Record Series
Waterways Series

25.0 c.f.

The Waterways Series is arranged topically, geographically (where applicable), and chronologically. The series consists of the following sub-series: I. Department of Conservation and Waterways; II. General - Surveys, applications, problems, requests, communications, construction, resolutions, and Marine Committee; III. Buoy System; IV. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; V. U.S. Government; VI. Bridges; VII. Structures (By Village: Last Name, Waterway or Street, Date, Case Number) - Applications, correspondence, and permits by individuals and companies for structures: ramps, piers, floats, platforms, mooring piles, fender racks, erosion barriers, and float lagoons); VIII. Bulkheads (by Village: Last Name, Waterway or Street, Date, Case Number) - Notices, Proposals, Specifications, Bonds, Contracts, Applications, Resolutions, Approvals, and Bids for Repairs, Maintenance, Improvements and Construction of bulkheads; IX. Jetties (by Village: Last Name, Waterway or Street, Date, Case Number); X. Rock Walls (Pt. Lookout); XI. Dredging (by Village: Last Name, Waterway or Street, Date, Case Number); and XII. Docks (by Village: Last Name, Waterway or Street, Date, Case Number).

In 1963 the Department of Conservation and Waterways was established. The Department's charge is the preservation of the 17,000 acres of channels, bays, islands and hassocks that lie between the Town's uplands and Long Island's barrier beaches. Prior to 1963, any concerns regarding the Town's waterways were handled by the Town Board. In 1972, Chapter 53 of the Town Code entitled "Department of Conservation and Waterways" was enacted. Section 53-3: "The department of conservation and waterways shall, under the general supervision of the commissioner, have charge of the administration and enforcement of all local laws and town board resolutions pertaining to the preservation, conservation, management and maintenance of the town wetlands and waterways, including leasing of underwater and marginal lands; structures in waterways; erosion protection; marinas, piers, moorings and docks; shell-fishing, operation of boats and seaplanes, dredging and other designated used of the wetlands and waterways; and such other matters as may from time to time be referred to the department."

Structures - In 1957 the Town passed a "Structures in Public Waterways" Ordinance (#39), repealed in 1964 and replaced with Local Law No. 3-1964 "A Local Law relating to Structures in Waterways" on July 14, 1964, and revised in May, 1969 as Chapter 168 of the Town Code. Section 168-2A: "No person shall maintain, construct or install, or cause to be maintained, constructed or installed, any structure over, on, into or adjacent to any waterway of the Town of Hempstead except after obtaining a permit from the Director of the Department of Conservation and Waterways."

Dredging - In 1957 the Town passed a "Dredging" Ordinance (#42), revised in July, 1964, and revised in 1967 as Chapter 159 of the Town Code. Section 159-3A: "Notwithstanding the prior granting of permission so to do, no person shall remove any material from the bed of any waterway or watercourse or from any private upland or any upland owned by the Town, without obtaining from the Town Clerk a written permit therefor, issued on the order of the Town Board, as hereinafter provided."


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