Road Ratings - District 2

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Street NameSection Length(Automatic GIS) Shape__LengthSection WidthStarting IntersectionEnding IntersectionTraffic VolumeSurface TypeShouldersCurbsMissing %ConditionConcrete %Block %Wood %Last Work DateTypeFuture Project AreaTitleYearProject TypeTree Related ProblemsPavement Age of RoadwayPavement Longitudinal CrackingPavement Pothole PatchesDepressions Settlement Raised ManholesPavement Drainage ProblemsPavement Alligator CrackingPavement Edge SinkingPavement SettlementPavement AggreggatePavement RideabilityTotal ScoreNo Work Neded At this time Reinspect in YearsRecommend Minor Repairs to Highway DepartmentRequire Work SoonArea Will Require Work in:Add to Current Future Project AreaCreate New Project Area Titled:CommentsReferred To:Case NoDate_SurveyedRoadway TypeSurveyed ByGlobalIDCreationDateCreatorEditDateEditorxy
Garden PL11371137.322328 Mayfair AveDead end ( cul-de-sac East of Mayfair)LowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        Yes 22333243426  Yes   Score 26. Town recently did two puddle fix patches. There are two or three other puddles that need fix. EN-171342821-Jun-17StreetJM27cdba32-877c-4273-8b3f-7ca64004b29925-Jan-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
95th Avenue, Floral Park225221.846736230238th Street239th StreetAverageAsphalt Yes1Fair99        Yes131531452227  Yes   There is curb & gutter in this section of 95th Ave. The handicap ramp's are inadequate in this section of 95th Ave. There is one Very large tree where curb and gutter is missing and thus flow line problem. EN-171324219-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martino1b26d47d-33fd-4e06-adf4-e06a67560a5219-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Franklin Ave30053005.318423 Devon StHempstead TurnpikeAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100%        Yes123333244328  Yes   Score 28. Worst section is Devon St to Seventh St alone side of school. Many missing Handicap ramps. EN-171360717-Aug-17StreetJM3bbd1935-6923-4944-8086-a5f9163222218-Feb-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Roosevelt Blvd, West Hempstead16051604.8920730Cherry Valley RoadHempstead AveAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No112582272232  Yes     EN-171374920-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoaab75b2f-7133-48ca-85c8-62bdd4db814f1-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Roxbury Dr16681667.75423 Westbury RdEdgewood Dr (at end of Roxbury Dr)AverageAsphalt Yes2%Poor100%        Yes 24343254532  Yes   Score 32. Handicap ramps missing, curbs horrible must be done. Town forces have sawcut buckling area (8 * 10 ft) over two inch plastic gas main patch. There are many monitoring wells around this area should notify gas company. EN-171363017-Aug-17StreetJM71d3c37a-841d-4938-a8e7-0145fe6b2b3725-Jan-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Arcadian Ave23542353.681052 "S" St"G" StAverageAsphalt Yes1%Fair100%        Yes 24333354532  Yes   Score 32. "G" St to "K" St is what was evaluated. Curbs is bad need to be done. No handicap ramps all along Arcadian Ave. "G" St to "K" St is bad, from "K" St to "S" St looks like small patches could solve the problems. EN-171348225-Jul-17StreetJM2f4a4586-a63d-4223-a173-e0e9d69ec8f126-Jan-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Ava Drive, East Meadow17301730.57089630Bly RoadErma DriveAverageAsphalt Yes1Poor99        Yes343323244533  YesOne year  Score 33. Local high school used Ave Dr for parking. EN-171315219-Apr-17StreetGreg LeGault2c90999c-0444-4e10-9b19-8a2452a0cf345-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Madison Ave10301029.970896 Walnut StCoolidge StAverageAsphalt Yes Good100%        No 33352354533 Yes    Score 33. Town is doing patches and looks like could do more than what is marked out. EN-171316521-Jun-17StreetJM98416a33-9cd6-4043-9930-82ee6aecebc925-Jan-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Kilburn Road South, Garden City South34053404.78518230Dead end @ Church parking lot to 8th StreetCambridge AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes133443354434  Yes   Score 34. Many bad tree problems where curb will need to be done. Tree roots are under road surface creating problems. Curbs look good otherwise. EN-17137168-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoac0fdea9-c791-43e1-a2b2-3feb957422b926-Sep-17ebautista28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Novella Court, West Hempstead275274.514906230Woodfield RoadDead endLowAsphalt Yes Poor100        Yes242452443434  Yes   Score 34.  EN-171310831-Mar-17StreetGreg LeGault124aef49-e903-47df-80d9-67c37f87212211-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hempstead Gardens Drive, West Hempstead58455846.60738 Hempstead AvenueMaple StreetAverageAsphalt Yes2Fair98        Yes444245324335  Yes   Score 35. Cannot believe settlement the parabolic road surface is total mess. Chestnut St is at railroad crossing. EN-161215413-Mar-17StreetJM, SKc05eefd2-881e-4e49-a541-dd0086d66e7c11-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Edgewood Dr33903390.299721 Roxbury RdRoxbury RdHighAsphalt Yes2%Poor100%        Yes 23544354535  Yes   Score 35. Very long and travels across front of school, which is ok except for three/four areas and curb is bad. Other two sides of Edgewood Dr are very bad and need work now. EN-1713373, EN-161277327-Jun-17StreetJMa42b17e4-0731-4dbf-9b48-000a86697fab25-Jan-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Mellow Ln15651564.547567 Melody LnSalisbury Park DrLowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        Yes123544354435  Yes   Score 35 EN-161292117-Feb-17StreetJM, SK60e1b691-a771-4bec-a67c-d22d5bd48ad829-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Myron Rd10411041.305852 Washington AveGrand BlvdLowAsphalt Yes5%Poor100%        Yes133444355436  Yes   Score 36.  EN-161265616-Feb-17StreetJM, SKb321da14-8d6d-452a-a877-6a5c764ae89629-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Johnson Ln730715.287931530Hempstead AveNassau BlvdHighAsphalt Yes1%Poor100%        No121556356236  Yes   Score 36. Ponding recommended for roadwork. EN-11678720-Jan-17StreetBZ1db7c6ee-48c5-4e22-8a8a-6bf93419a8a430-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Roxbury Dr18031803.095386 Stratford DrEdgewood DrAverageAsphalt Yes2%Poor100%        Yes 44444354537  Yes   Score 37.  EN-171337227-Jun-17StreetJMda6fb27d-79aa-4d9c-b835-2b958cda617825-Jan-18kcurry213-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Axinn Ave684683.947019840East Gate BlvdDead endAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100%        No243552353537  Yes   Score 37. Some curb needs replacement. Handicap ramp needs to be installed at the corner of East Gate Blvd and existing ramps need to be upgraded. End of roadway starting 485 Lf west of East Gate Blvd is redone by the building complex, asphalt by complex is currently only asphalt binder.  2-Feb-18StreetGL0f3d5f82-732d-4d0e-938a-87b97c1f496b2-Feb-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
95th Avenue, Floral Park505505.044562130225th Street238th StreetAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes124641465639  Yes   There is concrete curb & gutter along this section. The handicap ramps are inadequate in this section of 95th Ave. The placing of asphalt patches could help get rid of potholes but too much alligator cracking. EN-171324219-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoe5da66f7-c485-4681-89e1-c635ca88850e19-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Morton Ave463.5463.4731952 Willets AveOak StAverageAsphalt Yes Good100% curb & gutter        No127264726239  Yes   Score 39. Curb & gutter is ok roadway surface is bad and needs work. Valley gutter at Oak St needs work EN-17135583-Aug-17StreetJMe7e82857-8ac0-48d6-ae24-7642476641ec26-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Ladenburg Dr20642064.429948 Salisbury Park DrThe Plain RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Poor100%        Yes133555363539  Yes   Score 39. Repairs can be done however not minor. EN-171312117-Feb-17StreetJM, SKf0ce4e65-dcc4-4348-8a2a-835c84dc2aa129-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
239th Street, Floral Park10851083.80242330Jamaica AvenueSuperior RoadLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No124662274741 Yes    One area (looks like white paint marks) of potholes could be fixed by patching and the intersection at 95th Ave. needs asphalt work. Even if do that there are several gutter areas that need asphalt work also. EN-171324219-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinod1d30cb0-449a-41da-84d3-24943dfa777f19-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Sherman Ct431.9431.9277991 Bernard DrDead end (cul-de-sac)LowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        No143455464642  Yes   Score 42. EN-141002316-Feb-17StreetJM, SK9625d3dc-b54e-4666-a7fb-c63e99c61a4229-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Faith Ln10611061.106388 Friends LnFoster LnLowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        No125654365542  Yes   Score 42. No handicap ramps. Entire neighborhood is very similar! EN-161283817-Feb-17StreetJM, SK5e231d8e-7f41-4782-ac40-310b76c6bd7029-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bernard Dr926.6926.5489235 Edgewood DrEdgewood DrLowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        No143554365642      Score 42. Repairs needed may not be minor. EN-171319616-Feb-17StreetJM, SK0448898e-0fb4-4764-9736-e973fbfe4b9129-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Cleveland Street, West Hempstead16621661.96974830Eagle AvenueTaylor AvenueLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes155445455543 Yes    Score 43. Several areas could be repaired but there is some concrete work to be done. Intersection at Taylor needs asphalt work now. EN-161279913-Mar-17StreetJM, SK46e92fc9-1464-4055-985b-94038c874fa211-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hearth lane21772176.922507 Friends LaCarman AveAverageAsphalt Yes10%Poor         Yes123655465643  Yes   Score 43, score in June 33 EN-1713214 , EN-171339117-Feb-17StreetJM, SKc550c6ee-30ea-4664-9aab-126c15bad50224-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Coolidge St207.9207.8737592 South Cherry Valley AveDead endLowAsphalt Yes1%Fair100%        Yes123772374743 Yes    Score 43. Hempstead Ave to Adams Ave curb & gutter, Adams Ave to S. cherry Valley Ave curb. Dead end has curb and allot of grade two large patches should take care of problems. Town forces could easily pave the whole dead end as South Cherry Valley Ave was recently paved. Front of #476-477 areas of alligator cracking and area opposite of #490 has group of potholes that need work now. EN-171349017-Jul-17StreetJMfe2f80c5-5469-46c8-913a-5a80d66260cb26-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Plumtree Rd North13461345.531797 Plumtree Rd WestElda LnAverageAsphalt Yes           Yes144556464443  Yes   Score 43. Handicap ramps missing EN-161282921-Feb-17StreetJM, SKce4b8ee6-2104-4b37-90b3-1ff8264d933e29-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hempstead Gardens Drive, West Hempstead14501451.007318 Maple StreetEagle AvenueAverageAsphalt Yes2Fair98        Yes155465446444  Yes   Score 44. Maple St to Lincoln Ave has very good utility patch 8 foot wide down west side against curb. Rest of road is bad and in between Maple & Washington is the worst. EN-161228913-Mar-17StreetJM, SK488facc2-062f-4953-93e1-424ee71f225511-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Bette Road, East Meadow19301929.67609930Avis DriveNancy DriveLowAsphalt Yes100Fair100        No 45554555644  Yes   Score 44. Poor alligator cracking along road surface with traveling transverse cracking length of road edge crack at various location at curb reveal. EN-161289730-Nov-16StreetElton3467bc01-ea34-478a-a3d7-af94684463d812-Jan-18jmartino13-Feb-18JasonGrafGdB  
Fairview Ave10271026.596258 Valentine's RdLadenburg DrLowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        No134466374644      Score 44. Repairs needed however not minor. EN-171312217-Feb-17StreetJM, SKf3168eac-7659-4338-92af-3129cf2fdee829-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Plumtree Rd West20042003.748759 Steward AveRegent Dr (dead end)AverageAsphalt Yes10% 95%5%       Yes144555564544  Yes   Score 44. Handicap ramps missing, catch basin problems, sluiceway at sump between Plumtree North and Brookside Ct. EN-161280721-Feb-17StreetJM, SKdb350c75-b33c-4681-a026-e113347bcc2629-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
226th Street, Floral Park11301128.74509330Jamaica AvenueDead endLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes133573367745 Yes    The handicap ramps are inadequate along 226th St. There are a few areas of potholes and alligator cracking that could be paved to alleviate deterioration of roadway. EN-171324219-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinode42a32b-9fe4-4699-a16a-9703ed55935c19-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Foster Ln10891088.873807 Flagstone LnHearth LnLowAsphalt Yes5%Poor100%        Yes125656465545  Yes   Score 45. No handicap ramps EN-161285217-Feb-17StreetJM, SKc94bec01-521c-44a6-9b6e-6c0c5d7d33ce29-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Eagle Avenue, West Hempstead20502047.65859630Woodfield AvenueHempstead AvenueHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        No422883484447  Yes   Score 47. Road is asphalt over concrete and all the traverse joints need work now! They were all patched years ago and now are very bad. The centerline joint is also very bad in places. Could possibly put out small work order to redo joints. EN-1612798, EN-171358513-Mar-17StreetJM, SK12b9291b-33a5-49ec-b57f-41e17f9ac05311-Jan-18jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
238th Street, Floral Park11701169.24923930Jamaica AvenueSuperior Road - Dead endLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No135572576748 Yes    The handicap ramps along 238th St. are inadequate. EN-171324219-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoee786332-454c-4227-b4ef-46186bf5c6be19-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Superior Road, Floral Park375374.221756330238th Street75 feet short of 240th StreetLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No125662677749 Yes    The intersection at 238th St. needs Asphalt work. EN-171324219-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoc519a884-64dd-4983-bc7f-a14b66a5ad8519-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Wellington Rd11031102.506128 Berkshire DrStratford DrAverageAsphalt Yes10%Poor100%        Yes145765365749 Yes    Score 49. No handicap ramps at Berkshire Dr, Wellington Ct and Stratford Dr. curb is bad in spots and needs to be done. Valley gutter at Berkshire Dr needs work and valleygutter at Wellington Ct also. tree or four patches could solve road problems. Might not be so minor especially if curb fix is included. EN-17135803-Aug-17StreetJM3ea2433f-dc08-40ff-8098-1c92bae4a27426-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Lenore Ln15531553.077599 Dutch BroadwayDead end (cul-de-sac)AverageAsphalt Yes1%Fair100%        Yes415746466750   5-10 years  Score 50. Took pictures during rain to catch basin. Resident at #764 showed me puddle area so I went back and took pictures again after rain stopped. Catch basin has 36" or 30" pipe going out back and I saw water flowing. EN-1171634-Aug-17StreetJMc4caac98-3250-4eb6-bb67-96864dbd181926-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Howard Dr909.1909.1201503 Edgewood RdEdgewood RdLowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        No155565565750      Score 50. Repair areas not that minor. EN-171321016-Feb-17StreetJM, SK052d6893-883b-4cce-b5f7-6a000043d10430-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Gavrin Blvd973972.4987502 Franklin AveLucille AveHighAsphalt Yes Fair100        No555674554652   3 years  Score 52. Malverne Ave off of Gavrin Blvd in terrible condition and needs work soon. Gavrin Blvd due to high traffic will need repair in a few years EN-171299428-Mar-17 Gl69cd82b0-541b-4d30-b4fe-d27e9ef0fff17-Feb-18rcartolano8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Boelsen Dr13781377.877716 Valentine's RdKathleen Pl - dead endLowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        Yes144677476753   5-10 years  Score 53. Repairs needed may not be minor. EN-171312017-Feb-17StreetJM, SK4e4e37b0-2aa1-4397-b2a9-1effcde3857529-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Kiefer Ave, Elmont28302831.44170230Stewart StreetMeacham AveAverageAsphalt Yes Fair100        Yes454475577654 Yes    Some handicap ramps missing and road surface in certain areas cracked bad, looks like highway department could do several large patches and hold off a complete real job. EN-171375528-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinobfc19c50-ece0-4bdb-aa13-bbac13f95a0528-Sep-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Hickory St820820.0036851 Ladenburg DrValentines RdLowAsphalt Yes Poor100%        Yes156776476756   5-10 years  Score 56 EN-161286417-Feb-17StreetJM, SK0ec8d3ad-b708-4f4c-af8e-8209c187cc2b30-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Locustwood Blvd17421765.432345 109th AveHathaway AveAverageAsphalt Yes Good100%        No436888788868 Yes    Score 68. Cracks and grass growing in road need fix at #219 and patch at #194 needs work and small problem at N/E corner. 109th Ave could use patch redone slightly bigger. EN-17135544-Aug-17StreetJM4bd7423f-bd2d-4e95-a321-5157fd0de5e226-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Chestnut St14951495.221748 Woodfield RdHempstead AveHighConcreteAsphalt Eastside 4' Westside 5'Yes Good100%        No487888667769 Yes    Score 69. Concrete panel roadway with a dozen bad spots located mostly at joints. Asphalt shoulder 3' wide Westside from Hempstead Ave to just past Tudor PL needs work now cracked and settled 2" along edge of concrete road. The rest of Chestnut Westside is 5' concrete shoulder in good condition. Intersection at Locust St could use work now. Asphalt shoulder Eastside 4' wide looks ok from Hempstead Ave to Tudor PL cracked seethed from Tudor PL to Lewis St. curb & gutter from Tudor PL to School St settlement is 1/2" to 2". Concrete shoulder from Lewis PL to Woodfield Rd is in good condition. Town could do shoulder work needed in asphalt areas, concrete panel work could be done later. School and church here so edge road is trip hazard. EN-15117827-Aug-17StreetJM4bf8f17f-3582-4583-8f32-6208e70ddedc26-Jan-18kcurry28-Feb-18ebautista2  
Fairlawn Ave, West Hempstead25502545.47188930Walnut StreetWestminster RoadAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No488898999880 Yes    It seems only problems are at intersections Walnut Street, Maplewood Street, Elton Street, and Morton Ave although Morton Ave needs to be done due to tremendous settlement especially around manholes. EN-171380828-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinoe22fe726-06e9-4385-bb41-a4791556d75328-Sep-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Superior Road, Floral Park535533.86379263075 feet west of 240th Street242nd StreetLowConcrete Yes Good100        No19999999998215 to 20 years       EN-171324219-Oct-17BridgeJoseph Martinoaf3d27aa-242f-4b66-ba27-9577b166e9a019-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
225th Street, Floral Park10351034.4408330Jamaica AvenueDead endLowAsphalt Yes Fair100        No10101010910101010109915 to 20 years       EN-171324219-Oct-17StreetJoseph Martinoe79eefe3-3b79-48b0-805c-8f1030ff16d719-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Roosevelt Blvd, West Hempstead560557.894829530Nassau BlvdCherry Valley RoadHighAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010010 to 15 years     Roadwork on this part of Roosevelt Boulevard was done in 2011 or 2012 I believe. This is entrance to Echo Park. EN-171374920-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martinod3a6e051-cf8a-458e-9417-45b4f63a2e121-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2  
Cherry Valley Road, West Hempstead23752371.34218630Hempstead TurnpikeRoosevelt BlvdAverageAsphalt Yes Good100        No1010101010101010101010010 to 15 years        20-Sep-17StreetJoseph Martino439deeab-dfc3-458a-9bff-cc96dfe977d71-Oct-17jmartino8-Feb-18ebautista2 


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