Record Series
Town Fiscal Series

(Bulk Dates: 1886-1919) - 0.8 c.f.

The Town Fiscal Series has been artificially created, primarily from "miscellaneous" labelled files and materials that had been placed in general "subject" files. The Town Fiscal Series comprises the following sub-series: I. Town Treasurers and Treasurer Related; II. Treasurer Annual Reports and Audits; III. Taxes and Tax Related; IV. Mortgages and Town Owned Property; V. Town Bonds; and VI. Board of Auditors and Audits.

Office of Town Treasurer - Historical Notes:

The law creating the office of the Town Treasurer of the Town of Hempstead, was chapter 591 of the Laws of 1870. Libers 22, p. 132.

"As custodian of special funds from the sale of Town Common lands, the Treasurer is responsible for the Stewart Fund, the Long Beach Fund and the Greenfield Cemetery Fund, which is a reserve fund. The Stewart and Long Beach Funds were derived respectively from the sale of land that became Stewart Manor, and from Long Beach land sold by the Town years ago." 1960 Annual Report, 1961 Edition, p. 25

"The Long Beach Fund, the Stewart Fund and the Greenfield Cemetery Fund both Income and Principal Accounts have been transferred (details follow) the [sic] Presiding Supervisor, Town of Hempstead, in accordance with an act of the State Legislature abolishing the office of the Town Treasurer." Excerpted from the Report of Irving Doppelt as Town Treasurer of the Town of Hempstead for the Period January 1, 1963 to December 31, 1963, February 4, 1964.

See Also

Town Treasurer

Ledger - Treasurer - 1868 - 1908 - 397 pages [B]
Alphabetical index [front and back] - Contents: Listing of bonds and mortgages with dates interest and payments due and payments received.

Cash Book (Town Treasurer) - 1888-1910 - 446 pages [B]
Contents: Accounts and audits of the following Town Treasurers: Roswell Eldridge; Peter N. Davenport; Frederick Bessler; and William S. Hall - Includes printed deposits and annual reports.

Chattel Mortgages

Chattel Mortgages - Town of Hempstead - March 1863 - October 1899 - 125 pages [B]
Chronological order - Indexed (separate pages) - Contents: Number, date, name, to whom given, expired, canceled or renewed.

Index of Chattel Mortgages - No Dates - 50 pages (approx.) [B]
Indexed alphabetically - Contents: Name of individual and index number of mortgage.


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