Road Ratings - District 6

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Street NameSection Length(Automatic GIS) Shape__LengthSection WidthStarting IntersectionEnding IntersectionTraffic VolumeSurface TypeShouldersCurbsMissing %ConditionConcrete %Block %Wood %Last Work DateTypeFuture Project AreaTitleYearProject TypeTree Related ProblemsPavement Age of RoadwayPavement Longitudinal CrackingPavement Pothole PatchesDepressions Settlement Raised ManholesPavement Drainage ProblemsPavement Alligator CrackingPavement Edge SinkingPavement SettlementPavement AggreggatePavement RideabilityTotal ScoreNo Work Neded At this time Reinspect in YearsRecommend Minor Repairs to Highway DepartmentRequire Work SoonArea Will Require Work in:Add to Current Future Project AreaCreate New Project Area Titled:CommentsReferred To:Case NoDate SurveyedRoadway TypeSurveyed ByGlobalIDCreationDateCreatorEditDateEditorxy
Chamberlin St15631562.900355 Dead endDead endLowAsphalt Yes  80%20%       No  1121111311  Yes   Score 11 EN-161254221-Feb-17StreetDD06dbd3e2-37ab-47ca-b7be-77f0236560db14-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Ramona St19681968.137404 Kingston AveNewbridge RdAverageAsphalt Yes10%Fair100%        No112222222319  Yes   Score 19 EN-171304421-Feb-17StreetDD1c0174fd-82c1-498c-91bc-6ab352addd0830-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Garden St13101310.0247 Prospect AveSpruce LaLowAsphalt Yes5Poor100        Yes122232121319  Yes   Score 19.  EN-171299617-Feb-17 DD76710a2c-c80e-4f50-8800-4e98272165e214-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Carrie Ct326326.4916637 North Jerusalem AveDead endLowAsphalt Yes Good         No 33231232423  Yes   Score 23 EN-161272122-Feb-17StreetDDbeb311a8-a914-454c-a86c-09cba7d47b4e14-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Wilson Avenue, Merrick15751574.51368830Bellmore AveLittle Whaleneck RoadLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes123232233324  Yes   Mix of curb and curb & gutter of which some might be saved. EN-1713897, EN-161288724-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino8ba12d0f-9b93-4976-9936-552acc0c280224-Oct-17jmartino13-Feb-18rcartolano  
Dianne St11941194.359023 Priscilla PlPeter StAverageAsphalt Yes8%Poor100%          13333233324  Yes   Score 24 EN-17135612-Aug-17StreetJM4c49488f-93e3-4575-8436-c950e968677512-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Star Street, East Meadow827826.784424830Seventh AvenueDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes233231232425  Yes   Score 25  19-Apr-17StreetGreg LeGault8c0d4b8d-4cd4-4913-a1f2-ccd654aadbac5-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Kayron Ln11441144.107817 Bellmore AveLogue StAverageAsphalt Yes5%Poor95%5%       Yes 33333232325  Yes   Score 25. Missing handicap ramps. Town forces recently paved Logue St then Owens Pl and Hamilton Rd. EN-171365318-Aug-17StreetJMa42be19d-dc40-4de3-bb56-5d9f093e8d928-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
James St, North Merrick270.13270.8916632 Meadowbrook Rd.Dead EndLowAsphalt   Poor         No 33323233325  Yes     EN-171359615-Aug-17StreetJoed7acfaae-a049-4582-9bd9-0e3876addb7613-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Bert Pl. 151150.964951430Grant AveCasper AveLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No 23331234425  Yes   Score 27.  EN-171299018-Jan-17 Ddf22ce1e1-2f13-488d-b9f4-571cf07ec90b14-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Crest Road West, N Merrick15601561.33084730Canton DriveDecatur AveAverageAsphalt Yes12Poor88        Yes123323143426  Yes   Handicap ramps are 5-5-5 but no pads and T ramps do exist but also no pads. Concrete curbs are bad and most missing at Canton drive end of Crest Rd W. EN-171386711-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino6f33412a-9a02-4494-bd72-0901ee28c25511-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Birch Ave10951094.582056 Kingston AveBellmore RdLowAsphalt Yes  100%         232233223426      Score 26 EN-171304521-Feb-17StreetDD7e88830f-738f-422c-b3c3-353e849ca30730-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Park Ln933932.9691414 Luddington RdRichmond RdLowAsphalt Yes1%Poor100%        Yes 23334133426  Yes   Score 27. No Handicap ramps at Park Ln & Richmond Rd, also at Pine Ct & Park Ln. Pine Ct is in same condition should be done together. EN-17134666-Jul-17StreetJMc424550e-bb8c-485e-9863-fbe5f149df9612-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Harriad Dr W,S. 825824.8765448 Lawrence Rd. Jean PlLowAsphalt Yes10Poor100        Yes124242232426  Yes   Score 26. Include with Carolyn Ct EN-17130343-Feb-17 CRe977426a-49c6-4e56-a4b0-df7afd41e40c12-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
White Street, N Bellmore18201821.41588330Beltagh AvenueRobert Lane-Dead endAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes 22434243327  Yes   Score 27. No HCRs except at Beltagh Ave which have no pads.  EN-171320923-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martinoc49642bd-d7bf-442a-89ad-ebebd9c86a9e23-Jan-18jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Leeds Drive, North Bellmore17601760.3858630Maplecrest DriveWaltoffer AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes12Poor88        Yes 33234233528  Yes   Score 28. No handicapped ramps. Curbs need to be done and gutter areas are bad, center of road rideable even though settlement with manholes sticking up 1 to 2 inches. EN-17137443-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino23b1b0c4-29eb-45a2-846e-a72bab159dfe3-Oct-17jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Franklin Ave30053005.318423 Devon StHempstead TurnpikeAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100%        Yes123333244328  Yes   Score 28. Worst section is Devon St to Seventh St alone side of school. Many missing Handicap ramps. EN-171360717-Aug-17StreetJM3bbd1935-6923-4944-8086-a5f9163222218-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Jean Pl. 630626.596582230Harried Dr SLawrence RdLowAsphalt Yes10Poor100        Yes124252332428  Yes   Score 29. Curbs crumbling. Manholes sticking up EN-17130333-Feb-17 CRa94622a6-bac1-40ab-ae14-e21647e4de5d12-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Gold St751751.1358683 Daleview AveAlken AveAverageAsphalt Yes10%Poor100%        Yes 42334243328  Yes   Score 28. Curb is bad they need to be done. No handicap ramps. EN-17134331-Aug-17StreetJM8bd14842-9bd2-4aa3-9cb0-f2b28c87006313-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
N newbridge Rd, Levittown2293.32269.417825 Flamingo RdOrchid RdAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor         No 32333353328  Yes   28 Needs to be done not patched because you would have tp apatch at least 40% of entire section of road. I do not see white Paint from Orchid Rd to North marking out seven areas. However there are a lot more that need to be done up to Flamingo Rd. Need to do road not patches. EN-161243027-Jun-17StreetJoed6916734-bc4a-428d-b1c2-93214eef58d313-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Lakeville Ln673.45722.9195619 Kalda LnStephen Marc LnAverageConcrete   Poor         Yes 22453252328  Yes   28 EN-171314227-Jun-17StreetJoea1bd1cb3-73ed-4832-8e75-e89aa8db0d2113-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Abbot Ave761761.7337568 Little Whaleneck Bangs AveAverageAsphalt Yes50%Poor5%85%10%       123253233428      Score 28 EN-161231731-Mar-17StreetCR507dc0e3-1065-4cbb-bf8f-022b80ffa2da14-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Harrison Ave, East Meadow14701466.70010130Wilson RoadTyler AveAverageAsphalt Yes3Poor97        Yes 23443243429  Yes   Curbs are horrible pieces missing and gravel showing in many areas. EN-171380121-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino9ec665d4-7111-455e-939b-87ced7b72aab26-Sep-17ebautista213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Second Ave, East Meadow45004484.33769330Hempstead TurnpikeAndrew AveAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes122333254429  Yes   From Newbridge Road to Andrew Ave curb & gutter newer but not very good grass growing in all joints. Some newer curb mostly very old gravel curb rest of second ave. Some intersections missing handicap ramps. EN-171381221-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino254b6cba-8287-4ae6-b8c7-cca49e11296626-Sep-17ebautista28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Madison Place, Merrick10751074.87778530Wilson AveSpencer AveAverageAsphalt Yes3Poor97        Yes 22443254329  Yes   New handicap ramps place beginning of September at all intersections 2017. EN-171369326-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoe1e0b960-ca12-4360-87fc-92bfc252f2b826-Sep-17ebautista213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Ardsley Road, Wantagh10501047.55510730Oakfield AveLakeside DriveHighAsphalt Yes30Poor6352      Yes 23432353429  Yes   Score 29. No handicap ramps except at Glenwood Road. EN-171383929-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino24fbf91b-4dc8-432c-b388-72cec708654e29-Sep-17jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Midland Drive, East Meadow30253024.5313630Bruce DriveEast Meadow AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes4Poor951       Yes 22343254429  Yes   Score 29. Looks like part of ramp project area all 5-5-5 but no pads. Valley gutter at Carlin Pl concrete strip but asphalt around horrible.  EN-1713925, En-171323731-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martino912f88bf-6f4d-40be-9581-17812366f62e31-Jan-18jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Cynthia Dr9991622.576097 North Jerusalem AveDead End @ schoolHigh  Yes5%Poor100%        Yes 23343253429      Score 29. I see white paint marks at Andrea Rd showing dead end to be paved maybe by town? EN-17134536-Jul-17StreetJMba88df48-46b6-4367-be0b-1b2a1cdc4be812-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Sandra Ln962962.082426 Meadowbrook RdMeadowbrook RdLowAsphalt Yes4%Poor100%        Yes 23334343429  Yes   Score 29. Curbs are bad and need to be done. EN-171369129-Aug-17StreetJMadb46fb7-41cc-49e6-96df-affd94693f7812-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Shari Ln13711371.338143 N. Jerusalem AveLuddington RdAverageAsphalt Yes1%Poor100%        Yes 33522163429  Yes   Score 29. Curbs are bad need to be done. EN-17135492-Aug-17StreetJMcc33b139-fdc6-4226-8f9b-1628186385d312-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Prospect Ave, East Meadow24102409.73834530Garden StreetBellmore AveHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No122343344430  Yes   This section was surveyed for resurfacing in 2014? EN-1713737, EN-171346825-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino385c74ab-c5a1-42ca-8d49-9bee01b8110526-Sep-17ebautista28-Feb-18kcurry2  
Pea Pond Rd.43944394.283809 Beltagh AveJerusalem AveHighAsphalt Yes Poor         Yes422325352230  Yes   30 EN-171326318-Jan-17 JM,sk28950e05-2846-4f16-8c6b-a66797ad88ab2-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18rcartolano  
Maurice Ave15931593.451806 East Meadow AveNorman DrAverageAsphalt Yes2%Fair100%        Yes 23333354430  Yes   Score 30. 40% of curb has been replaced at some point. Intersection at Coolidge missing three Handicap ramps. EN-17135452-Aug-17StreetJM8e06b81b-3b89-4871-9340-eaf2bbf84b1412-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Dome Ln826826.1145544 Duckpond RdDisc LnLowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        No 12553352430  Yes   Score 30. Deer Ln is in same condition needs work! EN-171326820-Jun-17StreetJM67d75634-cd92-4836-8efe-5fb8f7717d7813-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
899 Grant Place Bellmore1094.711195.743755 N JerusalemBedfordAverageAsphalt Yes20Poor45251022-Dec-61 Yes   No 34224253530  Yes   30 en-161280511-Jul-17StreetJoec24c4385-0e0d-4f61-b194-f6d6536e7d0a13-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Casper Ave. 10241023.65212730Norman DrBert PlAverageAsphalt Yes Good         Yes 31532572230  Yes   Score 28.  EN-161277729-Dec-16 EM1a389d11-53f0-4d70-b8bd-0f33dd00e70614-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Zana Court, Merrick270267.525442830Madison PlaceDead end Cul de sacLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes 24622253531  Yes   Score 31. New handicap ramps placed at intersection Zana Court and Madison Place at the beginning of September 2017. Hempstead town highway department did resurface beginning of Zana court and created puddles at cul-de-sac water cannot get out. 1869 Zana Ct has very large puddle across entire property. Grades taken and puddle will be graded out of Cul de sac. Zana Ct and Madison Pl will be rated and considered for future road project. EN-171369326-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino5f2544a1-8bfd-4b2c-8e16-ff84761f229e26-Sep-17ebautista213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Gatch Ave, Merrick315310.7962028 Bangs AveBascom AveLowAsphalt Yes40Fair60        No133334243531  Yes   Width varies where curb exists and where curb missing. EN-171370415-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino5bc731da-36c2-439a-b1fc-5771e33959391-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Beech Lane, East Meadow750747.016096830Chestnut LaneSpruce LaneAverageAsphalt Yes8Poor92        Yes132434253431  Yes   Curb is bad can pick up pieces in several locations. No handicapped ramps except at Spruce Lane. EN-171370014-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino2ffd6282-bc51-41f8-b7f2-69d1b221af1a1-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Louge St10981098.01784 Bellmore AveOwens PlLowAsphalt Yes50Poor955       No133336333331  Yes   Score 31. Needs work now. Owens Pl and Hamilton Rd. As bad if not worse. EN-171321517-Jan-17 JM,sk0d09bb9b-dcd9-48c9-80a9-b331f6dbd2b26-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Old Mill Rd, Merrick797.87821.0555391 Merrick AvenueLittle Whaleneck RoadHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 31544461331  Yes   31 Earl Drive from Little Whaleneck Rd to HArbor Lane is continuation of Old Mill Rd. and is in similar condition EN-717322412-Jul-17StreetJoecc2321fe-074d-4bf7-8af3-56ff95181d7d13-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18rcartolano  
Carolyn Ct276276.7438804 Harried DrCul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes15%Poor100%        Yes124542242531  Yes   Score 31. Curbs crumbling, aggregate loss. EN-15114343-Feb-17StreetCR450d9b5a-b451-4531-86ec-6efe9aa6388e14-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Buchanan Road, East Meadow13001297.47816230Preston RoadWilson RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes123443343532  Yes   No handicap ramps except at Wilson Road and at Preston Road. Curbs are bad And need to be done. EN-171374114-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino459e29d9-c8bc-4ed2-a75b-9294ca6eab351-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Mansfield Ave, Levittown14501451.34765730Whittier AveWhittier AveAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes 33453333532  Yes   Score 32. Curbs are bad and need to be done. Whittier Ave is similar condition! Parker Ave is very good except street lighting patches that are across street in several location along Parker Ave. EN-1713717, EN-171380914-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino82b10626-1315-412e-ada4-7318d7f90e9c1-Oct-17jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Bond Court, N Bellmore515511.331919930N Jerusalem AvenueDead endLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes 33434254432  Yes   Score 30. HCRs newer with pads at N Jerusalem Ave.  1-Dec-17StreetJoseph Martino77129a74-829d-4f17-ae03-4a2689ed4dac7-Feb-18jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Oak Ct290290.5852172 Cedar StDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes433334333332  Yes   Score 32. Curb around cul de sac is not good. Around tree in middle cul de sac is not good this street was surveyed by total station.  EN-161238028-Feb-17 JM,skf3ed721d-2406-4b2e-9657-0422c44a683714-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Deep Lane, Wantagh11001093.94527130Duckpond Drive EastDahlia LaneAverageAsphalt Yes5Poor95        No 23463363333  Yes   Score 33. EN-171373026-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinob96bd9ac-ad82-4f18-be6a-8c753d79c22926-Sep-17jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Duncan Court, Wantagh360355.721230230Morgan DriveDead endLowAsphalt Yes3Poor97        Yes132344344533  Yes   Score 33. There are no handicap ramps at Morgan Drive.  EN-161245623-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino9243b736-dfd3-40dc-a0e9-53756d4d5a7823-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Karen Lane, East Meadow640636.352540130Bryant StreetDead end Cul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes3Poor97        Yes123344353533  Yes   Score 33. The handicap ramps are inadequate and have no pads and the curb is bad needs to be done. EN-171392531-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino821f5705-a635-41a1-876e-ed6cb1f079e931-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bayberry Lane, Seaford27062706.23056130Alken AvenueWoodland LaneAverageAsphalt Yes5%Poor100        Yes122353232433  Yes   Score 27. No HCRs. School on Bayberry La & Crestline Pl. Oyster Bay line located at or near Woodland Lane. EN-1612301, EN-161271813-Feb-17StreetJM, SKc2dcd87f-7985-4c8d-87f3-0f9d2decad469-Jan-18jmartino14-Feb-18kcurry2  
Garfield Street, Bellmore10221021.99714330Bellmore AvenueDewey AvenueLowAsphalt Yes1Fair99        No123444344433  Yes   Score 33. NYS redid HCRs along Bellmore Avenue and went up side streets with asphalt restoration which appears to have created a problem at Garfield St. Valley gutter does not work for Garfield St leaving water on southwest corner. There are two catch basins on northwest corner. No HCRs at Dewey Avenue. HY-175082. EN-161275116-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martino39117d6a-2ac5-48bd-a134-2c759b2189b616-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Rosemont St13841383.88972 Ennabrock RdEast Meadow AveLowAsphalt Yes Poor60535      Yes143333264433  Yes   Score 33. Needs work now! EN-171325918-Jan-17 JM,sk5f91b51f-be2b-44e6-8400-13b08716cde67-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hallock St600599.9812631 Rector StEast Meadow AveLowAsphalt Yes60Poor955       No143333263533  Yes   Score 33. Needs work now.  EN-171326018-Jan-17 JM,ske184f6ad-ad84-4d31-9de1-1c295adff0a37-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Gates Ave12471246.519088 Oswego StFront StAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100%        Yes123543253533  Yes   Score 33. Handicap ramps are missing. Some curb will have to be done. EN-171363517-Aug-17StreetJMa0807dcb-6a6f-4239-9066-08345b2ae0d28-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
1875 Custom Village Dr Merrick194.21236.9869654 Richard aveDead End Cul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 34333345533  Yes   33, Sidewalk against crub all settled TRIP HAZARD EN-1713471/En1713488/ En-171347712-Jul-17  2c6ddc7b-f0e8-45c2-a7c4-8a6bee6f361f13-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Decatur Ave. 980978.9289676 Bellmore AveWilson Ave. LowAsphalt Yes2 9010       Yes 45532342533  Yes   Score 33. A lot of alligator cracking along 90% of road shoulders. A lot of aggregate loss.  EN-161288812-Dec-16 EMcd15fadb-bbec-40cd-a671-0cfb94e4e0bb14-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
2594 Castle Ct North Bellmore218.16215.1221555 Bellmore aveDead-End Cul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 23551255533  Yes   33 EN-171337714-Jul-17StreetJoe M6157aff0-5acf-4f64-8848-7660f64226b014-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hendrickson Avenue, North Merrick34803479.0228630Camp AveVan Nostrand AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor981       Yes122345354534  Yes   Significant amount of curb looks good and might be saved but grade needs to be checked. The intersections have no handicap ramps from Howes Street intersection to Potter Avenue intersection. EN-171387919-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoaeab2ce4-83bd-49e5-bd4d-8b503110d34019-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Karen Court, East Meadow180179.178111330Karen LaneDead end Cul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes123434354534  Yes   Score 34. Intersection Karen Lane needs asphalt work and the handicap ramp's are inadequate and need pads. EN-171392531-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino59072f7a-dce3-4061-9462-21a956f631c931-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Jackson Avenue, East Meadow515511.126111530Durham RoadVan Buren AvenueLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 33635253434  Yes   Score 34. Inadequate HCRs or missing.  EN-181400629-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martinoa10a5d84-2917-4fbb-9b01-26f6258f814329-Jan-18jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Durham Road, East Meadow12401237.36134930Wilson RoadLuddington RoadAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes133543254434  Yes   Score 34. Inadequate or missing HCRs.  EN-181400629-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martinod8d199a0-fe8d-4219-954b-d34c9698865429-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Nira Ave14181417.544743 Rudwick PlBellmore RdAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100%         223444344434      Score 34 EN-171304721-Feb-17StreetDD52360ba6-20e8-43f0-ba5e-824772d0ff3730-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bloomingdale Rd26612661.378234 Farmedge RdCarter LnHighAsphalt Yes Good100%        No 14561155634      Score 34. Cracking from one end to the other. En-171342928-Jun-17StreetJM130ed3b9-3388-4974-81b4-7d252c55638f13-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
2289 Redmond Road, North Bellmore1240.421219.47322 Syracuse AveWhittier AveAverageAsphalt   Poor         Yes 34443353534      34 Intersection at Dewey Ave bad, needs work. Intersection at Fowler bad EN-171338014-Jul-17StreetDomde55ca09-def8-45c5-b00c-a20f54865ddf14-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Harding Street, North Bellmore910906.175342430Marshall AvenueHaff AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes15Poor85        Yes123443264635  Yes   Score 35. Handicapped ramps need work at both ends of street.  EN-17137183-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinof74ac729-4e53-4a85-9826-9ba9b7839e6e3-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Court Street, North Bellmore22452243.52731730Bellmore AvenueDead end Cul de sacAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes123444363535  Yes   Score 35. Missing handicap ramps at Queen Street and other ramps not adequate except at Bellmore Avenue. EN-17137253-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino25f1af26-4aa3-4e27-b4e0-6da4ef4c56163-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Van Nostrand Ave, Merrick430430.316570530Sycamore AvePark AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair982       No124544253535 Yes    Park Avenue is a newer Road has newer ramps but no pads and concrete valley gutter looks like puddles at ramps. No ramps at Sycamore Ave or Helen Pl. EN-171386211-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino22e1d489-64d1-441d-9479-bcb676d05b8611-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Meadow Street, East Meadow498497.754502730Wellington RoadSussex RoadAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        No 33535254535  Yes   Score 35. No HCRs along Meadow St. Water on Meadow St flows to Wellington Rd.Valley gutter at Warwick Rd is very bad and needs work now. If fixed might solve most of Meadow St problems along north side. Asphalt Valley gutter at Wellington Ave redone but puddles see picture. EN-171379623-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martinob3cf0743-44f0-438c-b07b-b2854ebabe7c23-Jan-18jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Fillmore Road, East Meadow800796.177565330Jackson AvenueWilson RoadLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 23534265535  Yes   Score 35. Inadequate HCRs at both ends.  EN-181400629-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martino015de851-6198-46c1-801a-b1261d5c94ce29-Jan-18jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Kingston Ave10331032.60434 Nira StFalcon StLowAsphalt Yes10%Fair100%        Yes233444344435      Score 35 EN-171304621-Feb-17StreetDDaf11bd51-f3e1-46b2-bd42-e71c67a8cfcc30-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Fowler St.11821181.83341330Redmond Rd.Bellmore AveAverageAsphalt Yes5Poor95        Yes143444344435  Yes   Score 35 EN-16126917-Mar-17 JM,sk1d943c79-f88c-46ac-806b-20d0c8cee95c2-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Ample Ave.612611.861461 Bellmore AveBellmore RdLowAsphalt Yes10Poor55305      Yes143434353535  Yes   Score 35. From David Pl to Bellmore Ave is very bad. Needs work now. Aprox. 400+- ft.  EN-171319724-Feb-17 JM,ska90b6e1f-0f5f-4a70-bb3a-d8ae0d4567246-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Lafayette St15671566.622365 Dewey AveBroad StLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No134444353435  Yes   Score 35.  EN-17132027-Mar-17 JM,skf1822f79-1c63-4138-acdf-8701b157165c6-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Wagsstaff Dr893.23931.6525995 Grayson DrWongate DrAverageConcrete   Poor         Yes 34434354535      35 Grayson Dr and Wingate Dr are similar condition BAD. EN- 171310527-Jun-17StreetJoefa13fccf-ad51-49d8-a28e-36d54e7f607813-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Division Ave, Levittown28352831.830006 Old Farm RoadHempstead TurnpikeHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        No113571553536  Yes   Score 36. High School is along this section. EN-1713705, EN-171296014-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinod1a98a5d-b866-4a8d-88e3-bb6f5c619f0a1-Oct-17jmartino14-Feb-18rcartolano  
Albert Road, North Bellmore960955.161220230Jerusalem AvenueDead end Cul de sacLowAsphalt Yes2Poor908       No133463354436  Yes   Score 36. Handicap ramps at Jerusalem are good but at Sycamore Lane not adequate. Curbing needs to be redone and cul-de-sac is against southern state parkway. EN-17137263-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino8a4dd7b9-a98b-426b-8638-88f9c2722d063-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Meadow Lane, East Meadow16401638.45050530Midland DriveMidland DriveLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes 23523153436  Yes   Score 28. The handicap ramps are newer but no pads. EN-1713925, EN-171343031-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino9a385b78-2b24-4515-81fd-b471588eb21431-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18kcurry2  
Third Avenue, Merrick10701067.958868 East DriveLake AvenueLowAsphalt Yes50Fair50        Yes143435354436  Yes   Score 36. To east of Central Ave there is curb and to west no curb. No HCRs at intersection of Central Ave. Central Ave is new to north of Third Ave and could use a few repairs to south.  27-Feb-17StreetJM, SK40216140-94c8-4651-855d-017d0182162d5-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
May Ln800799.7661478 Sylvia LnEric LnAverageAsphalt Yes1%Poor100%        Yes 12583373436  Yes   Score 36. Intersection at Kalda La was redone Front of school. Paint marks from Rose La to Eric La looks like hwy dept will be paving this area? EN-17135832-Aug-17StreetJM2157735a-794b-46a2-9242-c223a632735212-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Peter's Ave17561755.524701 Front StRugby to dead endAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100%        Yes 33454354536  Yes   Score 36 EN-171307217-Mar-17StreetJM, SKd0a8b85c-99e8-4f1a-98e6-2ce60ac5fa6b14-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Melissa Lane, North Bellmore12601257.91728730Locust AvenueLocust AvenueLowAsphalt Yes11Poor89        Yes133445255537  Yes   Score 37. Four handicap ramps at Locust Avenue and one was redone by handicapped ramp contract with pad. Also three new ramps at Adrienne Dr. Curbing needs to be redone and gutter areas are bad. EN-17137133-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino3803bff9-1da6-44aa-9d73-2a6127d679843-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Decker Avenue, Merrick19601956.4373130Little Whaleneck RoadHendrickson AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes123435364637  Yes   Handicap ramps seem to be all missing except at Little Whaleneck Road. EN-171386211-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinodf638f56-e6d4-4c89-a1a9-b7d5fd7e4d0e11-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Gardiners Avenue Service Rd, Levittown10351031.5080940Roxbury LaJefferies RoadHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        No122563464437  Yes   Score 37. The road in front of fire apartment has been repaved however the rest of the road is riddled with cracking and potholes. EN-171387818-Oct-17Access_RoadJoseph Martino8dac2707-0fe7-46a7-aeb3-b700f07a6fe518-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Seaman Dr.728.8728.8097827 Camp AveHowes AveAverageAsphalt Yes5Poor805       Yes144444344537  Yes   Score 37. No hcr's at intersection of birch st.  EN-161275327-Feb-17 JM,sk4ccfe032-06cc-40f6-960d-5ad00d4f68715-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Coolidge St12401237.859274 Bellmore AveHaff AveLowAsphalt Yes35Poor751510      No134436346337  Yes   Score 37. Needs work now. Attached to Harding St complaint EN-171371817-Jan-17 JM,sk3aab7639-7b08-4349-a5b5-f250d493b8ea6-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Redmond La11751174.713545 Bellmore AveSycamore AveAverageAsphalt Yes5Poor95        No134444454437  Yes   Score 37.  EN-17132037-Mar-17 JM,skf6924f3d-de5a-427a-bef3-76164271bf476-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
 24952495.273957 Corncrib LnGrassy LnAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100% curb & gutter        No 16661164637  Yes   Score 37. Curbs & gutter look good but surface of road is terribly cracked and should start to deteriorate. EN-171333428-Jun-17StreetJM3823c37d-7cde-40a7-9f18-331eb19e862813-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Barrie Ave. 17161716.299458 Oakfield Ave. Douglas Ave. AverageAsphalt Yes10Poor855       Yes144444344537  Yes   Score 37. All Intersections need work.  EN-171305227-Feb-17 JM,skc10485d8-a7bb-4078-90f5-ecc2ca74300f13-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Ralph St S. 21902190.471583 Allen DrRalph St EAverageAsphalt Yes20Poor         Yes143454443537  Yes   Score 37. Ride is not bad. Curbs missing and crumbling.  EN-16127408-Feb-17 CR19872fe2-ff8a-4f31-8f05-4d08e22b888014-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Pineneck Rd16721672.148476 Flowerdale Rd New RdLowAsphalt Yes30%Poor100%        Yes1533555334371 yearYes    Score 37. Road not terrible, some settling. Curbs missing along Seaford Oysterbay expressway, not critical to replace can wait. EN-16121703-Feb-17StreetCR686fb00b-5194-4de2-a6e7-3dfd3a0085cb14-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
2543 Townhouse Cir. N Bellmore117.07118.6916311 N. Pierce AveDead end Cul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No 23554454537  Yes   37, * N.pierce ave is BAD at interesction w/Townhouse cir. * Part of N.Pierce Ave is REALLY BAD EN-151115717-Jul-17Street b58f8344-37b2-425f-8d53-13fcee2b016015-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
863 Vernon Ave East meadow628.9634.9484035 N.Jerusalem AveNira aveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No143364444437  Yes   37 En-17134787-Jul-17StreetJM69361d4b-a224-4f94-b343-48cfeb22894615-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Alan Drive, Wantagh17601760.45412630Ray RoadLawrence DriveLowAsphalt Yes11Poor89        Yes 23545364638   5 to 10 years  Score 38. Area was handicap ramp project newer ramps with pads. Road surface is cracked and has some potholes with some puddling in gutters. Curbs are bad and need to be replaced. Yet still road is very drivable and can wait to be redone. EN-171372926-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinob37d3c98-f9da-41b8-aa75-701767bb306926-Sep-17ebautista213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Lee Ave, Merrick685683.877892416Little Whaleneck RoadBangs AveLowAsphalt No           No133535354638  Yes     EN-171370415-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino6070216a-d07c-4c52-a719-3e288a2b9aa31-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Green Avenue, East Meadow10851082.97044430Front StreetOswego StreetAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes133443244538  Yes   Score 32. EN-171308427-Mar-17StreetJM, SKa13f3a59-81f0-484a-9c33-5d36039978e05-Jan-18jmartino15-Feb-18rcartolano  
Monroe Avenue, North Bellmore750747.346088930Washington AvenueBellmore AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes70Poor30        No 54534354538  Yes   Score 38. House #1951 has no curb and puddle in front of house. Intersection at Washington Ave is very bad needs asphalt work. EN-13903427-Apr-17StreetJMd3679e07-96e5-4a91-ab95-e35b155c2a2e12-Jan-18jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Jaqueline Ave17701769.51346430Newbridge RdMaplecrest DrLowAsphalt Yes5Poor100        Yes144444354538  Yes   38. Jaqueline Ave, Maplecrest Dr, and Leeds Dr. all need work. Hcr's missing through area EN-1713266, EN-171302918-Jan-17 JM,skf8351e10-4805-4517-8b7c-4308079255192-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18rcartolano  
Hastings Dr10541054.307061 Crest Rd East Crest Rd WestLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes144445344538  Yes   Score 38. Highway dept has valley gutters at Alton Ct and Crest Rd E marked out to be fixed.  EN-12801227-Feb-17 JM,sk3ec0110e-5c0a-4f4f-8734-52d234b7d21e5-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Lincoln St14391439.445786 Dewey AveBellmore AveLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No134445454438  Yes   Score 38.  EN-17132007-Mar-17 JM,sk12999a4d-1621-422a-874b-fbf04b58f3f96-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Beltagh Pl469468.9832209 Wallace AveBeltagh AveAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes133455364438  Yes   Score 38 EN-17132117-Mar-17 JM,sk2aed1ca9-cd8e-4926-b7ff-de59ef47d09a6-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
 1129411295.04998 Merrick AveGrand AveHighAsphalt Yes Good100% mostly curb and gutter        No423355443538      Score 38 EN-171369029-Aug-17StreetJM92f87ee4-2a47-4526-b861-bc5f93d1de7512-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
 1129411295.04998 Merrick AveGrand AveHighAsphalt Yes Good100% mostly curb and gutter        No423355443538      Score 38 EN-171369029-Aug-17StreetJMe72322ab-e101-4337-b2cf-d7c9b1f0469b12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Dell Lane, Wantagh11251126.08491330Duckpond Drive EastDahlia LaneAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No 23664363639  Yes   Score 39. Concrete curbs are bad and need to be replaced only 2 to 3 inch reveal. Existing surface overlay is deteriorating in several areas leaving potholes.  EN-171373026-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino28461a1e-5163-4b37-a577-14806ab19ea326-Sep-17jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Van Nostrand Ave, Merrick25502551.43983430Powell AveLittle Whaleneck RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes135455345439  Yes   Many handicap ramps missing. Gutter areas have minor problems all along do not think patching could help would be extensive. EN-171386211-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino90215fc4-16b0-43b2-bf66-8fda23a6597f11-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
North Pierce Avenue, Bellmore13781378.33440930Haff AvenueLittle Neck RoadLowAsphalt Yes20Poor80        Yes144434355639  Yes   Score 39. Very old gravel curbs. EN-171317016-Jan-17StreetJM, SK53d95179-cbcf-43bd-bdb2-219bc8aade6912-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Van Buren Avenue, East Meadow10511050.67713330Merrick AvenueLuddington RoadLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes123563265639  Yes   Score 39. Inadequate or missing HCRs.  EN-181400629-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martinofef75bc4-3a99-4af8-88c8-7e2f2aa826c129-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Ralph Ave722.1722.122052430Little Neck Ave.Bellmore RdLowAsphalt Yes55Poor3510       Yes153634454439  Yes   Score 39.  EN-171316923-Feb-17 JM,sk2debcf87-59f4-4618-aaf2-f9819ad0ae4e2-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Cleveland St12271226.943204 Dewey AveBellmore AveAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        No134445464439  Yes   Score 39.  EN-17132017-Mar-17 JM,sk33cc74f5-a119-4bdd-b48b-bc5b01cd09736-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Harvey Dr868867.2228969 Evelyn AveNorman DrLowAsphalt Yes5Poor         Yes144435264639  Yes   Score 39. Needs work now  EN-171325318-Jan-17 JM,sk44024ae9-9e14-4615-8eca-79501fca0d326-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
2470 7th St1366.361373.513716 Newbridge RdStuyvesant AveAverageAsphalt   Fair         No133445455539      39 Need HCR at Park Ave, HCR's at Stuyvesant are old and bad. EN-13901927-Jun-17StreetJoeacbb4beb-0938-4c0f-b1d9-d76b0ee0b7d113-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Prairie Path930926.7564269 Farm Ranch Rd WFarm Ranch Rd EAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes 55552354539  Yes   Score 39. Roads in area seem very similar to this road. Prairie Path seems to be the worst.  EN-171308827-Mar-17 JM,sk59771577-dccf-4222-af9d-43b2330e246c14-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Elgin Ave555555.836227830Elmore AveChambers AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes163552444539   1-2 years  Score 39. Resident @ 1592 Elgin Ave stated that Elton McCabb evaluated the road two to three years ago. EN-16127343-Oct-16StreetGL55519fdc-fd8b-4fca-884c-e470aea75e6e14-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Cameron Ave, Merrick32303228.54810730Little Whaleneck RoadSycamore AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes134455355540  Yes   Most of the handicap ramps are missing. EN-1713719, EN-171386225-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino5e43fbb5-5b7a-4474-84de-8a426680126826-Sep-17ebautista28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Herkimer Street, Bellmore442442.272432930Bellmore RoadLittle Neck AvenueLowAsphalt Yes80Poor5 15      Yes154444355540  Yes   Score 40.  EN-171317023-Feb-17StreetJM, SK7f699ff9-8f7b-47b1-b6cc-4e8d88cdb40112-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Pacific St493492.7244324 Beltagh PlWhite StAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        No133446464540  Yes   Score 40.  EN-17131957-Mar-17 JM,sk9e366f93-89dc-42af-aa85-a7426b5848086-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Brian Ln722722.5105717 Peter StPriscilla PlLowAsphalt Yes25%Poor100%        Yes 27653263640  Yes   Score 40. Curb is falling apart in areas. Grass growing in street cracks. Concrete valley gutter at Priscilla Pl done years ago. EN-171324719-Jun-17StreetJM026e50ff-faea-40b2-8019-96ddceb4decb13-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Winifred Dr, Merrick1609.53226.9388888 Van Nostrand Ave.Whittier SveAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        No 224655565406Yes    44 Gutter areas especially by 99-95-02 residents EN-161237412-Jul-17StreetJoeb176deb4-6c19-4c8c-96f5-950781a5e01f15-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Annette Drive11501151.08281430Alan DriveBruce DriveLowAsphalt Yes7Poor93        Yes 24456274741   5 to 10 years.  Score 41. Handicap ramps have pads part of handicap ramp project. Curbs are bad need to be replaced. Road surface cracked and only a few potholes but surface solid and very drivable so can wait to be done. Gutters are bad in a few spots. EN-171372826-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinobcb98635-2b0d-40b9-9db5-a48a9ec96d5426-Sep-17ebautista213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
East Dr288.6287.4282717 Camp AveBurke PlLowAsphalt Yes40Poor1040       Yes155455444441  Yes   Score 41.  EN-161270527-Feb-17 JM,sk3baf3aa6-b75a-4764-8685-f4cadb9121276-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Soifer Ave773772.2228235 Bellmore AveLittle Neck RdLowAsphalt Yes5Poor95        Yes155453354641  Yes   Score 41.  EN-171319824-Feb-17 JM,sk785588b4-41f2-4d6f-906b-a6d3aaaf28776-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Kell Pl14001399.793475 Knoll CtCordwood LnAverageAsphalt Yes10%Poor100%        Yes 165352766415-10 yearsYes    Score 41. Intersection at Cove Ct needs work. Curb is bad and needs to be done when roadway done. Intersection at knoll Ct needs work. EN-17136282-Aug-17StreetJMbd04bfb2-2c97-4fa2-926d-20c78052c4cf12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
jenkins st merrick942.3194.6723499 Earl drrose laneAverageAsphalt Yes Poor         No 34554365641  Yes   41 en-1771346912-Jul-17Streetjoe6063b519-01f2-4c8d-a79e-f7b18ceeefff13-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
2158 Grove Street, Merrick881.77860.092846 East DrPark AveAverageAsphalt             Yes 24564365641      41 Intersection at East Dr needs work. Missinf HCR's at Stevens Ave and at Hendrickson Ave Also. EN-171327112-Jul-17Street 3ba1428d-d2df-46d6-baf7-e19860d427b814-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Salem Road, Merrick700698.547748230Little Whaleneck RoadDead end Cul de sacLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes124654465542 Yes    There are no handicap ramps at Little Whaleneck Road and Salem Road. It is the last 200 feet by the dead-end that needs work now. EN-171374625-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinode8d9dd4-f54c-43f6-8b74-f1086e5dfe5326-Sep-17ebautista28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Rural Lane, Levittown11851182.88855130Red Maple Drive NorthRedwood LaneLowAsphalt Yes15Poor85        No135455265642  Yes   Score 42, Gutter areas and curb conditions make for work needed soon.  1-Mar-17StreetJm, Skc8a8d0ab-d7a1-4ab9-b62d-084121884c4326-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Grant Blvd, Bellmore10251024.40963830Little Neck RoadBellmore AvenueLowAsphalt Yes15Poor85        No155545354542  Yes   Score 42. Looks like surface has an overlay of asphalt? EN-171317016-Jan-17StreetJM, SK0bd18237-724c-4fc4-a20e-99ff4292e09412-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Washington St.917.3917.322499130Decatur AveHancock AveLowAsphalt Yes80Poor955       Yes134454365742  Yes   42. Washington Ave and Waltoffer need work within next 5-10 years for sure if not sooner. Waltoffer has school at east end EN-171326718-Jan-17 JM,sk46baae9c-f5a0-4498-92f4-24fe124edcb62-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Oneida Ave.12961296.31031130Maple AveDead EndAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No134466444642 Yes    Score 42. Intersection at Genessee St. needs work including 50 ft to north on Oneida Ave. EN-16127227-Mar-17 JM,skf0c53ac5-8bdd-4a6e-af97-2dd8aea18f045-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
McKinley Ave. 652651.2562098 Bellmore RdDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes144555454542  Yes   Score 42  EN-171319324-Feb-17 JM,sk69b1744a-3833-49e2-9d7b-2e2e362929926-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
McKinley Pl110105.2270868 McKinley AveDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes144555454542  Yes   Score 42.  EN-1713193. Attached to McKinley ave24-Feb-17 JM,skf9c6b756-1992-433b-9050-02950da92f8c6-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
1321 Powell Ave Merrick1710.641737.396735 Jerusalem AveRedmond RdAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No 25455465642 Yes    42, EN-171327012-Jul-17StreetJoe M75c8651f-df43-469c-adb6-b438d98c653813-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Peter's Gate276276.4008178 Merrick Ave Peter's AveAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100%        Yes 34556455542  Yes   Score 42. Only 200 ft long and is one way. If we do Peters Ave should do this. EN-161225517-Mar-17StreetJM, SKa77772d0-8dfd-40b4-904b-5160f83ee9d114-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
2644 Orchard St, N Bellmore1102.831135.581197 Bellmore RoadQueen StreetAverageAsphalt             Yes 35444366742      42 Intersection at Bell Street needs work now EN-171328614-Jul-17StreetDom4f0c1a64-5d74-4c0b-8cb3-fc93b7e08b3514-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Darwin Drive, N Merrick243242.462145630Crest Road EastBellmore AvenueHighAsphalt Yes Poor100        No153565464443  Yes   Score 43.  EN-171327528-Feb-17StreetJM, SKff29995a-943e-4898-a584-a87288b7f0ed5-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Knoll Ct10761075.774331 Kingsberry RdKell Pl Asphalt Yes15%Poor100%        Yes 166363657435-10 yearsYes    Score 43. Curbs are bad and need to be done if road done. Intersections at Kell Pl and also Kingsberry Rd need work. EN-17135662-Aug-17StreetJM6c2d67ac-15ff-4488-b649-f0d3fd2b4d3e12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Heywood Road, Seaford326.57733.5090518 Arlington DrivePinenecck RdLowAsphalt   Poor         Yes 17436366743      43 Valley Gutters at bpth ends could use work. Gutter Work Possibly but not horrible during or after rain EN171352214-Jul-17StreetJoe61bfcf36-4972-4711-995c-5f2f6fa8ea1e14-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Bruce Drive, Wantagh27002707.90760430Francis DriveRay RoadLowAsphalt Yes12Poor88        Yes 15655466644   5 to 10 years  Score 44. Curbs are bad and do need to be replaced. Road surface is cracked bad however solid and very rideable. Amazingly very few potholes and it seems to have very few drainage problems. EN-171372926-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino0ebfb0bf-89cb-4bed-b941-3ab1887515d226-Sep-17ebautista213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Kingfisher Road, Levittown27802779.26777930Bobolink LaneMagpie LaneAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No114771277744 Yes    Score 44. Cracking is everywhere but amazing how road is holding together. Curb & gutter thru out this section looks good. Several areas of potholes which could be patched and thus eliminated. Handicapped ramps are not to code. EN-17138352-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinob3ee7dfd-d126-4d4e-9700-7d2caca5022a2-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Brompton Rd894893.7835635 Brixton RdEuston RdLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes144555464644  Yes   Score 44. Intersection at brixton and brompton needs work now.  EN-171312528-Feb-17 JM,sk7742ab04-a1f4-4a3e-a954-75822512ac346-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Dewey Ave22862285.759033 Henry StRedmond RdLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes145555455544  Yes   Score 44. Missing Hcr's EN-171319917-Jan-17 JM,sk73c4c99e-fa90-4240-bede-628873f4cb706-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Amber Ln14511450.668286 Gardiners AveBayberry LnAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100% curb & gutter        No 17771176744 Yes    Score 44. Looks like one spot would need curb & gutter replacement but need to take grades. Surface of roadway is terribly alligators cracked and road could certainly use to be resurfaced. EN-171329328-Jun-17StreetJMb3ebe9df-70af-4ab2-88ba-d7edb954bb7e13-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Vollkommer Place, Merrick590586.732198330Jerusalem AveDead endAverageAsphalt Yes35Poor5573      No134664465645 Yes    Score 45. Missing handicap ramps EN-171380425-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoddb4a6dc-2af6-4e24-8402-f6e3827173a626-Sep-17ebautista28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Prospect Ave, East Meadow30002983.29606830Devon StreetRoosevelt AveHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No135456546645 Yes    Area has curb&gutter. A few large areas could be patched for now by highway department. Section from Garden St to Bellmore Ave seems more in need of work. EN-171373725-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoa0e68eec-5a9b-461e-8b4a-b4ed80ceebbe26-Sep-17ebautista28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Ruth Court, Wantagh210204.19402230Ringwood DriveDead end Cul de sacLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 26644475745 Yes    Score 45. The two tree problems require patches to alleviate water being held back. The cracks that exist have approx 90 percent of them sealed and this seems to have certainly prolonged the surface life. Intersection of Ringwood Dr could use some work also. EN-161230826-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinof8d75fd9-2e13-4669-9ac1-a00a00cc44eb26-Sep-17ebautista213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Barbara Lane, Levittown15901589.0306130Brixton LaneRoxbury LaneLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes125751377745 Yes    Score 45. Concrete curb & gutter all along Barbara La. The asphalt valley gutter at Kenwood Lane needs asphalt work. Redo patch at house 152. The Asphalt valley gutter at Euston Lane needs asphalt work. The concrete valley gutter at Essex Lane needs work large puddle in the middle. The asphalt valley gutter at Dorsett Lane needs asphalt work. Asphalt roadway work needed at Brixton Lane intersection. EN-171387818-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino323e3471-5133-4fab-bbe6-9a4059782eeb18-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bellmore Rd647.2647.1841494 Columbus AveOak Dr.HighAsphalt Yes1Fair99        No436445364645   10  Score 45.  EN-16126877-Mar-17 JM,skee3b228b-27cf-4102-8d39-ba5a61dbfee92-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Birch St.864.5864.510686430Park Ave.Dead EndLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No445455454545 Yes    Score 45. The intersection of seaman dr needs work. No hcr,s at intersection EN-161275327-Feb-17 JM,skc6efcb81-3085-4d79-be3e-dfa63fb983475-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
764 Arlington Drive, Seaford875.7863.1424427 Robert PlaceNew StreetLowAsphalt   Poor         Yes 15746366745      45 Curbs bad, gutters could use work in some areas puddling EN-171352214-Jun-17StreetJoe142fe14d-30d7-42aa-9d9d-7247a4c2e8eb14-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Chestnut La. 23092309.2241730Apple La. Prospect AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100  12-Feb-18     Yes 55845455546  Yes   Score 48.  EN-16128485-Dec-16 Emad2da3c7-24c7-4b5c-a46a-cd11a66531d712-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18kcurry2  
Brent Dr21412140.712191 Alan DrLawrence DrAverageAsphalt Yes15%Poor100%        Yes145445476646  Yes   Score 46. By a school EN-151127316-Feb-17StreetJM, SK828bbd77-7df5-4dd8-b211-064a7296384e13-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Queen St. 15441543.504002 Maple AveOrchard StAverageAsphalt Yes Poor982       No134656465646  Yes   Score 46.  EN-17129857-Mar-17 JmSk2630ecd1-d303-4f56-b828-e458a38be3a613-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Ott La18481847.916241 Jerusalem AveAva RdLowAsphalt Yes10Poor100        Yes146645356646  Yes   Score 46. Gravel curb is broken and lifted. Gutter is up and down.  EN-171296522-Feb-17 Sk31d05fd1-0968-4c4e-bd3d-08befa43cbb014-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Taft Ct120120.23091230Garfield Rd LowAsphalt Yes Fair100%          46545555746      Score 46. EN-161282713-Nov-16StreetEMad256343-13ec-4e5b-90ef-6fa4722c0f7e14-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Dock Lane, Wantagh11801176.18999830Duckpond Drive EastDahlia LaneAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No 24666574747 Yes    Score 47. There is a 2 to 3 inch curb reveal. Curbs are old gravel type and should be replaced. Not in that bad condition could save most of it to save money. A lot of pitch in gutters. Highway dept could do a few patches to solve problem spots. EN-171373026-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoa93e83ff-1abb-4e8d-bf06-32984369e0fe26-Sep-17ebautista213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Potter Avenue, Merrick19901985.95806630Little Whaleneck RoadHendrickson AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes125566655647 Yes    All the handicap ramps are missing except at Little Whaleneck Road. EN-171386211-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino7c6d8dab-d398-4387-9f6e-e5a608150fcc11-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Dunstan Drive, N Merrick445444.595147530Roydon Drive NorthRoydon Drive EastLowAsphalt Yes5Poor95        No154555465747  Yes   Score 47. Curbs are bad and gutters are bad which is why road requires work soon.  28-Feb-17StreetJM, SKa83f815d-4a10-46b1-9662-2e46bb3a1e055-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Greenway Court, Seaford187186.600073130Bayberry LaneCul-de-sac Dead endLowAsphalt Yes Poor9010       Yes155553367747 Yes    Score47. No HCRs.  EN-171331113-Feb-17StreetJM, SK6bedd7af-900d-4516-81c3-c7bf6edc85aa9-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
David Pl250249.5194345 Ample AveDead EndLowAsphalt Yes5Poor8510       No145655456647  Yes   Score 47. Intersection at Ampel very bad. No hcr's EN-171319424-Feb-17 JM,sk10e95c90-4436-4dee-a1d1-e3c3525eb88f6-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hunt Rd16101609.650447 Woodbridge La ESeaman's Neck RdAverageAsphalt Yes20Poor100        No264673455547   1-2 years  Score 47. Catch basins on SE abs SW corner of Hunt And White Birch Need repair.  EN-161272016-Sep-16 GL8b0a0abf-3dff-45ca-9d8a-2849fd18af4014-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
2425 Joel Dr N Bellmore561.5590.0962179 bellmore aveKayron lnAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 26665474747  Yes5-10years  47, * Intersection at Kayron Lane could use work EN- 171331514-Jul-17StreetJoe Mceee6a26-3719-4bb1-ae43-f8c05d69ea8014-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Downhill Lane, Wantagh12351233.58460330Duckpond Drive EastDahlia LaneAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        No 24676574748 Yes    Score 48. Intersection at Dahlia Lane and Downhill Lane needs work, looks like a valley gutter. Handicapped ramps have pads at both ends of street. EN-171373026-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoad8f23c0-65c1-42be-a7b8-c620979f56e326-Sep-17ebautista213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Kingfisher Road, Levittown11751171.09621330Orchid RoadPintail LaneAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No127772366748 Yes    Score 48. Cracks everywhere do not know how road stays together. Only three or four individual potholes in this section. Intersection at Orchid Rd is bad and could use work. Looks like valley gutter perhaps however Curb & gutter thru out this section. Handicapped ramps are not up to code. EN-17138352-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinobf75c25b-5a55-421c-8c5a-fa8d5d31a9af2-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Sherman Avenue, Merrick775772.674432730Sycamore AvenueDead endLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes135646475748 Yes    There are no handicap ramps at Sycamore Ave and Sherman Ave. Park Ave intersection has been redone. EN-171386211-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino553f00b8-ad38-4de2-979d-70094b8401eb11-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Orchid Road, Levittown15101509.81638830N Newbridge RoadHyacinth RoadHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        No135572477748 Yes    Score 48, Many of the intersections need asphalt work soon.  1-Mar-17StreetJm, Sk3db66723-c3c6-48df-bb47-bd971bd8b19426-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Taft Ct 121.863283230Hoover PlDead endLowAsphalt Yes0Fair100        No 46565555748 NoNo   Strong transverse cracking with small amounts of settelment around perimeter of circle. Heavy aggregate loss and spalling with cracking at intersection.  3-Nov-16 Elton McCabe32095b3c-23c2-49e7-8ba0-cfdba649c42b13-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hunt Rd17421742.319418 Seamans Neck RdColridge Rd HighAsphalt Yes Poor100%        Yes135674474748  Yes   Score 48. Handicap ramps missing EN-161276514-Feb-17StreetJM, SK3fd09a60-5099-4296-8c22-2be30aade3fd13-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Brixton Lane, Levittown465461.339555530Southberry LaBarbara La - Dead endLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No125771775749 Yes    Score 49. There is concrete curb & gutter all along Brixton La. The intersection of Barbara Lane needs asphalt work as well as dead-end area. EN-171387818-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino0c27f825-7ba7-4bb8-ac9b-81d43e0d932c18-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Waltoffer Ave.28202819.706479 Bellmore Ave.Newbridge RdAverageAsphalt Yes40Poor651520      Yes144555477749  Yes   49. Waltoffer Ave. and Washington St need work, within 5years. Waltoffer has a school at the east end. EN-171326918-Jan-17 JM, ske23475ec-e57f-43a3-8c54-6fcec81e8c872-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Morgan Dr. 36823681.491228 Barrie AveMurdock RdAverageAsphalt Yes5Poor905       Yes145565466749 Yes    Score 49. No Hcr's in area. Two town parks on Morgan Dr. Some intersections need work now. A few areas need work now EN-171305227-Feb-17 JM,sk33fb10b9-8f06-4fce-8c17-10289d54f61113-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Diamond Ave17371736.56554930Hempstead Tpke1st AveAverageAsphalt Yes20%Fair100%        No 77745245849      Score 49. Overall road cosmetics is in fair condition, along center of road excessive patching expressed along curb reveal for generous distances poor drainage. Flooding conditions existing in various locations. EN-161274830-Nov-16StreetEM511295aa-b6e0-4469-9425-42c5eef86c8014-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Diamond Ave. 17381738.19126430Hempstead TpkeFirst AveHighAsphalt Yes20 100  14-Feb-18     No 77745245849  Yes   Score 49. Overall road cosmetic in fair condition along center of roadway, excessive patching with edge cracking along curb reveal for generous distances poor drainage with flooding at various locations.  EN-161274830-Nov-16 EM876f1747-ec48-495c-8c9a-e64f3267669814-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Southberry Lane, Levittown18301826.92649330Roxbury LaneHempstead TurnpikeAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No126761676850 Yes    Score 50. There is concrete curb & gutter all along Southberry La. There are two houses with pothole areas in front number 62 and number 68. Also at intersections of Dorset La and Euston La their are pothole areas that need asphalt work. EN-171387818-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino86b86d70-5e62-451c-a93c-36436d1e36ce18-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Dorset Lane, Levittown410406.012891430Southberry LaneBarbara LaneLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No126661777750 Yes    Score 50. There is concrete curb & gutter all along Dorset La. The intersections at SouthBerry Ln. and also Barbara Lane need asphalt work. Barbara La is asphalt valley gutter. Also at house 3150 and 3159 there are small holes that need asphalt repair. EN-171387818-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinod35059f0-2e24-4413-8f03-6760d7ee798718-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Cornflower Road, Levittown14001400.52844830Jerusalem AvenueGardenia LaneAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No455562457750 Yes    Score 50, Intersections with Tulip La, Heather La, and Gardenia La all need asphalt work.  28-Feb-17StreetJm, Sk3924ba57-fad3-46d0-b9f5-f57309e68c6c26-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hancock Ave.15051505.38949730Bellmore AveDead EndLowAsphalt Yes35Poor702010      No465545465650   10  Score 50. Hancock Ave and west half of Monroe Ave will need work within 10 years EN-171316718-Jan-17 Jm,sk6cb83453-99df-4fb8-a817-bc23911db9682-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Roydon Dr N528527.3959078 Roydon Dr ERoydon Dr WAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes165656365750  Yes   Score 50. Gutter areas are bad.  EN-171312628-Feb-17 JM,sk669aac53-a2a7-45a6-a880-45ee0d166e146-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Booth Lane, Levittown912.77292.8400594 Branch LaneBench La.AverageAsphalt Yes1Poor         No 27676375750 Yes    50 Intersection at Block Lane needs work. EN-171331327-Jun-17StreetJoef7c87e1d-ccda-4ab3-8654-7ceedba5f9c113-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Barbara Ln10111010.62590830Bellmore AveStratford DrLowAsphalt Yes Fair100%        Yes345574556650   2-3 years  Score 50 EN-16127663-Oct-16StreetGL9c1105ed-e7c5-485c-9763-9e1f991eb55314-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Ruth Place, North Bellmore11151110.57439630Janet AvenueLaux PlaceAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes135646486851 Yes    Score 51. Some missing handicapped ramps others are not adequate. There are a couple of tree problems roots lifting the street and curb. EN-1713702, EN-16127543-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino99373d1e-731a-4efb-9229-3b26f92bbe8f3-Oct-17jmartino14-Feb-18kcurry2  
Brixton Road, North Merrick605606.022299830Cliff RoadBriar RoadLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No156556566651  Yes   Intersection at Brixton Road and Brompton Road needs work now. Brompton Road should be done from Brixton to Euston Road. EN-161276828-Feb-17StreetJM, SKd86f3f62-482e-4aca-ae31-f3527342e2a13-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Sherman Avenue, Merrick24102404.8378630Little Whaleneck RoadDead endAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes135656567751 Yes      EN-171386211-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinof3a5abb1-7219-451e-96fa-2b0636c4005611-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bryant Street, East Meadow670670.609164330Central Drive NorthMeadow LaneAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes135544354651 Yes    Score 51. Intersection at Central Dr., North could use some asphalt work. The handicap ramps are inadequate and need pads. EN-171392531-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoe30a00b9-333c-4930-92dd-c0637e11635631-Oct-17jmartino15-Feb-18rcartolano  
Wickshire Drive, East Meadow18801880.82023830Front StreetFrancis DriveAverageAsphalt Yes4Poor96        Yes147557466651  Yes   Score 51. Area needs work at the six locations plus and maybe better to do whole road job. Some HCR's are missing. EN-161249027-Mar-17StreetJM, SK78049b83-d314-40a7-b2f5-13e6d4e43a605-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Gateway243.5243.48137330Bellmore Rd.Norman DrAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        No145756475751 Yes    Score51. Along south side gutter bad gas utility patch along this side of street.  EN-16125077-Mar-17 JM,sk76bb35a0-8fda-40dd-8bfb-89dee0f2e73d5-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Evelyn Ave.939938.2268141 N. Jerusalem Ave.Sylvia DrLowAsphalt Yes100Poor         Yes164566475751  Yes   Score 51. Harvey dr needs work now. EN-171325418-Jan-17 JM,sk97bc3f33-4b69-4817-849a-b14201014db46-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Vernon Ave East Meadow518.19517.2723113 N. JerusalemHarvey AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair         No145566656751 Yes    51 En-17134787-Jul-17StreetJM5d1d4246-7a1b-4421-af81-cb959154dd6d15-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Sherman Ave.528.5528.520913930Harvey DrN. Jerusalem Rd.LowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No146667466652 Yes    Score 52. Intersection at Harvey Dr. needs work EN-17132577-Mar-17 JM,skd28b6838-1359-45f7-9dae-82dffbd946015-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Wilford St407406.7181475 Central Park AveHarrison AveAverageAsphalt Yes60Poor2515       No145647476852 Yes    Score 52. Highway cannot do conc. curb work or quads at intersection of Harrison Ave which has 2 bus stops at this intersection. Intersection at Harrison Ave. is in need of repair. No HCR's EN-171310028-Mar-17 JM,sk2776304e-321a-449c-be70-5e6e525d10bc7-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Giant Ln, Levittown631.06634.1413926 Guild LnGreenbelt LnLowAsphalt   Poor         No 26766477752   5-10 years  52 Curbs are horrible and must be replaced if and when roadway is done EN-171364415-Aug-17StreetJoe4053818a-da91-4873-9d23-4cc86823045413-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Roydon Dr E.11561155.863889 Dunstan DrRoydon Dr N.AverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes156656466752  Yes   Score 52. Intersection Dunstan Dr needs work. Gutter areas bad.  EN-161277128-Feb-17 JM,skdb009bf3-2deb-418b-9e90-013aa9204b9514-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hamilton Ave720720.1807401 Park AveBellmore AveAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100%          55775385752 Yes    Score 52. Curbs are bad but ton of grade gets water off road and in the catch basins. Town? Paved Hamilton rd from Bellmore Ave almost to Owens Pl. EN-171343914-Jul-17StreetJM1c463f8b-21fb-457d-8ef6-b58685d4d05d14-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18kcurry2  
Euston Lane, Levittown420420.913310730Southberry LaneBarbara LaneLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No128751687853 Yes    Score 53. There is concrete curb & gutter all along Euston La. The intersections at Southberry Ln. and Barbara Lane both need asphalt work. Barbara La is asphalt valley gutter. EN-171387818-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinocdd4034e-4f95-44ad-892c-b5011fac859418-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Lewis Road, N Merrick13161315.74592830Henry RoadCamp AvenueLowAsphalt Yes Good90        Yes174656476753 Yes    Score 53. Curb is 10% asphalt. Needs asphalt work around concrete valley gutters.  22-Feb-17StreetSKde8a6f00-023a-4450-97f2-76e5bfe34da15-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Meadow Lane, Seaford14521451.89253730Douglas PlaceJerome StreetLowAsphalt Yes2Poor98        No156655477753 Yes    Score 53. No HCRs. Intersection at Jerome St has roadway that is horrible but curb is newer. Do not know where Oyster Bay line is located. EN-161268513-Feb-17StreetJM, SKc96d1397-cf6d-43b7-b0ab-ea407f1c9ccb9-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
2470 7th St. East Meadow1776.411784.364333 Stuyvesant AveProspect AveAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No444666566653 Yes    53, * From Newbridge to Stuyvesant ave is BAD and in NEED of work EN-13901927-Jun-17StreetJoe Mb40a4eb8-c3e7-4564-aa0b-fcbc0bbf7e8e15-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Ciper Lane, Levittown495492.438439930Jerusalem AveDead end Cul de sacLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No428752577754 Yes    Score 54. Four catch basins need asphalt patch work, like the one the town patched already. EN-171374514-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoa8afdde0-ed70-4845-9f95-6363dc9afbc71-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hilda St.535.2535.194623530Harvey Dr.N. Jerusalem RdAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No177537476754 Yes    Score 54. Intersection Harvey Dr. needs work EN-17132567-Mar-17 JM,skf9de84ae-339f-45ac-8fcb-afdc9de08b755-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Elmtree Lane, Levittown1243.412.96208019 Blue Spruce Rd.Birch LaneAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes 27882677754 Yes    54 One tree has roots lifting roadway needs to be fixed. EN-171326427-Jun-17StreetJoe Mb77b43b4-c025-47c6-a454-30df9c4b1dea13-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Kenwood Lane, Levittown420417.495792730Southberry LaneBarbara LaneLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No128751788855 Yes    Score 55. There is concrete curb & gutter all along Kenwood La. The intersection at Barbara Lane needs Asphalt valley gutter fix. EN-171387818-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino82859627-f356-4af6-a087-f6f101990dae18-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Jackson Pl10511050.499336 N. Jerusalem Ave.East Meadow Ave.LowAsphalt Yes10 100        Yes145666677755  Yes   Score 55. Could wait. Very little traffic,couple of bad tree problems, ton of pitch from E. Meadow Ave. to N. Jerusalem Rd. Gravel curb may have been refaced EN-1713261, 171302818-Jan-17 JM,sk7c770378-13c3-46ff-93d5-c73e230554d57-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18rcartolano  
Hollyhock Rd. 22202219.554891 Poppy LaMorning Glory RdLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No155774577755  Yes   Score 55. Repairs can be done, but not minor along Hollyhock Rd. Intersection with Violet La needs work now. Intersection with Aster La needs work now.  EN-171296828-Feb-17 JM,sk1a991f25-11c2-4b33-9f65-e535aba531b214-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Essex Lane, Levittown110105.918914830Barbara LaneDead endLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No128881587856 Yes    Score 56. The Concrete valley gutter at Barbara Lane has large 6 x 15 puddle in middle. EN-171387818-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino9592a603-23d9-40df-82fc-c23b7eea0ca018-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Greta Pl.548.6548.548097130Harvey DrSylvia DrAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No147757576756 Yes    Score 56. Intersection Harvey Dr. needs work. Pothole at #757 in gutter area. EN-17132557-Mar-17 JM,skf256a842-fb9c-43f5-9492-94d25d4638dc5-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Cordwood Lane, Seaford10361077.058541 Seamans Neck RoadArlington RoadLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes147774577756 Yes    56 Rating En-161291613-Feb-17StreetJoe M, Sean Kd737e027-72c3-4089-bc6f-ba858c8ff5cb12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Lee Dr526526.3524999 Allen DrLois LnAverageAsphalt Yes1%Poor100%        No 37767477856 Yes    Score 56. #3832 front of house could use large patch and intersection @ Lois Ln needs work, valley gutter. Some curb needs fix now but small amount. Missing handicap ramps. Dale court valley gutter needs work. Intersection @ Allen dr needs work. EN-17135601-Aug-17StreetJM0e5940d1-8492-44ec-861b-4631b92a875a13-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Lancaster St2176.532158.095858 Prospect AvePark AveAverageAsphalt   Fair         No135777577756      56 Between Freeman Ave and Stuyvesant Ave is patched up area that could use some work. Also few other small areas along Lancaster need work. EN-171363415-Aug-17StreetJoed311021b-5645-4154-a18b-b50ff535e2ef13-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Chelsea Lane, Levittown335334.636580930Southberry LaBarbara LaLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No1278825888575 to 10 years     Score 57. EN-171387818-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinodc19903a-a26f-43dc-a089-848bd929fd3318-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Appletree Lane, Seaford576575.350909530Crestline PlaceDouglas PlaceAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        No166775477757 Yes    Score 57. No HCRs. School along Crestline Place. EN-171323113-Feb-17StreetJM, SK679988c1-62c9-4465-8a36-65135932e4a09-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Crestline Place, Seaford576576.22999530Bayberry LaneDead endAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes176776476758 Yes    Score 58. No HCRs. School along Crestline Place. EN-161268513-Feb-17StreetJM, SK3845ae86-858b-49a9-bd06-a5edc8cf660d9-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hunt Lane, Levittown745744.759482330Gardeners AvenueCoach LaneAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No447774477859 Yes    Score 59, House number 26 Hunt Ln. has sewer house connection problem 12 x 14' patch has settled along with section of curb & gutter. Intersection with Coach Lane could use some asphalt work also.  1-Mar-17StreetJm, Sk8fe7c292-2cc7-4444-b0c4-0aadcda9e5bd26-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
 38323832.132735 Whitebirch LaWantagh AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100%        No178882378860 Yes    Score 60. Handicap ramps missing. Three potholes at intersection Howard Ln needs repair. Tremendous amount of alligator cracking so should re-inspect in 5 years. EN-161268114-Feb-17StreetJM, SK08ba65e8-2bf4-4215-bf97-fedaa13e9b1713-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Janet Ave. 22892288.628874 Bellmore RdOakfield AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes3577756677602Yes    Score 60. Valley gutter by Ruth Pl asphalt repairs needed EN-161278517-Feb-17 CRddfea0c1-4516-443b-a218-0b7cc09bd65b14-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Grouse La. 612611.1061131 Albatross RdBlackbird LaLowAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes148882688861 Yes    Score 61. Intersection currently need potholes repaired at Blackbird La. and also on Blackbird. Then on Grouse La at Albatross La. potholes on Kingfisher and Orchid at N. Newbridge Rd EN-171296427-Apr-17 Jm0d9538cb-a03b-466f-951f-6ca7b8f19b397-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bobolinl La., Levittown1000600.563657 Flamingo RdWidgeon La.AverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No136876787861 Yes    61 Only 5 -6 areas that need minor patches for now EN-171313827-Jun-17StreetJoe013220cb-d757-423a-ba1e-31df811eb41613-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Douglas Place, Seaford677677.108541330Bayberry LaneHoward AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes1777775778635-10 years     Score 63. No HCRs.  EN-161268513-Feb-17StreetJM, SK1ec3dfb8-f360-48a7-b99a-307a3f5c64449-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Garden Ct109108.9968624 Garden PlCul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        No137777788863 Yes    Score 63. Handicap ramps missing EN-161273314-Feb-17StreetJM, SK37aa5a63-4faf-42d3-a36a-52f88d651ddf13-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Warwick Road, East Meadow695694.814358430Meadow StreetAlder AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor972       Yes138877787864 Yes    Score 64. Asphalt valley gutter at Meadow St needs work now. No HCRs at Meadow St or at Alder Ave. Meadow St rating 35 could use work, if done will solve valley gutters at Warwick and Wellington. EN-171379618-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martino631d5a6d-ad2a-476f-b2b2-99db32bda3c930-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Stratford Ct673.8673.840167330Bellmore RdDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No166777778864 Yes    Score 64. Some surface areas needed mill and fill. Small areas 2-3 EN-171316818-Jan-17 JM,skcc5d3bf8-fbf3-4bf4-99bb-8d4450e44da45-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Henry Rd. 30123011.571654 Merrick AveMeadowbrook RdAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No44451051059864 Yes    Score 66 EN-171303020-Jan-17 DD28792c52-54c2-4076-80cf-febaa2e0f66712-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
2557 Davenport pl Bellmore1481.071498.957101 Bellmore aveNewbridge aveAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No735784788764      64 * a few lg patches to get rid of pothole areas EN-171335914-Jul-17StreetJoe M71177f8b-3d26-4522-92d7-1df40d90458413-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Tulip Ln 556.9787062 Cornflower RdJerusalem aveLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No158886788867 Yes    Intersection at Cornflower Rd needs work  28-Feb-17  c8338b2e-974d-466b-a537-4118445148b213-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Tally La. 23142314.02981325Trellis LaTwin La NLowConcreteAsphaltYes5Fair100        Yes599975556969 Yes    Score 69. Part of road that is asphalt measures 31 x 163. Curb is only on south side of roadway.  EN-16127192-Sep-16 GL9d7b8f1d-6d7c-4844-91ed-f16beec6adb314-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Whittier Ave.14691468.71923330Van Nostrand Ave.Winifred DrLowAsphalt Yes Fair100         1788887888715      71. Fix puddle #1378 EN-171321317-Jan-17 JM,sk44dc3093-9223-404f-bf43-451475467efd2-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
1529 Bellmore Rd Bellmore385.82383.798512 Edison plMaple AveHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No774899997776 Yes    76 *See white paint around pothole area 8' by 30' which maybe a problem from 1533-1529 Northbound lane *Centerline of Bellmore Rd could use work it is very cracked and open to water getting in EN-171339914-Jul-17StreetJOE M5f4a4b9a-5654-4871-82e8-f2bc94c2201813-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Van Nostrand Ave, Merrick250248.882042630Park AveBend in roadAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No74898899998010 years     Curb & gutter in this section of road. EN-171386211-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino9da24185-8bf5-4c66-b020-05b017ec67e611-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Stevens Court, East Meadow250249.03044130Wilson RoadDead end Cul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No47799999998115 to20 years     Score 81. HCRs at Wilson Rd do not have pads are 5-5-5. Asphalt valley gutter has been redone from end to end and patch in good condition. Has all concrete curb & gutter. EN-181400629-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martinob713cec8-4d1f-407d-8037-c7e11c07368629-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Kingfisher Road, Levittown150151.104610530Pintail LaneBobolink LaneAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No19910999999835 to 10 years     Small section of road repaved and one handicapped ramp done but still no pad. Handicapped ramps inadequate thru out section. EN-17138352-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinod72081b6-4e9e-4042-911a-86811532dc442-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bedford Avenue, Merrick21352132.21399730Bellmore AveWashington Ave - Dead endLowAsphalt Yes Good964       No109910910101010109710 to 15 years        24-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinob3756f48-0e56-4c2c-a531-088e48799f6b24-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Decatur Avenue, Merrick19001899.12088730Bellmore AveWashington Ave - Dead endLowAsphalt Yes Good955       No109910910101010109715 to 20 years        24-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino06486c3e-ed95-4386-a0bf-0d779451115324-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Washington Avenue, Merrick300296.718551630Bedford AveDecatur AveLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No1099101010101010109815 to 20 years        24-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino1f4aaaa7-5905-4726-aa58-f39852e03fc624-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Little Whaleneck Road, Merrick27502747.17474330N Jerusalem RoadJerusalem AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Good991       No1099101010101010109815 to 20 years        24-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino674b4d7c-c766-4d0e-ae1e-a01271bec37524-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Wilson Avenue, Merrick13251326.47891130Bellmore AveN Jerusalem RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No 4553324259915 to 20 years     Completed in 2014? All concrete curb & gutter. EN-17138971-Jan-16StreetJoseph Martino96c34a2c-0c48-46a6-a3e0-d42646a18a2124-Oct-17jmartino13-Feb-18rcartolano  
Lincoln Place, Merrick770770.447831930Wilson AveBedford AveLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No10109101010101010109915 to 20 years     Completed in 2014?  24-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino5ad0efc2-7762-4a5e-bf7a-243e322fcfdc24-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Prospect Ave, East Meadow34003400.32245430Garden StreetDevon StreetHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010020     Road was redone in 2017. EN-171373725-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino2746ea7a-42b5-4a55-99e4-a0b4d92816b026-Sep-17ebautista28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Cross Road, Wantagh435432.753776930Jerusalem AvenueSaw Mill RoadLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     Completed in 2017.  23-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino0812ba91-b541-40fc-8684-f7a9c26ac27e23-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2 


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