Record Series
Village Incorporation

3.3 c.f.

The Village Incorporation Series consists of materials on villages that were incorporated, as well as those whose proposals for incorporation were denied. The majority of the materials within the series includes propositions to incorporate, voter petitions, elections, maps, and boundary alterations. "The Town of Hempstead is composed of 22 incorporated villages, a city and 34 unincorporated areas. ... The incorporated villages are separate governmental entities, although they participate in the election of Town officials and are represented on the County Board by the Town Supervisors. They operate on charters from the State and are classified by the Village Law of New York State according to their population. Powers and privileges vary according to population classification. Each village elects its government officials, levies taxes, enacts ordinances, performs essential services for its villages. ... Unincorporated areas are not separate governmental entities. They are wholly dependent on the Town for services such as water and sanitation and for the administration of a single municipal government of which they are a part. They elect Town officials and, through their Supervisors, are represented on the County Board. The City of Long Beach is situated, geographically, within the Town of Hempstead, but is wholly independent of it." FACT SHEET of the Town of Hempstead, 1963, p. 21.


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