Solar Panels

Filing Instructions

The following information outlines the procedures and requirements for obtaining a permit to install PV array (solar panels) in a residential dwelling:

  1. Please review Filing Instructions for Building Permit for Alterations and Structures of Minor Character for filing requirements.
  2. A completed Building Permit application form is required.
  3. You must complete a Long Island Unified Solar Energy System Fast Track Permit application.
  4. A Design Professional's Certificate of Compliance form must be submitted with application.
  5. An electrical inspection is required.
  6. If solar panels are to be installed in a residential dwelling by a contractor, a home improvement license is required. Contractors must submit proof of insurance (i.e.: workers compensation and liability).
  7. Two sets of plans indicating the location of panels must be submitted.
  8. Three copies of the property survey must be submitted with the application.
  9. A tax bill must be submitted with the application.
  10. You must submit a letter from a Professional Engineer which certifies that the installation will withstand sustained wind speeds of up to 125 mph.
  11. There are also Building Zone Ordinance requirements for ground-mounted systems. Building Zone Ordinance Codes are available online.
  12. Requirements of the New York State Building Code must also be met.
  13. If the job is done as a "do it yourself", refer to the New York State Workers Compensation Waiver.
  14. Permit fees vary according to the scope of work.


BZA requirements are subject to change.

Building Application packets can be picked up at the reception counter on the second floor during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.


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