Interactive Town Map App

The Engineering Department currently uses its Geographic Information System (GIS) primarily to track the condition of the Town roads and to inform residents of road jurisdictions.

In an effort to improve efficiency and transparency, we are giving residents access to some features of the GIS system. New features will be unveiled as we develop them for the public.

Today, you can use the map to:

  1. Learn who the Council Member is in an area by clicking anywhere within the Town.
  2. View the boundaries of the Town, Villages, and Hamlets by zooming in on an area.
  3. Learn who owns a road and who is responsible for it by zooming all the way in on an area.



0-Not Verified 0 - Not Verified
2-County 2 - County
3-Town 3 - Town
4-City/Village 4 - City or Village


State Parks 11 - State Parks
Other - State Agencies 21 - Other - State Agencies
Other - Local Angencies 25 - Other - Local Agencies
Other - Toll Authority 32 - Other - Toll Authority
Other - Federal Agencies 60 - Other - Federal Agencies


National Park Service 66 - National Park Service
Army 74 - Army
Other 999 - Other
All Other Values All Other Values


City - City
Councilmanic Districts - Councilmanic Districts
Unicorporated/Hamlet - Unincorporated/Hamlet
Village - Village
Others - Others

Map Facts

  • The Town of Hempstead is the largest township (in population) in the U.S.
  • It is 142 square miles
  • The population is approx. 771,018
  • There are 34 unincorporated areas and 22 incorporated villages
  • There are over 65 parks and marinas
  • 2,500 miles of city, county, state, and village roads; approx. 1,200 of which are Town roads
  • 17,000 acres of wetlands
  • 180 miles of coastal waterways

The Town of Hempstead is comprised of six districts, with each geographic area represented by one Council Member. The Town of Hempstead Board adopted new Councilmanic district map which were approved thorough a bipartisan vote during a public hearing on April 9, 2013. These district maps went into effect in January 2014 and were utilized by residents as a basis for voting beginning with the November 2013 town elections.

ArcGIS - Town of Hempstead Information Application
Click here to visit ArcGIS and view the map.

Road Complaint Form

Use this form to submit a complaint about your road if you live on a town road.

Submit a Complaint

Municipality Website Phone Number
Incorporated Villages
Atlantic Beach 516-371-4600
Bellerose 516-354-1000
Cedarhurst 516-295-5770
Cedarhurst DPW 516-295-5770
East Rockaway 516-887-6300
East Rockaway DPW 516-887-6316
Floral Park 516-326-6300
Floral Park DPW 516-326-6320
Freeport 516-377-2200
Garden City 5164654000
Garden City DPW 516-465-4031
Hempstead 516-489-3400
Hempstead DPW 516-489-3400
Hewlett Harbor 5163743808
Hewlett Bay Park 516-295-1400
Hewlett Neck 516-295-1400
Island Park 516-431-0600
Island Park DPW 516-431-0187
Lawrence 516-239-4600
Lynbrook 516-599-8300
Lynbrook DPW 516-599-8838
Malverne 516-599-1200
Malverne DPW 516-746-5291
Mineola 516-746-0750
Mineola DPW 516-746-5291
New Hyde Park 516-354-0022
New Hyde Park DPW 516-354-0064
Rockville Centre 516-678-9300
Rockville Centre DPW 516-678-9288
South Floral Park 516-352-8047
Stewart Manor 516-354-1800
Stewart Manor DPW 516-354-1800
Valley Stream -
Valley Stream DPW 516-825-8489
Woodsburgh 516-317-8066
Long Beach 516-431-1000
Long Beach DPW 516-431-1011
Nassau -
Nassau DPW 516-571-6900
New York -
New York State DOT 631-952-6632


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