Tree Species

Below is a list of trees that can be planted by the Town of Hempstead. Some trees are safe to plant under wires while others are not.

Non-Wire Friendly Trees

These two trees, the Village Green Japanese Zelkova and the Freeman Maple, cannot be planted in areas with utility poles and wires because they grow too tall. Refer below this section for "wire-friendly" trees.

A) Village Green Japanese Zelkova

Village Green Japanese Zelkova
Height: 50-60 feet at maturity
Width: 50-60 feet at maturity
Shape: broad & vase-shaped, medium-fine texture
Foliage: dark green turning rusty red in fall
Flowers: inconspicuous
Fruit: inconspicuous
Salt Tolerant

B) Freeman Maple

Freeman Maple
Height: 45-60 feet at maturity
Width: 20-40 feet at maturity
Shape: rounded to broad oval
Foliage: green turning orange/red in fall
Flowers: sterile
Fruit: winged seeds, if present at all

Wire Friendly Trees

The trees listed below are "wire-friendly". They can be planted curbside, even under wires.

C) Regent Japanese Tree Lilac

Regent Japanese Tree Lilac
Height: 25-30 feet at maturity
Width: 15-20 feet at maturity
Shape: egg-shaped, medium texture
Foliage: dark green, without notable fall color
Flowers: pure white flower clusters
Fruit: clusters of capsules, turning green to brown
Salt Tolerant

D) Kwanzan Oriental Cherry

Kwanzan Oriental Cherry
Height: 25-35 feet at maturity
Width: 20-25 feet at maturity
Shape: moderately vase-shaped, spreading with age, medium texture
Foliage: emerges reddish copper, turning dark green; orange-brown in fall
Flowers: 2.5" pendulous, double, deep pink blossoms
Fruit: fruitless

E) Tridental Maple

Tridental Maple
Height: 25-35 feet at maturity
Width: 20-30 feet at maturity
Shape: oval to rounded
Foliage: green, red to orange in fall
Flowers: showy yellow flowers in spring
Fruit: inconspicuous and not showy
Salt Tolerant

F) Cumulus Serviceberry

Cumulus Serviceberry
Height: 25-30 feet at maturity
Width: 12-18 feet at maturity
Shape: upright-oval, medium fine texture
Foliage: green, yellowish-orange or red in fall
Flowers: showy white blossoms in early spring
Fruit: red to purple berries around June

G) Purple Leaf Plum

Purple Leaf Plum
Height: 15-25 feet at maturity
Width: 15-25 feet at maturity
Shape: rounded narrow
Foliage: dark red to purple
Flowers: white or pink
Fruit: little or none