Permits & Applications

Plan Examiners

Applications which are submitted to the Building Department are reviewed by a plan examiner to ensure for the following:

  1. Zoning Compliance
  2. New York State Building Code Compliance
  3. Structural Compliance
  4. Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines
  5. Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance

Upon completion of review, the application will either be approved and a building permit issued or denied for failure to meet one or more of the above requirements.

If an application is denied for a zoning violation, the applicant is notified and asked if they wish to proceed to the Board of Appeals.


As building permits are issued, they are assigned to an inspector. Each inspector is responsible for all structural inspections these building permits may require.

With the issuance of a building permit, the applicant receives several pre-addressed postcards with all possible inspections required. These cards are to be returned to the Building Department with the following information: section, block and lot numbers; address, building permit number, inspection requested, and the date they would prefer that inspection.

Depending on the nature and scope of construction, there are seven possible inspections; excavation and footings, foundation walls, steel, sheeting, rough enclosure, insulation and final completion.

Once all structural inspections have been made and the inspector has received all mechanical approvals that may apply (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, gas, sprinkler, final survey, etc.), he then completes the final inspection which leads to the issuance of a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Occupancy.

Code Compliance

The Town of Hempstead Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Building Zone Ordinance and portions of the Town Code. If a resident believes that a business, land owner, proprietor, or homeowner is not in compliance with the codes and ordinances of the Town of Hempstead, they can request a code enforcement officer to review the situation. If the incident warrants, code enforcement officers may issue court appearance tickets. Requests for code enforcement officers should be made in writing to:

Town of Hempstead Building Department
One Washington Street
Hempstead, New York 11550


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