is also the option to receive both a paper bill and an e-Bill.

The benefits of e-Bills are numerous. Some of the features include:

  • Receive e-Bills more quickly than “snail mail” bills.
  • Eliminates concerns over lost mail.
  • Reduces the use of natural resources (paper) required for paper bills.
  • Saves tax dollars associated with the production and mailing of traditional tax bills.
  • Reduces Hempstead Town’s carbon footprint by minimizing the use of machinery needed to process paper tax bills.
  • Homeowners can receive their bills even if they are out of town.

To ensure a smooth transition, the town will initially continue to mail a paper tax bill, as well as sending an e-Bill to subscribers as a safeguard. This course of action will help address emails that inadvertently wind up in “spam folders,” etc. It will also provide adequate time for property owners to get accustomed to paperless tax bills.

To go paperless and receive e-Bills, simply enroll by visiting https://Hempstead.egovpayments.com/egov/apps/bill/pay.egov and follow the “register for e-Billing” links. The directions are straightforward and simple.

Clavin was the force behind making e-Bills an option for local receivers of taxes, successfully pressing for state legislation that has permitted local government to offer the e-Bill option. The legislation was sponsored by former Senator Charles Fuschillo and former Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, and it was signed into law in 2011. Hempstead Town’s in-house IT department worked has worked in concert with eGov Strategies in crafting the Receiver’s e-Billing system. In fact, Clavin’s cutting edge e-Billing system was lauded for its software development methods featured in an online story published by GovTech Magazine.

Sign up online today and take advantage of convenient, easy and environmentally responsible e-Bills. In addition to e-Billing and online tax payments, the Hempstead Town Receiver of Taxes Office provides an array of convenient payment options, including satellite and mobile office payment dates, extended office hours and an EZ-pay drive thru payment window. Visit hempsteadny.gov/receiver-of-taxes-office for more information or the Receiver’s Facebook and Twitter pages (@tohreceiver) for important updates and event announcements.

“By introducing e-Billing, the Hempstead Town Receivers Office is now among the most innovative in the state,” Clavin said. “I encourage residents to join in on the ease of e-Bills, while also utilizing our office’s array of resources for taxpayers.”


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