Non-Conforming Use Application

Instructions for Filing

  • A completed Building Permit application form. Application forms shall be filled out in their entirety and shall be signed by the property owner NOT the lessee. All information must be typed or printed. Cross outs will void out application.
  • Three (3) copies of a recent complete (unaltered) survey by a licensed surveyor, showing the plot and all existing buildings and structures.
  • Two (2) sets of complete floor plans, ALL FLOORS with all exterior and interior dimensions, room uses, and all accessory structures; (garage, pool, shed, etc.) prepared in a standard architectural manner to a scale of not less than one quarter of an inch to one foot.
  • Two (2) site plans showing all existing structures (including accessory structures such as sheds, detached garage, pools, etc.). Site plans must indicate all dimensions and setbacks.
  • Letter of age and a copy of the original (1938 report) assessors card (front and back) from the Nassau County Tax Assessors, 240 Old Country Road, Mineola.
  • All Multiple Residences (three or more families) are required to submit two copies of the Certificate of Registry.
  • Minimum of four photos, one of each complete view of the dwelling and showing all structures, pools, sheds, etc., on the site. Photographs shall be mounted on paper and labeled. Black and white photocopies or loose photographs will not be accepted.
  • Fees:

    Building Type Fee Amount
    1 or 2 Family Dwelling $300
    All Other Buildings $750
  • Indicate all associated Building Permit numbers and/or application numbers for the lot on the Non-Conforming application. (A fee of $25.00 is required for a Building Department Record Search)

NOTE: A “Chain of Title” may be required in addition to all of the above, should a sub-division of the subject property be suspect. “Chain of Title” to be from prior to the year 1930 to present and include all abutting properties. Same may be prepared by either a title company, an abstract company and/or drafting service.