Sidewalk Repair FAQ

In the Town of Hempstead, abutting property owners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of sidewalks, curbs, and trees along the roadway. From time to time, by complaint only, the Town of Hempstead will require property owners to repair these areas in order to provide and safe and walkable right-of-way zone.

Should town pursue this action, the following will provide answers to the most important questions about the process.

Property owners have thirty (30) days from the NOTICE date to complete repairs privately.

Maintenance of sidewalks falls under Chapter 181 of the Code of the Town of Hempstead. A copy of Part I of this section is enclosed for your review.

This is an estimated assessment of work needed to be performed. However, due to other circumstances (i.e., weather, icing, trees), additional flags may be added at the time of construction. The town's inspector may revise the sketch to address changes in grade conditions.

You can simply write the Sidewalk Division directly. Before commencing work, you or your contractor must obtain a Sidewalk Permit from the Highway Department. You should also send a copy of the signed contract to the Sidewalk Division. Once the work has been completed, a final inspection will be made and the file will be closed.

Your property will be placed on a Sidewalk Repair Resolution. Upon adoption of that resolution, the Town Clerk will notify you, via certified mail, that the resolution has been adopted and your sidewalk is slated for repair. This is simply a legal notification that permits the town to contract the project and assign your bill to the five-year payment program (if you choose this option). No follow-up with the Division of Sidewalks is necessary. When the town's contractor is assigned to your community, he will make the necessary repairs. The contractor will notify you in writing prior to commencing work.

We attempt to make all necessary repairs in a timely manner, however, due to inclement weather conditions, there are instances when the contractor is not able to work. Scheduling is not done individually, but rather on a community-by-community basis.

The Division of Highways has obtained a contractor through a formal public bidding process, provided they meet all the necessary criteria.

Yes. The Sidewalk Repair Program allows for the payment of sidewalk repairs spread out over a five-year period through a special assessment on your town tax bill. After the five years, the sidewalk assessment will be dropped from your tax bill.

Shortly after completion of your sidewalk repair, you will receive a letter from the Division of Sidewalks detailing some helpful information on how to maintain your new concrete sidewalk. Included will be an invoice summarizing the total cost of the work that was completed. You have several options at that point: 1) Pay the full amount due, directly to the Sidewalk Division by December 31st. If not, the Receiver of Taxes will bill you the following spring. 2) Pay the Receiver of Taxes the full amount due, or it will automatically be placed on the five-year payment plan and be included in future tax bills. Please note, if a lending institution or an individual other than yourself pays your taxes, the bill will be forwarded to that party.

Yes. The town will no longer have any involvement, as this will now be a private matter between you and the contractor. Please notify the Division of Sidewalks, in writing, that you intend to pay the contractor directly. Once the work has been completed, an inspection will be made, and provided all work has been done appropriately, the file will be closed.

Living curb trees are the responsibility of the homeowner. The repair of sidewalks almost always requires the cutting of curb tree roots. Please note, any damage to a newly replaced sidewalk that is caused by the continued growth of existing tree roots, remains the responsibility of the homeowner.

As it is with sidewalks, the responsibility for maintaining curbing rests with the property owner. To assist property owners with the repairs, property owners can have their curbs repaired using a payment program similar to the Sidewalk Repair Program. If you are interested, please send a letter asking for a measurement of your curb. Accordingly, we will forward a sketch and letter showing the total footage that needs replacement and the cost. Simply sign the letter showing your approval and we will make arrangements for the repairs to be made.


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