Baldwin Skate Park

Baldwin Park
3232 South Grand Avenue

(516) 379-3779

Baldwin Skate Park is a popular haven for enthusiastic skateboarders and inline skaters. Baldwin Skate Park features a smooth skating surface and modern equipment, including ramps, quarter and half pipes, bank ramps, spines and a grind rail. The 11,000-square-foot facility even includes a bleacher section to accommodate spectators.

Created to ensure total enjoyment of all skaters, the skate park is divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sections.

Equipment includes quarter pipes with 12-foot walls, bank ramps with ledge, a launch land (4'h x 8'w x 24'l), a street spine (3'h x 8'w), a partial pyramid with wall (4'h x 15'w x 22'l), half pipes (4'h x 16'w x 28'l) and grind rail (24" x 8" x 18'). Novice equipment includes a bank ramp (3'h x 7'w), quarter pipe (2'h x 6'w) and double bank (2'h x 6'w).

Rules & Regulations

  1. Only children seven years of age and older are permitted, and children between the ages of seven and 10 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while the child utilizes the skate park.
  2. All skaters must wear appropriate safety equipment: ANSI or SNELL-approved helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. Inline skaters must also wear wrist guards. All equipment is to be used per manufacturer's specifications. Skaters must wear shirts and shoes.
  3. Only skateboards and inline skates are permitted in park. NO BICYCLING PERMITTED.
  4. The park will not be used when the equipment, apparatus, and/or pavement is wet or icy. Park personnel will determine whether or not weather conditions permit opening or closing of the skate park.
  5. Spectators are not permitted entry into skate area unless registered and wearing safety equipment.
  6. Skaters are to use only the equipment that is appropriate for their skill level.
  7. Recklessness will not be tolerated. All skaters must use this facility responsibly to avoid injury to themselves or others. The use of proper skater etiquette is expected at all times.
  8. No skating or trespassing is permitted when the skate park is closed. Violators will be prosecuted.
  9. Profanity, abusive language and fighting will not be tolerated.
  10. The following are not allowed in the skate park: food, beverages, gum, smoking and loose items such as backpacks, coats, and radios/boom boxes. Glass containers are prohibited on town property.
  11. Report all injuries to park personnel.
  12. Report visible hazards or repair needs to the park supervisor/personnel.
  13. Any infraction of rules may result in loss of skate park privileges.
  14. The town has the right to determine the amount of skaters at any session.

Skate Park Etiquette

This park was built for the enjoyment of the sport of skateboarding and inline skating. The terrain consists of beginner to advanced obstacles and because the two levels are mixed, these general rules MUST be followed for everyone's safety:

  • You must always wear all of your safety equipment.
  • Observe use of the park obstacles by experienced skaters to determine the proper use of these obstacles.
  • Wait until the obstacle is not in use before attempting to use it! Failure to do so can result in a collision with another park user.
  • Only one run is allowed per turn. A run constitutes the use of any obstacle or combination of obstacles until the continuous motion comes to a stop. For example, if a skateboarder jumps off his/her skateboard, the run is over. If an inline skater falls or stops after an obstacle., their run is over.
  • When your run is over, withdraw from the course to a position outside the obstacles.
  • Wait until all other users have completed one run before attempting to use any obstacles.


From NORTH of Baldwin

Take Meadowbrook Parkway south to the RT-27 west (Sunrise Highway) exit, M8 W, towards New York. Stay on Sunrise Highway for approximately two miles, then make a left (south) onto Grand Avenue. Stay on Grand Avenue to end and enter park.

From SOUTH of Baldwin

Take Loop Parkway to Meadowbrook Pkwy to RT-27 west (Sunrise Highway), exit M8 W, towards New York. Traveling west on Sunrise Highway for approximately two miles, make a left (south) onto Grand Avenue. Stay on Grand Avenue to end and enter park.

From WEST of Baldwin

Sunrise Highway (NY-27) east to Grand Avenue in Baldwin and make a right (south). Stay on Grand Avenue to the end and enter park.

From EAST of Baldwin

Sunrise Highway (NY-27) west to Grand Avenue in Baldwin and make a left (south). Stay on Grand Avenue to the end and enter park.

From Atlantic Beach/Harbor Isle/Island Park/Barnum Island

Austin Boulevard north to Long Beach Road. Turn right onto Waukena Avenue in Oceanside. Take Waukena to end, then make right onto Atlantic Avenue. Turn right (south) onto Grand Avenue. Stay on Grand Avenue to the end and enter park.


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