GOSR Projects

  • Baldwin Shoreline Stabilization Project

    This project will stabilize the shoreline in Baldwin Park in a resilient manner that will prevent future erosion from occurring, and prevent sedimentation from entering the waterways of Oakwood Canal and Middle Bay. Shoreline stabilization will be accomplished by replacing the existing deteriorating timber bulkhead with a natural living shoreline, along with a new timber and vinyl bulkhead.

    The project provides for a pedestrian gravel pathway for public access and will improve park aesthetics. In addition, the project provides an access point to the canal that can be utilized by members of the public who are traveling along the South Shore Blueway Trail in kayaks and canoes.

    New Tidal Wetland and Upland Areas will be created by planting new marsh grass, new upland trees and shrubs.

    In response to feedback received from residents at the last community meeting which was held in January, project plans have been amended. A gravel parking area has been eliminated, and the walking path has been moved to the west side of the property. Additionally, the kayak launch has been relocated to the southern end of the site, and more trees and shrubs will be planted in the project area.

    Click here to read the Baldwin New York Rising Construction Plan issued in March 2014 by the Governor's Office of Storm Recovery.

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  • Meadowmere Bridge Reconstruction Project

    The Town of Hempstead is proposing the reconstruction of the Meadowmere Park Bridge which connects Meadowmere Park, Nassau County, to Meadowmere, Queens County.

    The Meadowmere Park Footbridge is a critical access point for residents, as there is only one road onto the peninsula of Meadowmere Park. The bridge was damaged by Superstorm Sandy and other recent heavy storms, including Tropical Storm Irene. The Town of Hempstead has completed small repairs of the footbridge, but the bridge requires extensive reconstruction in order to withstand future storm surges and the impacts of sea level rise. This project would reconstruct and harden the existing wooden footbridge while maintaining the footbridge’s character and use for pedestrian access.

    Reconstruction and hardening of the footbridge will ensure the continued availability of an important, alternative (second) evacuation route for community residents during and after storm events.

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More information about GOSR and its programs is available online at http://stormrecovery.ny.gov/.

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