Reference Volumes

Atlas [B] - Town of Hempstead - 1891

Atlases [B] - Nassau County, 1906; Nassau County, 1914; Nassau County, 1967; Nassau County, 1975; Queens County, 1891; Suffolk County, 1952; & Western Suffolk County, 1958

New York State Census [B] - 1845 - very poor condition

Hempstead Fire Department 150th Anniversary Book, 1832-1982, [B] c.1982.

Laws of the State of New York [B] (early volumes - Legislation in each volume is for preceding year): 1805, 1807, 1808, 1811-1819, 1822, 1823, 1826, 1847.

Census of the United States [BR] - 1841 - 379 pages

"Compendium of the Enumeration of the Inhabitants and Statistics of the United States..."

Statement of Lands Sold for TAXES, by the Comptroller at the Sales of 1834, 1839, & 1843. Albany: Weed & Parsons & Co, 1850. [B]

Records of the Towns of North and South Hempstead [B] [LIBERS] - 8 Vols -

Prepared by Benjamin D. Hicks - 1896-1904 - Jamaica, NY: Long Island Farmer Print. "It was first intended to rearrange each entry in the order of its date, but subsequently it was decided to make a literal translation of the old books, verbatim et literatim, believing that it would be more acceptable to those interested in such matters. ...the entries for the years 1643 to 1653, [are] unfortunately lost. ... For the purpose of facilitating references, the numbers of the pages in the original libers have been transferred to the printed copy." Vol. 1 pp.5-6. Index in each volume varies, but generally includes: general index, index to places, town meetings, land, commissioners, agreements, supervisors, justicies, town clerks, constables, overseers, judges, commissioners, inspectors, bonds, ear marks, highways, and personal index.

A History of Long Island [B] - 3 Vols. - Peter Ross - NY: The Lewis Publishing Co. - 1903

Vols. I & II - Variety of areas and their relation to Long Island, re: topology, early history, religion, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, counties, towns, cities and villages, medical related, and the social world. Volume III - Personal and family history - indexed by last name.

Long Island - A History of Two Great Counties - Nassau and Suffolk [B] - 3 Vols. - ed. Paul Baily. NY: Lewis Historical Publishing - 1949.

Vols. I & II - Variety of areas and their relation to Long Island, re: geology, wars, towns, whaling, religion, animals, education, and notable individuals. Volume III - Personal and family history - indexed by last name.

Oyster Bay Town Records [B] - Vols. 1 (1916) & 2 (1924) - John Cox, Jr. - Published by Order of the Town - NY: Tobias A. Wright, Printer & Publisher

Vol. 1 - 1653-1690, Vol. 2 - 1691-1704 - Both Volumes are indexed.

The Roots and Heritage of Hempstead Town, ed. Natalie A. Naylor, Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY, 1994.

Guide to Records in the New York State Archives, SARA, 1993.

The Calderone Theatres on Long Island, Miriam Tulin, Long Island Studies Institute, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, 1991.

A History of the Town of Hempstead 325th Anniversary. Town of Hempstead, 1969.


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