There have been several major changes to the website. To assist in the transition over to the new design we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have a question or need help using the website, please direct an email to webmaster@HempsteadNY.gov.

There are two navigation bars for the website.

The top navigation bar, referred to as navbar, contains links that pertain to sections of the home page of the website. Here you can find Quick Links, Town Board, Events, Helpline, and Search. While on a mobile device these links will collapse into a hamburger menu on the top right hand corner of your screen. Additionally if you are on a mobile device, the search link will appear as a blue search icon to the left of the hamburger menu.

To browse the pages and content that are featured on the website visitors can use the Sitemap. The Sitemap is located at the top of the navbar on the left. Clicking this button will open up a sidebar that will list of all the pages found on the website. Currently, at launch, the ordering and organization of the content is identical to how it was on www.toh.li. You can click on any item with an arrow to expand the menu which will display the items/menus listed under that menu. If you have issues viewing the sidebar, or wish to view the full expanded Sitemap, please visit www.hempsteadny.gov/directory.

The Press Release section has been relocated from its original location on the homepage. Now, all press releases will be found under the respective issuer’s page. A full list includes Town Supervisor, Town Clerk, Receiver of Taxes, and each Town Council member.

The Town Calendar of Events has been replaced with the newer event planner. This is accessible from the navbar by clicking ‘Events’. Here you can find the event planner which includes posters for upcoming events, a list of ongoing/repeating events, as well as a Today/This Week/This Month breakdown of the agenda.

Searching the website has been made simple, and reliable. You can access the search page by clicking ‘Search’ at the top of the navbar on Desktop, or by clicking the blue magnifying glass button on Mobile, or by the following link: www.hempsteadny.gov/advanced-search. Simply click on the button for what you want to search, and start typing in the field below. Results will automatically display and update as you type.

The search has been divided into three categories to help break apart the search results.

Content/Pages/Links will allow you to search the entire website for exactly that. Any link on the website that isn’t a press release or an event will fall in this category.

Press Releases will only contain the press releases found on the website. The search will include the titles and the content of each press release. The results are sorted by newest article first.

Board Documents/PDFs will contain all the PDFs found on the website in the future. For now, the database is still being built so at launch it will only contain the Town Board Documents from January 2018 onward. This list will eventually contain all documents that conform to §39 of the Town Code pertaining to Governmental Transparency.

Any issues or questions pertaining to the website can be directed to webmaster@HempsteadNY.gov.


Page Modified: 03/02/2020 12:54:26