Help for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Facing Foreclosure? Help Is Available

Help is available for homeowners who are having trouble making mortgage payments, have fallen behind on payments or are in default/foreclosure.


1st - Contact Your Lender First

As soon as you know that you are unable to make a payment, contact your lender. Reply to all mail and calls from the lender, keep accurate records.

What Happens Next, Options, Your Rights

Ask your lender what actions will be taken if you can't make payment(s). Your lender may have options to avoid foreclosure, and you have certain rights under the law. Please visit the New York State Department of Financial Services Homeowner Resource Center, which provides guidance for homeowners facing foreclosure, including "Residential Foreclosure Actions Consumer Bill of Rights."

2nd - Non-Profit Housing Counselors Can Help

Housing counselors can offer advice on options that can help you avoid foreclosure. If you need help finding a federally approved not-for-profit housing counselor near you, visit HOPE NOW or call 888-995-HOPE. HOPE NOW offers FREE foreclosure prevention assistance.

3rd - Get Legal Advice

A lawyer can review your mortgage documents to make sure your loan is not in violation of any laws. For a lawyer referral service, you may contact the Nassau County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service at 516-747-4832. If you cannot afford a lawyer, contact the Nassau Suffolk Law Services Committee, Inc. at 516-292-8100, visit LawHelp or call New York State's Foreclosure Relief Hotline at 800-269-0990 for assistance.

4th - Don't Get Scammed!

BEWARE of up-front fees in exchange for loan modifications. BEWARE of anyone who says they can "save" your home in exchange for signing or transferring your house deed to him or her so you can catch up on mortgage payments or refinance your loan. DON'T submit your mortgage payments to anyone other than your mortgage company without its approval.

Questions & Complaints

For further assistance, call the New York State Department of Financial Services at 800-342-3736. You can learn how to file a complaint if you believe you are a victim of mortgage fraud by visiting NYS Division of Financial Services Foreclosure Relief Unit (follow links under "File A Complaint" section).

If you are already in foreclosure or at risk of foreclosure, contact the Foreclosure Relief Hotline at 800-269-0990. The Foreclosure Relief Unit offers information on federal programs, answers to commonly asked questions, assists homeowners who are seeking loan modifications and takes complaints regarding lenders.


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