Operation SPLASH

Stop Polluting Littering And Save Harbors

Operation SPLASH, a volunteer non-profit organization chartered by the Town of Hempstead, provides a solution to the growing problem of waterfront pollution through public awareness and individual participation. The SPLASH boat, which is docked at the Town of Hempstead's Guy Lombardo Marina in Freeport, goes out on patrol at least once daily and removes debris from the local waterways and shorelines. SPLASH has hundreds of active members who are dedicated to keeping our coastal waterways pollution-free, allowing marine life to thrive in the bays once again. To volunteer with Operation SPLASH please visit their website at operationsplash.net or call (516) 378-4770.

Hempstead Town has joined forces with SPLASH to affix "no dumping" medallions on storm drains throughout the entire township. The medallions will serve as a reminder that dumping has environmental consequences. This program is part of the township's effort to curtail "non-point" source pollution of local waterways. With the assistance of SPLASH volunteers, 5,000 medallions will be placed in high priority areas. The program will then be extended to all south shore communities with 30,000 "no dumping" medallions to be affixed on storm drains. In conjunction with this initiative, the Town of Hempstead has loaned SPLASH a GEM car (electric vehicle) for use in affixing the medallions throughout the township.

From pet waste and pesticides to old motor oil, paint and antifreeze, residents should never dump anything down storm drains. Hempstead Town will be providing the medallions, adhesive and associated materials to SPLASH volunteers, who will affix the markers at locations along our south shore. The town will also provide technical assistance and mapping services, indicating where medallions will be affixed.

The town is seeking additional volunteers to assist SPLASH with affixing the medallions. For more information or to volunteer, please call the Department of Conservation and Waterways at (516) 431-9200.


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