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Town of Hempstead Weather Forecast

United States Geological Survey

The Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways works cooperatively with the United States Geological Survey to maintain a real-time tide gauge system at Point Lookout, Long Island, New York. This system is the first on Long Island.

Other USGS Sites


LIShore provides information on sea and shoreline conditions for Long Island, New York. LIshore began in 1998 as the Shinnecock Inlet Field Monitoring Project. From this initial focus on Shinnecock Inlet and Shinnecock Bay, LIShore has expanded along the South Shore of Long Island.

National Data Buoy Center


Buoyweather provides detailed, customized marine weather to thousands of mariners, coastal residents, fishermen and watersport enthusiasts worldwide. Their global network of virtual buoys delivers quality marine forecasts for all coastal and oddshore regions in the world. Buoyweather provides the point specific forecasts you need to safely plan your marine activities.

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