Hempstead Town will once again be working in cooperation with the non-profit organization GeesePeace to help control the rapidly increasing Canada Geese population in the area. Residents are encouraged to contact the town's Department of Conservation and Waterways if they have a problem with the birds on their property.

GeesePeace is an organization that is dedicated to resolving this wildlife conflict humanely, controlling this growing population in a sensitive and caring manner. In fact, GeesePeace is the only effective program with the support of national animal protection and animal welfare organizations.

Canada Geese are not only a nuisance to the public, they have become a threat to the local ecology. The first strategy of population stabilization is a process known as "egg-oiling." Egg oiling is effective because it contributes to the longterm reduction in overall numbers of the birds and reduces adult loyalty to one site.

At an annual growth rate of more than 10 percent, the resident Canada Geese problem will only increase in the coming years. By working together to find the largest nest sites, communities will be able to reduce the population by thousands in the coming years. In addition to egg-oiling, the town also has implemented nuisance abatement and public education programs to assist in the Canada Geese population reduction.

Town residents and businesses who have a problem with Canada Geese on their property can contact the Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways at (516) 431-9200. A biologist will respond to address the concern. Because the GeesePeace program runs in concert with the Canada Goose nesting and molting seasons, it is important that residents inform the town about their problem with Canada Geese during this specific time frame. Egg-oiling will take place from April 1st to May 15th and nuisance abatement will occur from mid-May until mid-September. Although these are the best times to address the issue, the town will respond to concerns throughout the year.


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