Road Ratings - District 5

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Street NameSection Length(Automatic GIS) Shape__LengthSection WidthStarting IntersectionEnding IntersectionTraffic VolumeSurface TypeShouldersCurbsMissing %ConditionConcrete %Block %Wood %Last Work DateTypeFuture Project AreaTitleYearProject TypeTree Related ProblemsPavement Age of RoadwayPavement Longitudinal CrackingPavement Pothole PatchesDepressions Settlement Raised ManholesPavement Drainage ProblemsPavement Alligator CrackingPavement Edge SinkingPavement SettlementPavement AggreggatePavement RideabilityTotal ScoreNo Work Neded At this time Reinspect in YearsRecommend Minor Repairs to Highway DepartmentRequire Work SoonArea Will Require Work in:Add to Current Future Project AreaCreate New Project Area Titled:CommentsReferred To:Case NoDate SurveyedRoadway TypeSurveyed ByGlobalIDCreationDateCreatorEditDateEditorxy
Anglers Pl. 238238.0462382 Ocean AveDead EndLowAsphalt Yes10 100        No112111112213      Score 13  EN-15115418-Feb-17 DDa02936ac-8d4a-4322-a7d1-8e4bebc0ab2912-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Elmwood Street, Baldwin353354.3556169 Kings ParkwayWallace AvenueLowAsphalt Yes  100        Yes131121113115  Yes   15 Rating En-161271213-Feb-18StreetDomc0f14581-7cc9-4a45-a278-ea09f366e0d812-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Thomas Ave. 27872786.856253 West End Ave. Milburn AveAverageConcreteAsphaltYes Fair100        No121113122216 Yes    Score 16. From Grand Ave. to Park Ave. the road is concrete. From Park Ave to Milburn Ave. the road is asphalt over concrete. From Grand Ave to West End Ave. the road is asphalt and in good condition.  EN-14995813-Feb-17 DD554df062-5b1d-434e-bcbb-5ee99305be5413-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Natalie Blvd. 13631362.912362 Bit PathEvans CtAverageAsphalt Yes100Fair100        No223122112117  Yes   Score 17 EN-16128098-Feb-17 DD036558b9-38e9-4fc8-8f1e-7a02f774f80912-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Paddock Rd. 18071807.008383 Locust AveWoodward AveLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No221222312219  Yes   Score 19.  EN-16127107-Feb-17 DDe16673c6-32fb-4182-ad0f-26a79803ee0012-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Mervin Ct210210.2293567 Grand AveDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No 22222232320  Yes   20 EN-171330721-Jun-17 Jmb4b72859-4b68-4a7e-b2ff-20fefe46c63c7-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Allen Ct. 190190.1100442 Seaman's Neck Rd. Dead EndLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No332123212221  Yes   Score 21.  EN-16128477-Feb-17 DDcf776bd1-22ee-4768-94fa-6acd27cf566f12-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Anthony Avenue, Bellmore12001201.24116530South St Marks AveBellmore AvenueLowAsphalt Yes2Fair98        Yes122233133323  Yes   Score 23. The handicap ramps are inadequate with no pads except at S. Saint Marks Ave. those are new with pads. Some of the curb could be saved but it's old and may want to replace all.  2-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martinocda60a93-25cd-4bbc-af07-84c53bb6cb042-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Morris Ave369368.9571495 Washington AveDead endLowAsphalt  90% 30%20%50%      No 32224242223  Yes   Score 23. Needs work EN-15112807-Mar-17StreetJM,SK74a52603-4273-4be8-a334-702f045a3f8814-Feb-18kcurry214-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Wynne La.756755.7755841 Kerry LaRandy LaAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 24234223224  Yes   Score 24. Wynne la and Kerry la need to be done. They intersect at a t intersection. Curbs are bad, needs to be done.  EN-1713204, EN-1713544, EN-161274728-Jun-16 JMa606b3cc-8840-4663-ba7e-46141d42a91f6-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18rcartolano  
Merokee Dr. 810810.3895853 Smith St. Smith StLowAsphalt Yes18Poor82        Yes 22333133424  Yes   Score 24.  EN-171330812-Jul-17 JM3787d7a9-2097-49c0-bcc5-f30d913c9ae88-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Brooklyn Avenue, N Baldwin20152011.62816854Grand AvenueChestnut StreetHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        No123163314226  Yes   Street is so wide because there is parking for railroad on South side of street.  19-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoc535a3cd-a90e-4502-87bb-4600aada138419-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Narwood Ct. 613612.3455437 Narwood Ave. Narwood AveLowAsphalt Yes1Fair99        Yes 22343432326  Yes   26. No hcr's. Library on Narwood Ave. narwood Ave also needs to be done. Except by library.  EN-171364918-Aug-17 Jmeb2acb95-dd3e-469c-8fc9-17a5f48a65b77-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Allen Court, Seaford197.7193.5346274 Seamans Neck roadDead EndLowAsphalt Yes1%Poor99%        No 23333233426  Yes   26 Rating * Curbs need to be done. sidewalk against curb around cul-de-sac. HCR'S need to be done En-17137141-Aug-17StreetJoe M8da97e89-e9d6-4d98-9227-cade9cc747a08-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Erick Court, Bellmore211.56219.1045112 Legion StreetDead EndLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No 23333233426  Yes   26 En-171360315-Aug-17StreetJoe Mc91ab1f1-5704-479a-a4f8-886f74c566fe9-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Forest Lake Blvd625624.9515042 Cambridge RdEaton Rd WAverageAsphalt Yes5Poor100        Yes124452122326  Yes   Score 26. Eaton Rd W - Beltagh was paved late 2016. Road and curbs crumbling on forest lake where not paved.  EN-161283317-Feb-17 CRc3bfdb8b-d9fb-4eec-b356-66d9b37814ca12-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Dock Road, Bellmore215212.271263830Newbridge RoadHewlett LaneLowAsphalt Yes25Poor75        No121343343327  Yes   The handicap ramps are inadequate. EN-1713786, EN-171373423-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinof135052b-f6fa-4ea9-a172-80e98325f36123-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Oak Street, Bellmore31803180.68943630Bellmore AvenueNewbridge RoadHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No132331244327  Yes   Score 26. The handicap ramps are inadequate and have no pads. Oak Ct should be done also as it is same and goes in front of school.  EN-1713212, EN-17139616-Jul-17StreetJoseph Martinoce1446de-0b68-418a-bc78-d248179675822-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18rcartolano  
White Street, N Bellmore18201821.41588330Beltagh AvenueRobert Lane-Dead endAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes 22434243327  Yes   Score 27. No HCRs except at Beltagh Ave which have no pads.  EN-171320923-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martinoc49642bd-d7bf-442a-89ad-ebebd9c86a9e23-Jan-18jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Leslie La10801079.870455 Rosebud Ave Julian La. AverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes 33333333327  Yes   Score 27. 8-9' new utility patch on north side.  EN-171345512-Jul-17 JM13a78217-226a-4c3c-972b-22ddd1168b538-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Edward La.12091208.840036 Rosebud AveShore DrAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes 23333243427  Yes   Score 27.  EN-171315112-Jul-17 JM2006bcfb-9230-431d-a14c-2c46652cabcd8-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Norwood Ave690690.5883843 Merrick AveHewlett AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100%        No 23343333327  Yes   Score 27. No handicap ramps at Narwood Ct both intersections. In front of library has been redone.  18-Aug-17StreetJMb351b851-162b-46e2-bc5a-76898e9a20be8-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Helen Ct12661266.300225 Rosebud AveShore DrAverageAsphalt Yes20 80        Yes 33333333327  Yes   Score 27. 8-9' utility patch on the north side of road from rosebud to shore.  EN-171314512-Jul-17 JMb920848d-ea6f-42e6-829d-4fa3edfe84488-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Wynsum Ave. 12731273.273415 Holland WayEllen DrAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes 23225233527  Yes   Score 27. House 2971. Both sides of property areas of potholes, one in front of hcr EN-161214812-Jul-17 JMd0f1aa72-eafa-442f-9da0-7cb1f3b4f6268-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Oak Brook Lane792787.0195275 Smith StreetHelene AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes10Poor90        Yes 23233334427  Yes   27 * Missing HCR'S En-171368424-Aug-17StreetJoe M677c8fcb-7ceb-4b15-893b-506f0bcc7f8c8-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Short Street, Bellmore338337.810410930Bellmore AvenueBoundary RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes122333343428  Yes   Score 28. No handicap ramps at Boundary Road and handicap ramps at Corner Road are new with pads and handicap ramps at Bellmore Ave are 5-5-5' without pads. Concrete valley gutter at Bellmore Ave is good. Asphalt around it could use work. EN-17139602-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martino9bd3c3d7-936c-4464-b5a1-8ed772190b112-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Landing Avenue, Bellmore345342.056796230South St Marks AveBedell StreetLowAsphalt Yes5Poor95        Yes122353243328  Yes   Score 28. The handicap ramps at both ends are inadequate without pads. There are two catch basins one on each side in middle of road. The curbs are bad and need replacing. EN-17133602-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martino6c1dfe36-c8fe-42fd-b80c-4bee51c83a382-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Niami Street, Seaford13421341.51659130S Seamans Neck RoadRevere Lane - Dead endLowAsphalt Yes Fair991       Yes132335133428  Yes   Score 28. The handicap ramps are missing except at S. Seamans Neck Rd. where the ramps have no pads.  EN-161266419-Dec-17StreetJoseph Martinobfc98ff9-5042-4183-b898-0d3533b8d46019-Dec-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Kerry La.954.5954.520991230Shore Rd.Legion StAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 34234234328  Yes   Score 28. Kerry La. and Wynne La needs to be done. They intersect at a t intersection.  EN-1612703, EN-1612747, EN-1397697-Mar-17 JM,skab0d748f-0011-49fd-9bc7-832387a4e4572-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18rcartolano  
Monroe Avenue, Seaford1249.71226.87112 Brooklyn AvenueNew York AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 23333244428  Yes   28 Rating * Gutters are bad curbs look fair minor replacement and HCR'S are No good En-1283281-Aug-17StreetJoe M8eada501-1235-478a-946f-911f1eb833b08-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Cecelia Place661.1661.1457306 Raymond StDead EndAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100%        No 32433252428  Yes   28 Rating * John st is just as bad maybe even worse. Town or someone did overlay of part of Raymond st and ceclia pl around church but left out rest of cecelia and John St and have not come back. En-171323819-Jun-17StreetJoe M9cc03bbb-dddf-4d74-84a4-1ce09898a0e38-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Merrick Ave240240.4148821 Norshon Rd Brook Park DrAverageAsphalt Yes1Good99        No 32333353328  Yes   Score 28. Merrick Ave and Norshon Rd is terrible with potholes repaired. Houses 1965 and 1971 have puddles in gutter in front of driveways. Conc. Valley gutter at norshon and merrick looks good EN-151193512-Jul-17 JMc6559d10-75d0-4a96-8be7-8fbab11db8fc8-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Whaleneck Drive, Merrick1015.81011.56772 Holland WaySans AvenueHighAsphalt Yes10Poor90        Yes 23333244428  Yes   28 EN-17135423-Aug-17StreetJoe M1a336872-3f95-4448-9ced-48a74ac3586f8-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Spruce Street Wantagh18561862.798753 Merrick RoadAustin AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes123333333428  Yes   28 * Curb & gutter in fair condition but several spots need fixing En-171313620-Jun-17StreetJoe M9647fc04-3da9-4b4d-8ef4-552143fc0a649-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
John Street, Seaford478488.3985786 Washington AvenueRussell CourtLowAsphalt Yes10Poor90        No121263343328  Yes   28 Rating En-14105823-Feb-17StreetChris65970c6c-7067-4322-8ecc-268819a4e70412-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Washington Avenue, Seaford30433072.274327 Sunrise HighwayMerrick RoadHighConcreteAsphaltYes Poor100        No152255114228  Yes   28 Rating  3-Feb-17StreetChris R608b0b56-cdb6-4a0e-bcd6-27809b3ea92412-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Clifford Court, Baldwin130159.5709714 Grand AvenueDead- EndLowAsphalt No           Yes 23422442528  Yes   28 Rating En-151118220-Dec-16StreetElton26d7908c-b96f-44fa-9e38-dbc14df8eeb512-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Glenwood Road, Wantagh350352.282587240Jerusalem AveArdsley RoadHighAsphalt Yes35Poor65        No 22442363329  Yes   Score 29. Handicap ramps at both ends of Glenwood Rd however Ardsley Road does not have handicap ramps at other intersections. EN-1713839, EN-1713764, EN-1713810, EN-171382929-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino9e35274c-56c7-40cb-bbcc-2281c62bcaa229-Sep-17jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Ardsley Road, Wantagh10501047.55510730Oakfield AveLakeside DriveHighAsphalt Yes30Poor6352      Yes 23432353429  Yes   Score 29. No handicap ramps except at Glenwood Road. EN-171383929-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino24fbf91b-4dc8-432c-b388-72cec708654e29-Sep-17jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
William Street, Wantagh415414.086087830Brookside AveJones AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes123432343429  Yes   Score 29. EN-171389017-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoebcbfa89-dd2b-4de5-8abc-b7401d188acf17-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Washington St370369.9281078 Western Blvd. Grand Blvd. AverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes133342343329  Yes   Score 29. Grand Ave to Western Blvd is very good curb. Couple of puddle problems otherwise reinspect in ten years. Grand Blvd to Milburn Ave, curb is good, roadway very cracked but rideable. Gutter areas up and down ,minor puddles. Very rideable. Reinspect in ten years. Milburn Ave to Eastern Pkwy, curb is fair, road is good, gutter problem at 1065-1071 to CB needs fixing, otherwise reinspect in ten years EN-171361226-Jul-17 JM21ba3b2e-43d0-482c-a28e-942425008b788-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Farragut Rd561560.4326325 Central Blvd. Dobson Ave. AverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        No 23434342429  Yes   Score 29.  EN-13903012-Jul-17 JM1c1c9de9-cf18-4862-a8de-2d621efcf91f8-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Park Avenue, Wantagh4964.54970.862248 Merikoke AvenueWest Seamans Neck RoadHighAsphalt Yes10Poor90        No 23443253329      20 En-171360815-Aug-17StreetJoe M7011f26c-822c-460d-ae08-77df9ed885709-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Keily Drive, Seaford1566.81563.644211 Washington AvenueRoth Road Dead EndAverageAsphalt Yes15Poor85        Yes 22343353429  Yes   29 * No HCR'S En-1713619, EN-161267615-Aug-17StreetJoe Mb0144ae1-efd5-47e3-98c6-21f8bd2ece7b9-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Aaron Dr N, Seaford547.53558.1130516 Aaron Dr WAaron Dr EAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes 33233344429  Yes   29 * No HCR'S in area En-171364015-Aug-17StreetJoe M3162597b-a61c-413b-bf7c-ec26853c700d9-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Elyane Court, Seaford402427.2848381 Marina Park DriveDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 23434343329  Yes   29 En-161226919-Jun-17StreetJoe M4c14d6bd-7413-40d8-a1e9-f35d149014da9-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Clarke Street, Seaford664685.9134044 Park DriveSeaford AvenueHighAsphalt Yes  100          22552353229      29 EN-17134601-Aug-17StreetJoe M0ce24b59-25c7-48a6-a672-87f8fc2212d89-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hewlett Lane, Bellmore2002.281981.256214 Berkeley PlaceHorace CourtHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 34135325329  Yes   29 * Some curb could use replacing  2-Aug-17StreetJoe Mdca6c606-868d-42f5-806e-982ce0ec96269-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Ocean Street, Baldwin13731404.936401 Western BlvdMilburn AvenueLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No132543422329  Yes   29 Rating En-171297513-Feb-17StreetDom2823f667-e89d-41ba-a8c4-c89703d914e312-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Frankel Blvd11501149.81213630Wynsum AveHolland WayAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        No122551323529  Yes   29. Area needs some pothole repair.  EN -14103388-Aug-16 GLba69bf10-f540-430f-9ef0-ea8d7eb247bc12-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Seaford Ct. 722721.661184430Riverside DrMandalay Beach Rd. LowAsphalt Yes0.05Poor100        Yes 1 98 18 229  Yes   Score 29. Resident claims that catch basin on riverside dr backs up and floods at high tide. Basin is off of area surveyed. Highway repaired settlement issues. Trees pushing out curb EN -1511501, EN-16126493-Aug-16 GLe07d166b-bfae-4abd-836c-ef371fd3c9e212-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18rcartolano  
Overlook Rd700698.7029757 Foxhurst RdFairview AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No244341232429  Yes   Score 29 EN-171300115-Feb-17 DD0517e21a-1b15-4bb9-922f-a37bb85a196513-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Jennie Road, Wantagh300299.705688830Island RoadDead endLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No 22651361329  Yes   Curbs bad and road surface needs resurfacing now. EN-1612371, EN-15118482-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martinob71d70fd-ab3e-4c0d-b1dc-923473fcce3416-Feb-18jmartino16-Feb-18jmartino  
Hawthorne Dr West, Wantagh875863.586998830Jerusalem AveIvy LaneAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes132442244430  Yes   Score 30. Handicap ramps missing at Hawthorne Dr. North and Ivy Lane. This area has a 2 foot cut in all gutters and they were repaved for some reason. EN-1713733, EN-171378529-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino7db20917-9ece-4b1c-a0cc-48eab251851f29-Sep-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Jones Avenue, Wantagh20602058.80052630Sunrise HighwayBirch Place - Dead endLowAsphalt Yes1Fair99        Yes133233244530  Yes   Score 30. The handicap ramps along Jones Avenue are inadequate and some missing. Jones Avenue has both concrete curb and curb & gutter. EN-171389020-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino834617d7-6639-4247-9cc5-5eb6838f60cf20-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Mattison Street, North Baldwin434.1433.5364103 Schuman PlaceBarth DrLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 24441174330  Yes   30 Rating * Some curb needs replacing * Schuman pl is in same condition En-171320521-Jun-17 Joe M5a6387c8-914b-4fa0-96c8-a82903158f3d8-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Peconic Avenue20042005.62006 Bayview StreetDead EndAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100%        No134223236430  Yes   30 Rating * large patches were done but to many problems along gutters water is not getting into catch basin En-171328020-Jun-17StreetJoe M60d9f6e7-b231-4376-9ef0-cf59fb1740048-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Chelsea Road, Wantagh1817.841836.646696 Essex RoadArdsley RoadAverageAsphalt Yes10Poor855       Yes 24433343430  Yes   30 * No HCR'S EN-171359715-Aug-17StreetJoe M63f6bf4a-daea-4db2-8587-c6a7ca1c004d9-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Mill Road, Seaford2684.62722.899967 Seamans Neck RoadWashington AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes15Poor85        Yes 13343354430  Yes   30 * Curbs are bad and need to be done HCR'S are good. But from Joyce Lane to Washington ave is the worst part of the road and needs gutter repairs En-1713459, EN-16127461-Aug-17StreetJoe M8bf28a65-427b-46f5-8838-b2428c791e939-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Worthmore Drive, Seaford1444.31475.359556 Washington AvenueRoth RoadAverageAsphalt Yes30Poor70        Yes 23432254530  Yes   30 * Curbs need to be done and HCR'S are missing EN-17134611-Aug-17StreetJoe M20cf2e0e-1c29-4854-bcb2-549452642c359-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Lakeside Drive, Baldwin26902691.23139330Merrick RoadMerrick RoadLowAsphalt Yes1Fair99        Yes133244334431  Yes   There are no handicap ramps in the area except at Merrick Road. Some of the concrete curb is bad and will have to be removed. EN-171390225-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino050480a6-2dae-4ed2-82e4-379e7972018f25-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Kenora Place1603.51603.311592 Merrick RoadSeaford AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes134244334331  Yes   31 * Intersection at Roy Place is very bad ( V.G)? En-171333619-Jun-17StreetJoe M154d98e9-0999-4565-8e4b-0df816d4da9d8-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Bayfront Place, Baldwin440448.8112033 North DriveDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 34434334331  Yes   31 Rating En-171344721-Jun-17StreetJoe Md8ebf663-e448-4332-bfdb-b31e9af9318e12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hendrickson Court, North Merrick370366.954559430Camp AvenueDead end - cul de sacLowAsphalt Yes1Fair99        No 33342344532  Yes    Score 31. Walk against curb around cul de sac. EN-1713879, EN-171311712-Jul-17StreetJoseph Martinobaf29eb7-4f87-4c07-86b3-450d7bddf01819-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18rcartolano  
Lakeside Drive, Wantagh32803276.97501830Ardsley RoadForest Lake BlvdLowAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes 13353345532  Yes   Score 32. New handicap ramps placed in 2017. EN-1712974, EN161229020-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino19ccc7bc-589e-473c-a70b-a26d119d107c20-Oct-17jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Eaton Road East, Wantagh325322.720964630Forest Lake BlvdLakeside DriveLowAsphalt Yes3Poor97        Yes112343355532  Yes   Score 32.  20-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino660923c3-ee8e-46bc-91ef-69745166be0120-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Williams Court, Bellmore995992.069957930Hewlett LaneLegion StreetLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes123334255432  Yes   The handicap ramps are not up to code. EN-171375023-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinod2d3fbe9-dfc3-4a73-bd2a-e7c16a894b4d23-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Walters Court, Bellmore10851083.40576630Hewlett LaneLegion StreetLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes123353253532  Yes   The handicap ramps do not meet new code. EN-171374723-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinob703c6c4-59e8-4f84-840c-ae66dfe8dbec23-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Silver Lake Place, Baldwin665664.0886730Lakeside DriveLakeside DriveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No133234246432  Yes   There are no handicap ramps in area. EN-171390225-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino5158978a-79de-4064-b1e2-ae599089b0c925-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
South St Marks Avenue, Bellmore17751773.82721330Merrick RoadAnthony AvenueHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No413442253432  Yes   Score 32. Road surface could use mill and fill. Handicap ramps are inadequate and no pads.  EN-1713935, EN-1713936, EN-17131181-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martino4dfa68c6-8af1-4018-ad0a-546b9af306cd1-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hewlett Ave20522052.355576 Smith StNancy BlvdHighAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 33343335532  Yes   Score 32. Could do a lot of patches and get utility company to redo their settled patch. This would be a lot of work 20-25% of roadway. White paint marks, apparently town is going to do some patches EN-171345712-Jul-17 JM07317c81-f170-476f-b9f9-5575356066bb8-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Dale Place668.9664.3262175 Waverly AvenueAlan DriveLowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        No 33434354332  Yes   32 Rating * No HCR'S En-171342619-Jun-17StreetJoe M2cd4a3db-a290-4d7e-834b-fc2c1d03f6b78-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Seaford Avenue, Seaford975.451004.584671 Merrick RoadWaverly AvenueHighAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes132433345432  Yes   32 EN-171334019-Jun-17StreetJoe M7eaf91a3-d6cb-4fda-ae28-ddc075f6bc019-Feb-18kcurry216-Feb-18rcartolano  
Hawthorne Drive South10601057.40890630Ivy LaneHawthorne Dr EastAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes133433155533  Yes   Score 33. Handicap ramps are missing at all intersections. The gutters in this area have a 2 foot cut and were repaved for some reason. EN-171375629-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoad547171-c260-4fa2-960a-096305fd8fc229-Sep-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Surely Road, Wantagh12501246.51098930Stephen LanePrinceton Dr NorthAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes133334344533  Yes   Score 33. Handicap ramps only at Princeton Dr. North. Looks like could just profile edges and overlay. EN-171380329-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoc93eebe4-0d55-43d0-8e36-fde9ce42aa3729-Sep-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Marvin Lane, Seaford325325.991185830Marilyn DriveMill RoadLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No123443254533  Yes   Score 33. Newer handicap ramps at both ends of street. EN-171392030-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinob286f27c-aa1c-42d3-a888-36d8627896ef30-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Lakeview Road, Bellmore16651665.32272530Sunrise HwyBellmore AvenueLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No141354354333  Yes   Score 33.  EN-161292013-Feb-17StreetJM, SKc538b37b-8156-4e21-891a-4b33e40a1c0212-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Oak St500469.5762889 Wallace AveStanton AveAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes433334334333  Yes   Score 33. Both intersections appear to be valley gutters and need work.  EN-171360117-Aug-17 Jm59fddfbc-a22e-41f5-af51-fd001e541ae97-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bertha Dr47004700.291645 Milburn AveNorthern BlvdLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No133452453333  Yes   Score 33. Repairs from Steven Rd to Northern Blvd. Some have been done by town already. From Milburn Ave to Steven Rd could use new surface. Curbs are good entire roadway. Flowline work at Northern Blvd, Lydia Pl. , Iris La, Woodoak Dr, Phylis Dr., Bertha Ct, Steven Rd, Middle Bay Dr, and Marcel Rd could be done. Steven Rd to Milburn Ave could use a mill and fill resurfacing.  EN-171331021-Jun-17 Jm38b80508-6d36-4adf-8832-dbab3d1af5838-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Lee Pl42634263.184663 W. Alder Rd.Ricky StAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No123363325533  Yes   Score 33. Manholes are sticking up 3-4" in some cases and need to be fixed.  EN-171366115-Aug-17 Jm5e848ef6-0a1a-4da8-8165-632ba0b8a4bd8-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Pacific Street2398.62394.891246 Grand AvenueEastern BlvdAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 23434345533  Yes   33 En-17135947-Aug-17StreetJoe M3a02f4ed-c8d4-441b-871d-871e76308a6b9-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Newbridge Road, Bellmore19861994.832429 Merrick RoadNewbridge Road Park EntracnceHighAsphalt Yes3Poor97        No123354344433  Yes   33 En-17135903-Aug-17StreetJoe M51545200-541d-48a4-9d8f-d9ecd7dc3dac9-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Ewell Place, Wantagh21802181.12583230Old Mill RoadDead endAverageAsphalt Yes1Fair99        Yes123344363534  Yes   Score 34. EN-171371029-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoa04bfd6e-be09-44c5-89ff-f64840b053ac29-Sep-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hendrickson Avenue, North Merrick34803479.0228630Camp AveVan Nostrand AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor981       Yes122345354534  Yes   Significant amount of curb looks good and might be saved but grade needs to be checked. The intersections have no handicap ramps from Howes Street intersection to Potter Avenue intersection. EN-171387919-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoaeab2ce4-83bd-49e5-bd4d-8b503110d34019-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Clubhouse Road, Bellmore610606.416887230Bellmore AvenueDead endAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No123334355534  Yes   Score 34. Restaurant and boat yard at dead end. EN-1713692. EN-171300323-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino04c91489-eb35-44fe-9def-2936b4d0139623-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Glover Place, Baldwin875875.290592530Lakeside DriveLakeside DriveLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No133344246434  Yes   There are no handicap ramps in area. EN-171390225-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinofa176d35-a068-4f6e-90c0-9e3ff0e34c5c25-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Marilyn Drive, Seaford28652865.79156830Seaman's Neck RoadWashington AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes123533264534  Yes   Score 34. Did not see any evidence of homes sinking! Some new handicap ramps placed. Many handicap ramps missing. Section of road repaved by Hwy Dept TOH but puddles caused are severe and need attention before winter freeze, see pictures. Curbs are bad and need replacing. EN-1713920, EN-161267530-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino0fb2af6a-0564-4d17-a767-02afdfade9af30-Oct-17jmartino12-Feb-18rcartolano  
Leonard La.12751274.657611 Rosebud AveShore DrLowAsphalt Yes25Poor75        Yes 33233332334  Yes   Score 25. Utility company patched 1/3 of Road surface. This is throughout the entire area.  EN-171345012-Jul-17 Jm4d29e8df-e822-4bb1-ac1f-f76c87ade4d85-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18rcartolano  
Wolfson Dr10431043.097723 Northern BlvdBaldwin Park EntranceHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No445342243334  Yes   Score 34. Street is stationed for resurfacing. Scheduled for work? Entrance to town park. Baldwin Park.  EN-171324321-Jun-17 Jm542a73dc-a58b-4159-895d-487847eb27438-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Willoughby Ave 20112010.65060430Seaford AveMerrick RdAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No153343444334  Yes4-5 years  Concrete panels under asphalt from Seaford Ave. to 100 ' north of Waverly Pl. Roadway over concrete has some life left. Rest of roadway in poor shape.  EN-1612639, EN-171297631-Aug-16 GL3c2ca954-8a60-490f-a299-0f9bb8c181ce12-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18rcartolano  
Horace Court, Bellmore11771166.918383 Legion StShore RoadHighAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 34323355634  Yes   34 Rating * From Shore Rd to east approx 300 Ft of road done when shore rd was done. En-17130156-Jul-17StreetJoe M50c34fb1-db16-4cff-8c6f-4f93480fc5a112-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Parkview Place, Baldwin27162716.11624130Merrick RoadWateredge Avenue, Foxhurst RoadAverageConcrete5 footYes Good100        Yes154434343435  Yes   From Merrick Rd to Wateredge Ave is 1675 feet. Several concrete panels are in need of work now. Rating is for asphalt gutter areas which are cracked, settled, many potholes & puddles. Curbs are good except for some tree problems. EN-17130579-Feb-17StreetJM, SK888ce7e9-074a-4d99-80d8-19da037e66354-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Cheryl Rd.15961595.505249 Wynsum AveHewlett AveLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes144344344435  Yes   Score 35.  EN-161267224-Feb-17 JM,sk247caf8c-2320-460c-83c3-3ea2318ae1f85-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hilaire Way, Seaford15031506.652509 Seaford AvenueWaverly AvenueLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes125243445535  Yes   35 En-171333919-Jun-17StreetJoe Me3789339-693e-4657-a3e0-bcc804b833aa9-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Naomi Place, Seaford924940.7372106 Kenora PlaceSeaford AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes134254435435  Yes   35 Rating EN-161235917-Mar-17StreetJoe M, Sean Ka687bfd2-db59-4fb6-845a-4d13653456e712-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Cornelius Ave, Wantagh1000994.078139930Ewell PlaceBeltagh AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No133553363436  Yes   Score 36. EN-171378329-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino1959795e-2109-4539-b2a1-8f10693553fa29-Sep-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Sidney Court, Seaford765764.095741130Martin CourtMill RoadLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes143444344536  Yes   Score 36. Sidney Ct from Mill Rd to dead end was resurfaced within last 10 years. EN-151165123-Feb-17StreetJM, SKda689067-d0dc-40fd-afa8-f398b07991114-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Birch Place, Wantagh520516.798014330Brookside AveJones AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes144353444436  Yes   Score 36. Road needs to be done however there are two or three spots that could use some asphalt roadwork and the intersection at Jones Avenue is very bad. EN-171389017-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoe79fbf52-c538-4f0c-a9a8-2cdeefd9c55417-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Martin Court, Seaford990988.753299730Seaman's Neck RoadDead end Cul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes125335246536  Yes   Score 33. School along one side of street where there are huge trees and gutter has some major settlement problems. Other side street is OK as well as centerline of street. There are four depression spots along school side curb that need asphalt work now! Asphalt valley gutter at Sidney Ct has been redone by Hwy Dept and looks Ok. EN-1713920, EN-151161530-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino72d642f9-d5d6-4690-94f1-9f0fee98f0a930-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Waverly Avenue, Seaford31273127.00239430Willoughby AvenueSeaman's Neck RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes143355434436  Yes   Score 36. Intersection at Seaford Ave is very bad. EN-1511975, EN-171362213-Feb-17StreetJM, SKd787335e-b004-4be8-8bec-eee54c6c185211-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18rcartolano  
Jane Street, Wantagh19351959.099973 Bunker AvenueSurele RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes 44444344536  Yes   Rating 36 En-13941220-Jun-17StreetJoe M3ac21517-17cb-4723-98bc-7d86221570dc12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
New York Avenue, Seaford564.5582.2125443 Washington AvenuePark DriveAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor100        No 33542364636  Yes   36 Rating * Curb is old gravel cracked every 5ft and very deteriorated. No HCR'S on street west of washington Ave. Collins Street @ T intersectionin middle of New York Ave is in same condition. En-171340915-Jun-17StreetJoe M106858e4-030d-4cbc-a50c-a3ed67bdc0c812-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Somerset Drive, Seaford545565.6502925 South Sommerset DriveDead EndAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No443333344536  Yes   36 Rating En-171341016-Jun-17StreetJoe Mf5c68492-dd09-464d-a8a3-bb938972fa8512-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Flower Ave, Wantagh320313.567830Hawthorne Dr WestWantagh AveAverageAsphalt Yes1Fair99        Yes142553155637 Yes    Score 37. Entrance on north side of street to shopping center needs to be patched. Intersection at Hawthorne Drive West is also bad and could use work. EN-171373329-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino540890ad-3729-410f-91ec-304cc1b7013829-Sep-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Argyle Road, Merrick700700.005915230Dobson AvenueCentral Blvd - Dead endLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes124553363537  Yes     EN-1713901 StreetJoseph Martinocfb2b66e-3cfd-463f-aa92-65a2c1c5122c24-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Judith Drive, Merrick15081508.34280330Cheryl DriveWynsum AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes5Poor95        Yes 24334234337  Yes   Score 28. EN-17135743-Aug-17StreetJM91936f36-9d8e-400f-89dc-d67d98cf989e5-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18kcurry2  
Shirley Lane, Bellmore332332.069753230Bedell Street South St Marks AvenueLowAsphalt Yes1Fair99        No133464264437  Yes   Score 37. Inadequate HCRs.  EN-171336029-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martinoa7d46339-d0f1-43d1-b8b3-bdae4bebf34029-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Beltagh Ave42174217.355191 Mill Rd.Holiday Park DrAverageAsphalt Yes5Poor95        Yes 43445454437  Yes   Score 37. From Mill Rd to Birch Dr is the worst part and school is there. Blue Spruce La is as bad and needs work.  EN-171305417-Mar-17 JM,skec95d459-8b69-4b04-b59f-a96dfe456b587-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Interlake Dr11201120.208401 Demott AveSmith StAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes134354444537  Yes   37. From demott to bunker, road surface is newer but 2-3 minor pothole areas need work. Bunker to smith, road settlement in sewer trench area and manhole sticks up 12"+ at bunker roadwork needed for bunker to smith.  EN-171363717-Aug-17 Jm38ba2d1f-817a-4f9f-94f8-f9357482a0687-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Ellen Dr, Merrick1215.51220.474969 Hewlett AvenueWynsum AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes 25335265637  Yes   37 EN-17135633-Aug-17StreetJoe M13e21666-a659-48fc-bbcb-e39a0c430aa58-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Raymond Street, Seaford469503.0999203 Washington AvenueDead-EndLowAsphalt Yes5Poor100        No134463453437  Yes   37 Rating  3-Feb-17StreetChris R7e9e8d9c-5314-46b3-8831-2ed5fe8e8c6312-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hanover Place, Merrick670667.473724930Webster StreetHoratio AvenueLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes153454444438  Yes     EN-161271422-Feb-17StreetSK4cd2a51f-4578-4449-a0d9-1baf3150e2a13-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bowers Drive, Seaford440439.806159830Marilyn DriveMill RoadLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No124543265638 Yes    Score 38. Asphalt work needed at both end intersections and if Mill Road and Marilyn Drive are rebuilt then both ends will be fixed. EN-171392030-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino28d25a54-5c2b-4344-aef4-0c26cc73ff2230-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Wynsum Ave20912090.714402 Sunrise HwyMerrick RdAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes133544454538  Yes   Score 38.  EN 141057412-Jul-17 JM3b5f6048-73fa-43c7-bb65-c0fc14bc900d8-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Oak St. 15771576.8336830Brook PlNewbridge Rd. AverageAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes 33544555438  Yes   Score 38.  EN-17129665-Jan-17 EM339eec49-5161-4eec-8f84-ffcfb276cdf412-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
 1129411295.04998 Merrick AveGrand AveHighAsphalt Yes Good100% mostly curb and gutter        No423355443538      Score 38 EN-171369029-Aug-17StreetJM92f87ee4-2a47-4526-b861-bc5f93d1de7512-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
 1129411295.04998 Merrick AveGrand AveHighAsphalt Yes Good100% mostly curb and gutter        No423355443538      Score 38 EN-171369029-Aug-17StreetJMe72322ab-e101-4337-b2cf-d7c9b1f0469b12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hannington Avenue, Wantagh10001025.105405 Beltagh AvenueEwell PlaceAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 23646545338 Yes    39 Rating Intersectiona all need work En-171327220-Jun-17StreetJoe Mc111e5cf-f014-463e-b010-e82e4dfcb8fb12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Essex Rd787786.339425 Chelsea RdLakeside DrAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 34444554538  Yes   Score 36. Hcr's missing. Intersection aft Forest Lake looks like two valley gutters that need work. If we do Essex Rd we should go onto Chelsea Rd to Cambridge Rd.  EN-161228617-Mar-17 JM,sk4391698a-f9e5-48dd-bb69-d9bbc7fee85213-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Elm Place, Wantagh495494.856855830Brookside AveJones AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes144346355439 Yes    Score 39. Elm Place has concrete curb and gutter and five large trees are lifting it causing puddling. Water goes around problem to certain degree. EN-171389017-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino3f250bff-b1e8-4485-8588-f40a1748278b17-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
South St Marks, Bellmore16801680.77935430West Alder RoadBellmore AvenueHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes423562254639  Yes   Score 39. The handicap ramps are inadequate and need pads. There is a school along this section. EN-1713935, EN-17139362-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martinoa28a864e-b551-4aaf-9240-d5f321a143802-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Midwood Ave11831182.814546 Merrick RdClarendon AveAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes434352355539 Yes    Score 39. Intersection at Merrick Rd needs work now. Intersection at Merrick Rd could use work now. As well as a couple of areas where potholes have been repaired. One way street.  EN-171351114-Jul-17 JM2587fe8c-9314-4ca5-b17f-153fa3fde02f8-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Copper Beech Place661657.0399073 Oak Brook LaneSilverbirch RoadAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes 33554356539  Yes   39 * No HCR'S En-171359324-Aug-17StreetJoe M04a967fe-e87d-4a67-bf5f-ece1f2006e968-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Overbrook Pl271270.6433975 Landsdowne AveDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No343443554439   1 year  Score 39. Old repair across from resident at 2305 in bad shape and breaking up.  EN-171308623-Mar-17 GLfacbc17d-02bf-419b-ad2f-0e9edc3f038313-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Carrollton Ave20892089.346527 Wagner StBriard StAverageAsphalt Yes Fair         Yes433454354439  Yes   Score 39. Hcr missing EN-161266215-Feb-17 JM,sk66dfb476-5a0e-44b8-8274-9dd148c9975b13-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Seminole Avenue, Seaford14651462.89706630Bayview StreetRiverside Avenue - Dead endLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No124452466640 Yes    Score 40. There are a couple of manholes that need patches around them as they are raised and a few pothole areas that need fixing.  18-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino33445be6-b02e-4a9f-9e34-8ff9b5be3d8318-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Marion Place, North Baldwin810808.570594128Milburn AvenueBrooklyn AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes1Fair99        No133562365640  Yes   Half of road is concrete curb & gutter and half is concrete curb. There is some alligator cracking east side Marion Pl along Gutters near Brooklyn Avenue and existing patches that have alligator cracks can be redone. Patching can fix problems but would be extensive. EN-171389119-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino70941d38-a589-4051-a9f1-a8533987cbb719-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Brookside Ave. 12471247.469958 Lois PlCamp AveAverageAsphalt Yes1Fair99        No 34454455640 Yes    Score 40.  EN-161265112-Jul-17 JM0cdf3967-6bcf-41f7-a044-8c1e287408988-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Burke Ct231184.510148430Park DrDead EndLowAsphalt Yes15Poor100        No245353346540  Yes   Score 40.  EN-16127152-Sep-16 GL3024e38e-470b-4212-b231-741c09f2bd5d12-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Shore Drive, Merrick59105900.12243530Lindenmere DriveClubhouse Rd, Monterey DrAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes134455445641 Yes    Small & large patches could fix problem areas, 1-2769 puddle in gutter & pothole area in street, 2-2781 puddle front of "T" HCR, 3-2787 pothole area in street, 4-2801-2809 pothole area in street, 5-2815 & 2825 pothole areas in street, 6-Julian La valley gutter potholes, 7-2896 & 2912 pothole areas in street, 8-puddles front of 2912 & 2915, 9-Joyce La raised manhole, 10-pothole areas in street 3040, 3048, 3055, 3059, 11-Denton Dr valley gutter repair & potholes repair, 12-3152, 3193, & 3200 pothole areas in street. EN-171377515-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino2925c9f9-7a2c-498b-b08b-5418c74d298f5-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Wilmarth Place, Wantagh870866.537914530Brookside AveWantagh AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes133445456641      Score 41. Wilmarth Place has concrete curb and gutter with at least four big tree problems causing puddles and settlement of curb & gutter in other places causing puddles also. Road surface not bad two or three large patches could solve most problems in roadway but not gutters. EN-171389017-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino37b30355-b9fa-4c54-8937-cb116aee9aab17-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Terrapin Place, Seaford540538.756201730Riverside AvenueRiverside AvenueLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No123354656641 Yes    Score 41. There are two patches that need re-doing one at 3762 and one at 3709. There are two areas that needs asphalt work in front of 3724 and 3736.  18-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino0dc21927-d323-41bd-ac4d-e44ac8dc577c18-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bayview Street, Seaford20852082.07490930Riverside AveIsland Channel Rd - Dead end at SchoolAverageAsphalt Yes1Fair99        No143545364641 Yes    Score 41. The intersection at Island Channel Road needs asphalt work as well as gutter line southside Bayview east of island Channel Road. The intersections at Ocean Avenue and Peconic Ave have a small amount of asphalt work needed. The intersection at Neptune Ave needs small amount of asphalt work and the intersection at Seminole Ave could use curb to curb asphalt work to the East 100 feet or so on Bayview Ave.  18-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinof979e457-6169-4372-be77-0940afb4e14718-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Brooklyn Avenue, N Baldwin11251122.71034530Chestnut StreetMaple StreetLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes133465455541 Yes    This area of Brooklyn Avenue has concrete curb and gutter. The intersections at Maple Street and Walnut Street need asphalt work. There are also a few pothole areas large patches of asphalt would fix.  19-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinobd2d9570-fbc6-4d25-ad2b-0fcb0073aaeb19-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Joyce Lane, Seaford465462.42349630Marilyn DriveMill RoadLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No126553356541   5 years  Score 41. Asphalt roadwork needed at both ends which is again Marilyn Drive and Mill Road both need to be redone. EN-171392030-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino80f87e6e-c434-439f-85f5-cbcb7be8c5b130-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Western Blvd.12501250.16559230Washington AvenueSteele BlvdAverageAsphalt No Good100        Yes 63853363441  Yes   Poor surface conditions, severe surface unraveling. Multiple longitudinal and transverse cracking. Longitudinal cracking in wheel path. Block cracking over 50% of surface. Rutting and distortion 1/2 deep or more overall surface condition very bad. EN-12778317-Mar-17StreetElton McCabe0f6dbbe0-5c77-4f26-8588-13cc82300e1b20-Nov-17rcartolano16-Feb-18jmartino  
Jackson Avenue, Seaford30673110.134997 Merrick RoadSunrise HighwayHighConcrete5' AsphYes5Fair95        No163338444541  Yes   41 Rating En-17130568-Feb-17StreetJoe M, Sean K618b71be-3801-4ab3-b7db-7f8954e2366912-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hewlett La.19841980.96805330Horace CtBerkeley PlHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No 54446536441  Yes     EN-1119755-Jan-17 EM610d508a-3406-4216-ab18-7684221ac41812-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Beach Dr29202920.09163936Merrick RdJames StAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes142445664541  Yes   Score 41.  EN-161271112-Jan-17 CR8d2b4bb4-10ba-425e-8919-8ee9ba0f2f6512-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Valentine Place, Wantagh21002094.59617730Old Mill RoadHenry StreetAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes124553565642  Yes5 to 10 years, some patching might be done now.  Score 42. A couple of handicap ramps missing but the ones present are inadequate. EN-171375129-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinof2722d89-b116-40cc-92e5-ccb4435330d629-Sep-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Kirkwood Ave, Merrick19751973.38763830Babylon TurnpikeMerrick AveAverageConcreteVaries 2 to 5' asphalt or non at all.Yes60Poor25105      Yes 73258228542  Yes   Asphalt shoulders need work. Northside concrete panels have a lot of settlement causing centerline of road to be uneven and asphalt has been placed in some areas over concrete on one side like a ramp and cannot last. EN-171375315-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino026660d1-ca36-4ca2-8398-8b1b31c4f96a1-Oct-17jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Elliot Place, Merrick930927.945573430Lois PlaceMerrick AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No133546465542   Near future (5 years+)  Score 42. Handicap ramps missing at Lois place and Brookside Avenue. Road has a lot of patching but could do some more to alleviate rest of problems. Three main problems gutter at house 45 & 47 and problem of whole street from house 28 to 20 and lastly half road at end by Merrick Ave. EN-171387311-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinof3a4e16f-ae95-43f4-a5ae-079a0679898911-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Brookside Avenue, Wantagh18401839.64760430Birch PlaceWilmarth PlaceLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes133454457642 Yes    Score 42. North end entrance to parkway. Along brookside there is mostly curb and gutter. There are a few areas that may need curb to curb paving for 100 feet or so for now. EN-171389017-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoc1284114-bcbb-4db7-926b-7d4808194b0717-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Riverside Avenue, Seaford33703368.27293830Seminole AvenueLadonia Street - Dead endLowAsphalt Yes2Fair98        Yes123455556642 Yes    Score 42. There is two areas that need curb to curb asphalt repair and a few other areas that need patches of asphalt road.  18-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino10cbf24d-7d70-47bd-816f-66a5c9c7838818-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Robbins Lane, Seaford455454.091046930Marilyn DriveMill RoadLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No126543456642   5 years  Score 42. Newer handicap ramps at both ends of Robbins Lane. Asphalt work needed at both intersections with Mill Road and Marilyn Drive. Both those streets need to be redone. EN-171392030-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino50edcb58-c7bb-4cb0-87a4-eebb9d06ad4830-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Charlotte Court, Seaford170168.540394930Marilyn DriveDead end Cul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No133754273742  Yes   Score 42. No handicap ramps at Marilyn Drive. EN-171392030-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino88fd9089-0144-464a-9448-8991f44b2fe930-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Maplewood Dr N519518.5103494 Maplewood DrBeech StLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 23674365642 Yes    Score 42. Need to do south side 5-6' gutter area from Beech St to existing gutter patch. Maplewood Dr N north side has patch the whole way done by utility. Maplewood Dr S needs to be done as no gutter patches have been done and Road is as bad if not worse than Maplewood Dr N.  EN-151155217-Aug-17 Jm79b256cb-5358-4ee8-9b06-4e8b343957d07-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Kent Rd East908907.6787985 Lakeside DrChelsea RdAverageAsphalt Yes8%Poor100%        No 13655466642  Yes   Score 42. Curbs are very bad EN-17134867-Jul-17StreetJM244a047b-88ae-4f1c-93d4-8a95d29c9ddf8-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hudson Avenue, Seaford2500.612537.628589 Seamans Neck RoadWashington AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes2Fair98        No133564465542  Yes   42 EN-1713371, EN-171302219-Jun-17StreetJoe M06004421-324e-43bf-9ef3-61a723f59c8a9-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Boundry Road, Bellmore904920.4147211 Bellmore AvenueDead EndHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes435434455542 YesYes   42 Rating Judith Dr to dead end needs work now. Judith Dr to bellmore ave could be a few large patch areas En-1499416-Jul-17StreetJoe M2a99bf65-6b4a-4bf2-8742-f89f4be8921912-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
East End, Seaford296335.9289021 Hilaire WayDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 35535366743  Yes   43 * Old HCR'S not usable first 100Ft and intersection of Hilaire Way is Very Bad En-17133419-Jun-17StreetJoe M60105a36-2dda-4cad-849b-91d5e2c7cfb39-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Old Mill Rd Wantagh1711.861721.641903 Sunrise HwyPark AveHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        No133674555443 Yes    44, * Northbound lane hasd most of the potholes , * it would be alot but HWY maybe able to patch the northbound lane and certainly patch the two areas in southbound lane from sunrise HWY to park lane EN-17134646-Jul-17StreetJM71da843b-a81b-4158-9235-cd86feaa714915-Feb-18rcartolano15-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Neptune Avenue, Seaford765764.441717830Merrick RoadTonopah StreetHighAsphalt Yes5Fair95        No134653466644  Yes   Score 44, The police station is at Merrick Road and Neptune Avenue. This section is bad and needs asphalt work.  13-Mar-17StreetJm, Sk0f7e2149-0369-4efd-a1ac-6289f7a7f0b826-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Roger Dr13271326.86347 Martin DrHawthorne Dr SLowAsphalt Yes10Poor90        Yes 55554455644  Yes   Score 44.  EN-14995913-Mar-17 JM,sk05e722bd-c349-4ed4-94c7-6736b8ede1ac7-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Helene Ave15441543.961393 Park Ave. Bellewood Dr. AverageAsphalt Yes Fair6040       No134664365644 Yes    Score 44. Intersection at Grace Ave is bad. Could use work now along with two other areas at least. Where Helene And Bellewood meet could use work also.  EN-171350612-Jul-17 JM3ef8f3c0-69d0-438a-9ca7-737f408613f78-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Horatio Ave. 31203119.752902 Merrick AveGildersleeve StAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes 34665365644 Yes    Score 44. Very long. Several major repairs needed.  EN-171325012-Jul-17 JM27d2975e-2482-4e18-8e87-924a83ea4f2e8-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hickory Street, Wantagh10151012.76258830Brookside AveWantagh AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes135555366645 Yes    Score 45. The intersection at Jones Avenue and just east of Brookside Avenue could use some asphalt roadwork. EN-171389017-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino3788fda7-d8cd-4a38-95d0-aac9e6c7bbb117-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Miller Place, N Baldwin530530.439809624Grand AvenueMilburn AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No125672456745 Yes    The road towards the intersection of Milburn Avenue could use some asphalt work a lot of alligator cracking.  19-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino0f61491e-add7-4ca9-8b1b-d48134f8629919-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Linden St27022702.3656130Bedford Ave. N.Newbridge AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes134563665645  Yes   Score 45.  EN-171306813-Mar-17 JM,sk8afce3e8-0615-41a5-9e1f-03c4ea1abfd55-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Lois Place, Merrick417.6414.9784922 Elliot PlaceAlice AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 44565664545 Yes    45 Rating Proper patches (Maybe Major) could solve problems. Thin overlay has potholes in it and can just be milled and replaced.  EN-1713527, EN-161265112-Jul-17 Joe M6548f72a-7555-4332-a94a-e41058a3b4468-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Oleta Place, Seaford420419.496606930Riverside AveRiverside AveLowAsphalt Yes1Fair99        No144546457646 Yes    Score 46. The catch basin at 3749 as well as CB across the street could use asphalt work on both sides. The manhole and gutter could use asphalt work at house between 3749 & 3735.  18-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinobea80b9f-1bee-4723-b250-5cb17c94c08318-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
E. Webster St.780780.030192330Brookside AveMerrick AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes155476456346  Yes   Score 46. Settlement issue in front of house #34.  EN-171329722-Feb-17 Sk4207dec5-f403-438d-b1f4-f918148922175-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Baldwin Ave22452245.224531 Grove StMaple StHighConcrete2-3' asphalt overlay. Yes Fair100        Yes434455474646  Yes   Score 46. From Grove St to Grand Ave has conc panels with asphalt overlays but in better condition. Does need some repair at at house 35. Intersect spruce st. Intersection brookside dr. Grove St to Chestnut St. is the worse section EN-17130419-Feb-17 JM,sk0db9065f-832c-47ea-a629-a73750bce2137-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Home Street, Wantagh507506.6529585 Dead EndDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No233556366746 Yes    46 Rating West dead end needs work and southside gutter west of Cornelius ave needs work. minor manhole problems inadequate HCR's En-17135792-Aug-17 Joe M1c44872b-f02e-4c34-b55f-74ebbc6891498-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Bayview Avenue, Wantagh4049.33731.973376 Islip CtRiverside DrAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No445455446546 Yes    46 Rating * This section was resurfacedin the last 20 years. The manholes are raised and asphalt work needs to be done to correc.t couple areas of potholes need to be fixed and a few puddles in gutter could be fixed. En-171327920-Jun-17StreetJoe M7dce3ac3-6803-446c-b9b1-eb9f52f341448-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Carnation Ave25442543.656516 Carnation aveGrand AveHighAsphalt Yes Poor100        No125536377746  Yes   Score 46. Carnation Ave to Milburn Ave has curb most of which is fair. Needs patch at each intersection VG at Carnation and manhole at Dahlia and flowline across Milburn. Milburn Ave to to Park Ave curb and gutter in bad condition with puddles but road surface drivable. Lots of cracks could use several patches to fix bad spots. From Park Ave to Verity La is front of school and fire house this area could use work now as curb and gutter is =Rey bad and road condition is bad also.  EN-171361326-Jul-17 Jmdd8cbff5-18ab-4cfa-bf32-8389f844bbea8-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Gwenn Gate, Seaford685.38686.1505317 Hilaire WayHilaire WayLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes 36646456646 Yes    46 * No HCR'S* Intersections at Hilaire way have problems that need attention now. Also some gutter work EN-171334219-Jun-17StreetJoe M81c3d02c-0073-4778-af22-e80237136b649-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Chapman Avenue10001055.55165930Bellmore AvenueHillside AvenueLowAsphalt Yes Good100  31-Dec-82RESURF    No143683474747 Yes    Score 47. South side of street has gas main utility patch that needs to be redone. North side has new water main utility patch. Centerline of street has a few perhaps large areas with potholes & alligator cracking that need fixing.  9-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino6f06f20b-ba1c-438f-8f62-b6b5f9aa033026-Sep-17ebautista28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Cornelius Ave, Wantagh20602054.93695230Beltagh AveWilson AveAverageAsphalt Yes1Fair963       Yes135555566647   5 to 10 years, some patching could be done now.  Score 47. Handicap ramps present are inadequate. There is one area of potholes where the whole street could be patch from curb to curb for about 100 feet in front of house 1791. Also three existing patches southbound side of street that need redo. EN-171378329-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoabf68eb9-cebc-4742-b5d4-afee7e9aa2a329-Sep-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Amsterdam Ave, Merrick625622.442759330Camp AveRelyea DriveLowAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes126644377747 Yes    At house number 1656 patch needed in Street also number 1672 to 1680 patches needed in street. EN-171378015-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino62ae7b98-940a-4d3c-9840-fefe23aebb951-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hannington Avenue, Wantagh17511257.391632 Ewell PlaceLawrence PlaceAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 26666456647 Yes    47 Rating En-171327220-Jun-17StreetJoe Mb46094a8-09ea-4d13-bc7e-f12a09f76f0312-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Island Rd. 803802.4632822 Wantagh AveWaterbury DrLowAsphalt Yes15Poor100        Yes144466375747   5 years  Score 47.  EN-161266915-Feb-17 JM,sk2ca36910-4157-48c1-be1c-b241a938685613-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Wells Avenue, Wantagh550551.455222830Jones AveWantagh AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No134566566648 Yes    Score 48. Wells Ave has concrete curb & gutter. Two or three areas could use asphalt roadwork alleviating a lot of of the problems. EN-171389017-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino28a226a7-ae7b-4b79-b51c-e3c7cbea3f5917-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Marion Court, Seaford200200.61698930Marilyn DriveDead end Cul-de-sacLowAsphalt Yes1Poor99        No135665366748 Yes    Score 48. No handicap ramps at Marilyn Drive. Asphalt valley gutter needs work at Marilyn Drive. EN-171392030-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino3a7c83da-8032-4a46-adf7-13446a0b5fc130-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Soma Ave960956.0082244 Merrick RdDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Good         No444446565648 Yes    48. Area has a dozen patches that need to be milled and repaved.  EN-17133516-Jul-17 Jm9c41d920-2a6b-4822-afed-542896c1938e7-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Lee Pl.13811380.6435 Ricky StJudith DrAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No125673467748  Yes   Score 48. Manholes are sticking up 3-4" in some cases and need to be fixed.  EN-171366115-Aug-17 Jm95a30366-d21c-4f83-a93c-4bc9918e64a48-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
New York Avenue, Seaford26052649.307617 Washington AvenueSeamans Neck RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes435555366648 Yes 5-10 Years  48 Rating  15-Jun-17StreetJoe M08f14c8a-4105-4faf-90e1-3f8a7d70cbeb12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Spruce Street, Seaford15741576.22609 Byron PlaceMerrick RoadLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes457446447449 Yes    49 Rating * Many minor repairs due to trees that are there or gone that lifted curb. En-171299923-Feb-17StreetJoe M345a026b-ffe4-4494-85e0-b8b4729c005212-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Brooklyn Avenue, N Baldwin960957.931754330Grand AvenueMilburn AvenueHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        No135765565750 Yes    This area of Brooklyn Avenue runs along the railroad station and the street is defined by some curb north side, north side parking spaces, and the railroad station south side no curb along station parking on that side.  19-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino861a3238-2044-4525-9313-5b5a85df683919-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Jane Street, Wantagh996999.2256024 Park AvenueBunker AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes445654565650 Yes    50 Rating En-13941220-Jun-17StreetJoe M2c0e926b-94e0-4c9f-9936-ee2c3eb6a28012-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Beech St. 13411340.851759 Island RdDeMott AveHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes445555466650   5years  Score50. At DeMott Ave, Beech St is newer in front of school to Bunker Ave. trees in front of school have lifted curb and gutter to cause puddles in gutter between every tree. There are 12 trees 30" + in diameter. South of bunker is 20 years old or less and only minor work is needed at this time to Park Ave EN-161270915-Feb-17 JM,sk1ddbb79e-d17c-421a-af9e-e4968fe1cc5d13-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Bedford Avenue, Merrick515514.134831730Babylon TpkeDead end to west of Babylon TpkeLowAsphalt Yes Fair100 curb & gutter        No156655566651  Yes   Score 51. Drainage at dead end is an area surrounded by curb measured 5.5 + 8.5 / 2 or 7 by 30 feet. Looks like road was cut out or left out to allow water to drain into ground but seems solid at this point and water will take time to sink into ground. This accounts for flooding that residents complain about. Leaching basins may help to get water into under ground faster. Also state property ? Is higher and water cannot drain into this property at this time. EN-13915219-Dec-17StreetJoseph Martinof89fb43a-c94f-43ae-b267-9ad139ecc57519-Dec-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
North Dr490487.5475513 Colony DrBayfront PlLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 38473567851 Yes    51. No hcr's at Bayfront Pl.  EN-171344521-Jun-17 Jm5a011fb6-1d9a-4171-8602-317aee8168f67-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hayes Pl460459.5773675 Eastern Pkwy. Dead EndLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No435457565751  Yes   Score 51. Dead End definitely needs to be done now. Rest of road not so bad. Bulkhead at dead End needs replace now. Sewer and drainage castings all need replacing due to decay and breakage.  EN-171323221-Jun-17 Jm62ce38b5-3241-44a6-bd3a-e21de0ac5cc08-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Carroll Ave24752474.824286 Dead EndMeadowbrook RdAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes 26775476751 Yes    Score 51. Intersection at Nassau needs work EN-161255012-Jul-17 JM755652e4-708f-46f3-9711-a01477a8bae88-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
William Street, Wantagh520518.684587830Jones AveWantagh AveLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No157735277852 Yes    Score 52. Gutter area needs repairs especially near catch basin's house number 3193 both sides of street. EN-171389017-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino47ad1eaa-498f-498a-93f6-0d9d0894709c17-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Central Blvd, Merrick23052304.47860530Sunrise HwyMerrick RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes4235667676525 to 10 years     Appears that gas company is doing gas line work all utilities have been marked out on street several brand new patches. The handicap ramps are all 5-5-5 but no pads.  24-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino71f7edd6-a343-49bc-9e8f-151eb75154d524-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Dolores Place, Seaford235233.192578930Marilyn DriveWorthmor DriveLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        No127765476752  Yes   Score 52. New handicap ramps at both ends. These end intersections Marilyn Dr and Worthmor Dr need asphalt work. EN-171392030-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoa2f48b97-b0ab-4b71-8141-e980b33564a330-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bayfront Dr30103009.818144 Eastern Pkwy. Colony Dr. LowAsphalt Yes45Poor40105      No435657376652 Yes    52. Edges of road have mud puddles where people's cars have created holes beyon gutters. No hcr's at Colony Dr.  EN-171344321-Jun-17 Jm6b2a7687-eae6-4ef9-9eb9-59a7c6651cc37-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Mandalay Beach Road, Wantagh3823.43821.044408 Bayview AveRiverside DrLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No456537267752  Yes   52 Rating * Area requires work soon but not necessarily a complete road job. Gutters have many puddles and some curb may need replacing due to settlement. there are a few areas that need large patch to get rid of potholes. En-171334620-Jun-17 Joe Md5c89b4e-c5f2-465a-98a2-0ede2c09e8668-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hale Pl310308.079542430Mitchell PlWyckoff Ave.LowAsphalt Yes Fair         No 55667746652   2years  Score 52.  EN-11747712-Dec-16 EM236cc8c8-2dc2-413b-bfd8-d4c116145deb13-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Wilson Avenue, Bellmore27652762.40490330Bedford AvenueNewbridge RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Good991       No1356666767535 years     The handicap ramps are inadequate, they do not need the new code. EN-171374023-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino0c97af4c-b238-4300-b953-40cf512a76f723-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Rutler Street, Bellmore10951091.85992930Newbridge RoadDead end to EastLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No575664455653 Yes    Score 53 Small amount of work needed especially in front of 2458 Rutler St. EN-161280330-Mar-17StreetGreg LeGault92ec4899-73ee-4ef5-80d4-97d6238d42ec26-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Revere Lane, Seaford244.73258.0075773 Aaron Dr NNiami LaneAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        No 37777456753  Yes   46 * No HCR'S curbs are bad and need to be done En-171364115-Aug-17StreetJoe Mb0549750-612e-4112-98b2-7080f32549d69-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Stanton Ave. 47264725.66166530Westervelt AveNorth Brookside Ave. AverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes 556668557532     Score 53. EN-161270820-Dec-16 EM00477316-1448-49c6-9be1-80b0e770ab3b13-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Yale Road, Merrick885884.227498630Babylon TpkeLindenmere DriveAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No126743788854 Yes    This section has mountable concrete curb and gutter. Puddling in front of houses 1791 & 1801 in curb & gutter. Also possibly house 1783 which is next to 1791 and 1811 which is next to 1801. These four houses are on northside of street next to each other. Grades of curb & gutter need to be checked? EN-171389323-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino4170ed4a-1634-41f8-aa91-faac5189688a23-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Clark Street, Seaford35113511.41753130Seaman's Neck RoadThe creek, between Park Drive & Riverside AveHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No454565577654  Yes   Score 54. Certain areas have a lot of alligator cracking & pothole/patches which do need fixing now! EN-161245013-Feb-17StreetJM, SKaa7b7e23-528b-4636-8dc1-0d8b83b2b87611-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Luchon Street, Lido Beach948948.2754969 Lido BlvdOcean Blvd - Dead endLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No147568757555 Yes    Score 55. Patch at #83 needs to be done now (10x30') and two small depressions in front of #34 need asphalt work. EN-11732713-Mar-17StreetJM, SKb8e88846-6803-4e1e-860a-a23def5178f99-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Silver Birch Rd10561055.718747 Helene AveOak Brook LaAverageAsphalt Yes2Poor98        Yes 36777666755 Yes    Score 55. Curb is bad.  EN-11707912-Jul-17 JM393d3854-654e-40d2-8da3-ee2fb3d4f3ab8-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Chestnut Street, Baldwin18831902.392182 Brooklyn AvenueSeaman AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No135576885755 Yes    55 En-171318021-Jun-17StreetJoe Mb8a3f5b0-bcd2-4d88-9d7b-bb41222581059-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Lefferts Place, Bellmore957968.6221209 Frederick CourtFlorin CourtAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No 86775556756      56 Rating En-1612949   798d88a7-6b26-4f1e-ae28-f720d67fec0c12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hewlett Ave. 10241024.435644 Merrick RdBaldwin CtHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No444674776756 Yes    Score 56. May not be considered minor.  EN-171304924-Feb-17 JM,sk293beebe-ce00-471f-9e57-3ffa8564522a13-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Charing Cross Road, Baldwin12101209.00432530Sunrise HwyMerrick RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes445583886657 Yes    57 One tree is lifting curb. Repairs maybe more then minor but do not feel whole road job necessary.  EN-1713043, EN-17133819-Feb-17StreetJM, SKe669da05-5ae2-4b52-90a3-bc33461a75c94-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Webster Street, Merrick16001594.53700830Merrick AvenueHanover Pl to Dead endAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes437765577758 Yes    Mostly curb & gutter. From Washington Dr to Merrick Ave very bouncy roller coaster, if eliminate this ride ability is "7". Town could mill &cover lay this area approx 350 feet. EN-171375415-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino6b55eac4-394a-46de-bd21-d9b7304a36935-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Seaman's Neck Road, Seaford31903186.88228730Sunrise HwyMerrick RoadAverageConcrete5 feet asphaltYes2Fair98        No175557777758 Yes    Rating of 58 is for asphalt gutter areas. Concrete panels good for most part couple spots could use work. Some shoulder areas could use asphalt work also. Handicapped ramps are old. EN-1395858-Feb-17StreetJm, Sk1a165940-163a-4400-bb21-01700391997f26-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Jackson Ave. 16331632.674065 Merrick RdSouth DrLowAsphalt Yes Fair         No656576746658 Yes    Score 58. South of South Dr. to Atlantic View Ave. is new and in good condition.  EN-16127976-Feb-17 DD152f5058-8ca1-4079-9bcb-c1600c05850612-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Colony Dr. 23522369.62523 Bayfront Dr. Dead EndLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No435677776759 Yes    59. No hcr's. at Bayfront Dr  EN-171344421-Jun-17 Jm2c90b1b7-e5cd-47f6-b89a-31c0f44741637-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bellmore Ave. 6230.46242.121821 Merrick Rd. Ellen RdHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No3663777785592 yearsYes    Score 59. Manholes up. Adjustments. Concrete good road in good shape. Highway repairs could fix problems. Concrete road under asphalt closer to merrick rd.  EN-161272917-Feb-17 CR7cddb8be-1670-4631-ba50-eddef51f879c12-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Wateredge Avenue, Baldwin160160.701711730Lakeside DriveParkview PlaceLowAsphalt5 feet both sidesYes Fair100        Yes13775777886010 to 15 years       EN-171390225-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino46ed2968-7259-4496-8533-1fce223bd19125-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Somerset Dr. 922921.293988630Ocean Ave. S. Somerset Dr. LowAsphalt Yes1Fair991        755782855860   1-2 years  Score 60 EN-161236215-Aug-16 GL605629c7-ccc0-4d5b-bcdb-2f662aba6d2112-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Grand Blvd38363836.427468 Church StNorthern BlvdAverageAsphalt Yes Fair         No 477667788602     Score 60. Moderate to strong longitudinal cracking along surface location throughout length of road. Patching in fair condition. Curb in fair condition with the exception of some small areas.  EN-161265920-Dec-16 EMd182dd1a-a202-406a-bb75-aeb7b760e34413-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Smith Street, N Baldwin410409.872771324Grand AvenueMarion PlaceAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100        No146686787861 Yes    Problem for Smith St is at intersection of Marion Pl where alligator cracking is present. Along Smith Street is mostly curb and gutter. The train station parking lot has parking spaces along part of Smith Street head in parking. EN-171389119-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoa2dc92f8-4c14-4909-b2c1-aec6f45ee53119-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Jayne Place, N Baldwin475474.289115330Milburn AvenueDead endLowAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes136885788862 Yes    The handicap ramps at Milburn Avenue are inadequate. There are two tree problems highway could fix or small work orders contract.  19-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoc6525b7b-6852-4924-8b5d-955abf2b992919-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Milburn Court, N Baldwin430426.253935330Milburn AvenueDead endLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No137787777862 Yes    The only work needed is at the intersection of Milburn Avenue some Asphalt roadwork.  19-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoa10cf04f-5c8c-451d-927b-67b268cf7ea219-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Neptune Avenue, Seaford19311877.074908 Bayview StreetDead EndLowAsphalt Yes2Good98        No477677666662 Yes    62 Rating En-171306513-Mar-17StreetJoe M9503631b-11a7-46eb-88aa-0e223f8bba8f12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Roland Ave24262426.363696 Beltagh AveHannington AveLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes146788677862 Yes    Score 62.  EN-171298216-Feb-17 JM,skd0f62136-c554-4379-8af4-ac1e2adca28d13-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Kirkwood Ave, Merrick13201317.65351630Merrick AveWynsum AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes466777676763 Yes    There are some pothole areas that could use large patch to eliminate them. Two minor tree problems may need a little curb work. There are concrete curbs and some curb & gutter along this section. EN-171375315-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino2faa949f-0df4-462e-9876-a32e430881e51-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Rosebud Ave24602460.47282 Julian LaBernard StAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes455777777763 Yes    Score 63. At intersections repairs needed.  EN-161265024-Feb-17 JM,sk17b81a6a-1a55-450c-a869-67e102a434ec5-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Park Ave16001599.315257 Loines AveCamp AveHighAsphalt Yes Good8020       No456767777763 Yes    Score 63. Repairs maybe a little more than minor. Intersection woodbine needs work. Front of house 75. Intersection Marion Ave. needs work. Front of house 1940. Intersection Alice Ave needs work along Park Ave. going both ways up Park.  EN-171308228-Mar-17 JM,sk92cddc9b-7db9-41c4-9dc4-6d7667f06bca5-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Wynsum Avenue. Merrick3054.963053.546822 Merrick RoadHolland WayHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No4 4888887863 Yes    63 En-17136603-Aug-17StreetJoe M5686ad28-c745-4594-b10a-94692b2fec3f9-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hortense Ave. 520510.248664725Dead EndDead EndLowAsphalt Yes1Poor9010       No377856686763   5 years  Score 63. Traffic low and roadway has had trench repair.  EN-161265330-Aug-16 GLe0ee3dc3-14df-4bb7-bbd2-5626d3c06a8112-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Neptune Avenue, Seaford17401738.42867230Tonopah StreetBayview StreetHighAsphalt Yes5Fair95        No177777777764 Yes    Score 64  13-Mar-17StreetJm, Skc8302a44-153d-4970-a0f2-3b5b51fd57f826-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Allwyn St16551654.580076 Ann StSchreiber PlAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes456757787864 Yes    Score 64. From Ann St to Grand Ave curb is very good, no drainage problems exce0t for VG at Ann St needs work, but this section needs no work. Grand Ave to Schreiber Pl, curb is very good, few drainage proble:s due to trees but overall road needs little work.  EN-171351926-Jul-17 JMfaa9eaf6-397b-426d-bf36-f3a1132ef5408-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Royle Street, Bellmore734734.3162642 Bellmore AvenueDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No467775677864 Yes    64 Rating En-17129976-Jul-17StreetJoe M5cbcceb3-c6a6-47c7-b62b-d0816213f6ef12-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Broadway815813.1779863 Bellmore AveBedford Ave. HighConcreteConcreteYes Good100        No37737101058464 Yes    Score 64. Some concrete panels need repair. Manhole adjustment. Small w.o.? EN-171296217-Feb-17 CRccd4b3a0-7996-4eb4-8ebd-5dea9525a83912-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Austin Ave22042203.696677 Wantagh Ave. Dead EndLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes447658688864 Yes    Score 64. At 3331 Austin Ave tree lifted curb and gutter and puddle iced over across day apron and more. Curb and gutter lifted at 3325 also by tree that is gone. Also puddle in gutter EN-151209016-Feb-17 JM,sk37800e41-a299-4e01-959a-a9a1852d227413-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Island Place, Seaford190186.211180830Riverside AveRiverside AveLowAsphalt Yes8Fair92        No166778887765 Yes    Score 65. The road is good except at the dead-end where the road just seems to end and there is big problems for the last house.  18-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino171181a9-ccbb-41f3-91da-920e0a181ca318-Oct-17jmartino16-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Merrick Avenue, Merrick21052105.26871230Merrick RoadBrook Park DriveAverageConcrete5 feet concrete/asphaltYes2Good98        Yes177688677865 Yes    Score 65. Concrete panel repair two spots and intersection repairs that may not be minor. Also repairs along asphalt gutter areas that town should be able to do. There is curb & gutter all along Merrick Ave. EN-141055727-Feb-17StreetJM, SKa0e8bf50-3c24-456e-897d-467aae99ee8412-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
West Carl Ave959.3959.3340171 Grand AveDead endAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100% curb & gutter        Yes 24989898865 Yes    Score 65. At Grand Ave end three trees problems. Dead end has curb rest is curb & gutter. Front of #685, #678 & #677 could use semi large patches to fix potholes. No handicap ramps at Hawkins Ave. EN-171354128-Jul-17StreetJM95989521-fb77-4672-95f3-e9978f5dc6fa24-Jan-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Island Rd31933192.669363 Wantagh AveHenry Ave. HighAsphalt Yes100Fair         Yes445778688865 Yes    Score 65.  EN-161266915-Feb-17 JM,skb9bab273-3ff1-4b92-a7dd-e04ef6bdf67813-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Wateredge Avenue, Baldwin440439.855244130Meet line asphalt & concrete roadwayParkview PlaceLowConcrete5 feet asphalt both sidesYes Fair100        No1888963788665 to 10 years     Shoulders could use some asphalt work. EN-171390225-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinob4fee970-7324-4654-8246-3c61d2f60a9225-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Fulton Ave. 450451.61922230Monroe Ave Jackson AveLowAsphalt Yes2Good100        Yes466876687866   3-4 years  Score 66. Some curb missing by existing tree and a location of a removed tree. Some rough areas of roadway but still driveable.  EN-161265229-Aug-16 GL9c35c9e3-57a6-4d68-a4ea-afb7e131e31f12-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Hewlett Avenue, Merrick30363036.05767 Margaret BlvdSunrise HwyAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No676885667867 Yes    Score 67. Section between Smith St and Loines Ave could use new asphalt road surface. EN-171308323-Mar-17StreetGreg LeGault0c926edd-7b55-45b3-8a6b-a60523bfe2e212-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Lincoln Blvd, Merrick23302330.779923 Brighton WayMerrick RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No476887787769 Yes    Road surface is asphalt overlay of concrete panels and all curb & gutter along edges. Possible repairs, 1-2738 utility patch redo, 2-SE Corner Elliott St edge concrete panel asphalt repair & centerline of intersection asphalt repair, 3-2727 to 2699 potholes east side road & centerline asphalt joint overlay repair, 4-2687 to 2672 centerline & traverse joint repair, 5-Arthur St asphalt repair edges of concrete valley gutter, 6-2639 potholes & alligator cracking repair around manhole & along centerline. Score 69 EN-171377715-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinocc1b6b8c-25bb-4067-aea7-51bc1e01d1e75-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Nancy Blvd592591.9858876 Merrick AveHewlett Ave.AverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No467788687869 Yes    Score 69. Some small gutter spots settled creating small puddles. Utility patches are deteriorating (3 or 4).  EN-161275224-Feb-17 JM,ske7b00abc-9944-4d84-ad8c-4e793541babf5-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Mermaid Ave340338.1087179 Bayport CtCanal RdLowAsphalt Yes Fair         Yes44787888887010     Score 70. Mermaid from bayport to broad, similar. From broad st. To dead End is in distress. Canal Pl was shot to be raised but did not happen. Houses at both corners are now raised, street can be raised.  EN-151131915-Feb-17 JM,sk9478ae4b-0eb5-4c9c-b3d8-ecfa664eb46b13-Feb-18rcartolano14-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Seaman's Neck Road, Seaford25522552.39645335Sunrise HwyClark StreetAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        No466788888871 Yes    Score 71 EN-13958513-Feb-17StreetJm, sk7611d704-c091-4f19-8e7f-03274a4bc2b126-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Darbyb Road274.71271.4764637 Darby Road E & WKent Road E.LowAsphalt Yes Fair         Yes4888777868715 years       EN-161263531-Aug-17StreetGreg LeGault859e5231-9a84-4ca1-b0f6-7300627c8fab12-Feb-18rcartolano13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Dock Road, Bellmore400396.004655430Ocean AvenueNewbridge RoadLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No47788878887310 to 15 years     The handicap ramps are inadequate. EN-1713786, EN-171373423-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino7832ef87-49dd-4302-86de-e3e6b791b92123-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Willoughby Ave, Seaford18301828.13487930Roanoke StreetMerrick RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        Yes4678878998745 years     Score 74. EN-13958513-Feb-17StreetJM, SK06b57b5a-ab37-4d29-a683-207e2d4666b84-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Islip Court451459.3060313 Bayview AvenueRiverside DriveLowAsphalt Yes1Good99        No687888886976Reinspect in 10 years     76 Rating En-171311530-Mar-17StreetGregory LeGaultc9c22b00-4309-4a91-a824-ce9de328d9e312-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Eaton Road West, Wantagh490487.769272630Oakfield AvenueForest Lake BlvdAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No7289979999785 to 10 years     Score 78.  20-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino1f143c05-3199-4b07-95e3-f71d186fd74c20-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Brookside Avenue, Wantagh720719.921463330Merrick RoadDead endLowConcreteAsphalt east side 4.3 feet & westside 6.5 feet.Yes Good100        No778997798879 Yes    Score 79. The two intersections of Linden Street and Brookside Avenue need a little asphalt work. Brookside Avenue is varies in width concrete panels 10 foot Eastside 10 foot Westside Eastside has a 7 foot asphalt shoulder Westside has seven foot asphalt shoulder up to Linden Street then the Eastside has a 4 foot shoulder and the Westside maintains a 7 foot shoulder.  17-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinocf4ede0b-6bd4-4fb2-b42f-1c3bc98e27f117-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Linden Street, Wantagh850849.474474424Brookside AvenueBrookside AvenueLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No777997898980 Yes    Score 80. Street width varies from 22 feet to 27 feet and there is mountable curb. The intersection at Linden Street and Bayview place needs asphalt fix in asphalt valley gutter. Also the intersections at Brookside Avenue both need some asphalt work one has a pothole and the other is a asphalt valley gutter with alligator cracking.  17-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino9fd76ef6-a491-4015-b3ca-78ea09451f8217-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Yale Road, Merrick805802.351265230Central PkwyBabylon TpkeAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No47899998998110 to 15 years     This section has concrete curb and gutter.  23-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino993b754a-85ad-452e-8edd-569bf9c93f9123-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bayview Place, Wantagh250249.298816330Merrick RoadLinden StreetLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No788997998882 Yes    Score 82. The intersection at Linden Street and Bayview place an asphalt valley gutter appears to minor need asphalt work.  17-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino0b19d241-a681-4367-8e8e-1602511a739717-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Lippold Street, Merrick495493.955114230Dobson AveBabylon TpkeLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No1048988899108310 to 15 years        24-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino4ec549c2-ac68-455a-bc24-12bf1620e80924-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Kirkwood Ave, Merrick635635.34026630Central ParkwayBabylon TurnpikeAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No769999998984 Yes    Curb & gutter along this section. Pothole at Central Parkway needs asphalt repair. EN-171375315-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino171f8baf-9547-442b-9770-2586b784795a1-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
John Street, Merrick933933.071140930Beech StClubhouse RoadLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No778999799108410 years     Score 84. New HCRs 5-5-5 but no pads. EN-171301022-Feb-17StreetSKd3fa1b3a-f465-4f61-bdf0-5053077a918a5-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Barth Dr, Baldwin12651265.12732930Woodside AveMatheron AveAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No79999999998810 years       EN-171379920-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino53a975bf-45c9-4b77-8cb1-9ca3e430e3771-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Barth Dr, Baldwin11501145.57838530Matheron AveForest AveAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No79999999998810 years       EN-171379920-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino0410be45-31c5-4284-bb54-95d1163b8c8c1-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Sidney Court, Seaford725724.155269730Mill RoadDead end Cul de sacLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No79999999998810 to 15 years     Score 88. Sidney act from Mill Rd to Dead end Cul de sac was resurfaced within last 10 years. EN-15116514-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinof338aa49-45cf-4272-a8a7-e64fba2ed22d4-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Field Lane, Seaford185183.3556730Voorhis LaneDead endLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No79999999998810 to 15 years     Score 88. Field was resurfaced within last 10 years.  4-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoee3857dc-c912-4351-b00c-f7dda412bb8f4-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Wooded Lane, Seaford190191.838990430Voorhis LaneDead endLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No79999999998810 to 15 years     Score 88. Wooded Lane was resurfaced within last 10 years.  4-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino51a17f73-ebab-4fd6-b657-30a2b612c0214-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Voorhis Lane, Seaford10601055.73848330Sidney CourtDead endLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No79999999998810 to 15 years     Score 88. Voorhis La was resurfaced within last 10 years.  4-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino69dffaf6-b4d3-471d-bb40-fb48c5b7500e4-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Seamans Neck Road, Seaford37603761.22189735Jerusalem AveClark StreetHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No7999999999885 to 10 years     Score 88. Resurfaced within last 10 years. EN-1395855-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino19186528-af8b-4bd7-84ff-78fc209058525-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
South St Marks Avenue, Bellmore320317.416034930Anthony AvenueWest Alder RoadHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No710101091091010109510 to 15 years     Score 95. New handicap ramps at both end intersections with pads. EN-17139352-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martino0f1522aa-dcac-49ea-8577-714e7796736d2-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Warren Street438.9439.0515773 Madison StreetDead EndLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No10910107101010101096 Yes    96 * Dead End needs workwater not getting into catch basin without puddling. Curb may have to be done. lowering catch basin is Not an option En-17135473-Aug-17StreetJoe M4c7ccef9-56f0-45fa-8ce9-5793b1681d698-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Foxhurst Road, Baldwin81958193.987142 Merrick RoadS Long Beach RoadHighAsphalt Yes65Poor35        No9101010910910101097Nassau County Road redone in 2017.     Score 97 EN-17130701-Jan-18StreetJoe Martino7e29a1be-3d5a-4384-965a-f64a682b000220-Nov-17rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Holiday Park Dr, Wantagh16551655.93514330Jerusalem AvenueClovermere RoadHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No10910101010101010109910 to 15 years     Resurfacing completed 2011 ?  2-Jan-18StreetJoseph Martino90dbab94-93f7-4aab-9da4-679b9a146ff416-Feb-18jmartino16-Feb-18jmartino  
Camp Avenue, N Merrick11701169.30899230Hendrickson AvenueBrookside AvenueHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     New road job completed 2016.  19-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinob805935e-34fe-48ff-8219-fcf99360998819-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Forest Lake Blvd, Wantagh985980.862506830Beltagh AvenueEaton Road WestAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010010 to 15 years     Score 100. New work Completed 2016.  20-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino24e5f6f3-654c-4d73-8fd3-59798d0a28a720-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Oxford Road, Wantagh990990.68832730Forest Lake BlvdEaton Road WestLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010010 to 15 years     Score 100. New work completed 2016.  20-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoc958f0fc-1c47-4006-85a0-22687712faee20-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Wayne Court, Merrick250249.355253730Smith StreetDead end - cul de sacLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     Completed in 2017.  23-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinof64cc3e0-b036-4024-af2b-2cefe2e1621623-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Ranch Place, Merrick560557.18261630Range DrivePark Avenue EastLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     Completed in 2017.  23-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino60a637ce-d240-48c1-a9a3-b4c5af89ab4123-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Range Drive, Merrick805805.378220130Smith StreetPark AvenueHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     Completed in 2017.  23-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino18685092-e801-4765-9e1a-a0a770bd367823-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Park Avenue East675671.05324630Park AvenueSmith StreetHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     Completed in 2017.  23-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino9473be94-a53f-4652-8939-510d432770e323-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
West Alder Road, Bellmore13251322.96044530Lee PlaceBellmore AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     Score 100. Complete 2015?  2-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martino39709667-c0d7-4fe3-b9a0-0ab125e8b02e2-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Alder Road, Bellmore825823.127824730Bellmore AvenueDead endLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     Score 100. Complete 2015?  2-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martino6d4f6630-387e-4183-8b2f-bd9a1853b7212-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Beach Avenue, Bellmore672671.981108930Bellmore AvenueDead endLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     Score 100. Complete 2015?  2-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martinoe7db828e-156c-4887-b829-60c4323123d62-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Barbara Road, Bellmore12801281.19281830Bellmore AvenueDead endLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     Score 100. Complete 2015?  2-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martino269f8d58-e337-4b7d-9c97-6be3dce359982-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Marion Street, Bellmore870868.083669130Bellmore AvenueBedford PlaceLowAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010015 to 20 years     Score 100. Complete 2013?  2-Nov-17StreetJoseph Martinoaedb346b-6f70-4d3d-ac2a-ab5041a6361c2-Nov-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2 


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