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The School District Series consists of five sub-series: Sub-Series I: Individual Districts; Sub-Series II: Boundaries - Establishment & Alteration of School Districts; Sub-Series III: Attendance Officers/Truant Officers; Sub-Series IV: District Officers; and Sub-Series V: School Signs (Stop, Crossing, School Zone, Children at Play, 15 MPH School Zone). The materials within the series include: salary information, resolutions, acts, collector's bonds, district boundaries, officers, establishment and determination of districts, elections of officers, creation of districts, special meetings, trustee appointments, alterations of districts, health concerns, and propositions.

Historical Note: In June, 1812, the New York State Legislature passed An Act for the establishment of Common Schools. Passed June 19, 1812.
VI. And be it further enacted, That the inhabitants living within the limits of the several towns within this state ... who by law have, or may have, a right to vote in town meetings, shall, on the days of their annual town meetings, choose, by ballot, three of the inhabitants of their respective towns, commissioners, to superintend and manage the concerns of the schools within said towns respectively, and to perform all such services relative to schools as they shall be directed to perform...
VII. And be it further enacted, That the commissioners aforesaid are hereby authorised [sic] and empowered to divide their respective towns into a suitable and convenient number of districts, for keeping their schools, and to alter and regulate the same from time to time, as there may be occasion: and whenever it may be necessary and convenient to form a district out of two or more adjoining towns... Laws of New York (1812), pp.490-503.

Historical Note: At the annual Town Meeting held in Hempstead the first Tuesday in April AD. 1813 at the house of David Bedele... When the following Officers were chosen, and the following Laws and regulations were Passed...
School Commissioners - Samuel Carman, David Dorlon, & Oliver Hewlett
We the Commissioners of Common Schools for the Town of Hempstead in the County of Queens, agreeable to the Direction of an Act of the Legislature of the State of New York, Intitled [sic] an act for the Establishment of Common Schools, passed January ye 19th 1812 [sic - June 19, 1812 is correct date]. Do hereby Describe the Bounds and the number of each District, Within the Said Town of Hempstead is as follows[1]--
Town Spot [Hempstead Village] - District No 1; East Meadow - No. 2; Brush - No. 3; Jerusalem - No 4; Merrick - No. 5; Raynors [Freeport] - No. 6; Hicks' Neck - No. 7; Christen Hook - No. 8; Near Rockaway - No. 9; The Corner - No. 10; Far Rockaway - No. 11; Fosters Meadow - No. 12; & West Meadow - No. 13. TOWN RECORDS, Indenture 1788-1797 - Meetings 1784-1856, pp. 65-68.
[1] The original copy is in TOWN RECORD, Highways 1795-1850 - His Mark [sic: Ear Marks] 1785-1861, on the second through sixth full pages, with the correct June 19, 1812 date.

"The 33 school districts in the Town of Hempstead are totally independent of local government. Each district is administered by a school board elected by the residents of that district, though they are subject to the direct control of the New York State Department of Education. Though their taxes are collected through the town's Receiver of Taxes, each school district handles its own finances and fixes its own tax rate." Town of Hempstead Fact Sheet, c.1972, p. 15

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Disbursement Records [Money apportioned for teacher wages and library - dates, amounts, and names] - School Districts #1-21 - 1861-1867

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Assessment Books - The Assessment Books deal with taxes that were assessed for the purpose of supporting public education. [List of Taxes apportioned by the Board of Education, School District # 1 on the taxable inhabitants of said District ... for purposes of raising money for payment of and interest on Bonds ... and for further sums of ... for expenses for ensuing school year ... also 1/4 of 1 percent of all the taxable property in said District for general purposes]

Categories in the Assessment Books changed slightly over the years, but generally included: Names (alphabetically), Amount of Property (acreage), Description of Property (boundaries), Real Estate Value, Personal Property Value, Real & Personal Aggregate, Special Taxes for specific projects (New School House Bond, Heating Bonds, Special Franchise), Tax for General Purposes, Amount of Tax, Remarks (indication of payment).

S.D. # 1 (1889-1915) - As of 1897, an additional category was included: Name of Map-- property (Lot Number, Acres, Description--ownership, Remarks--paid). As of 1900 another category was included: Name of Corporation (Shares, Share Owner, Personal Property Value, Real & Personal Aggregate, Special Taxes, Tax for General Purposes, Amount of Tax, When Paid).
S.D. # 2 (1906-1916)
S.D. # 3 (1889-1899)
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S.D. # 19 (1913-1914)
S.D. # 20 (1897-1916) [gaps]
S.D. # 24 (1896-1912) [gaps]
S.D. # 28 (1913-1915)

School Records (Vols. 3-5)

Volume 3 (1894-1918) - Detailed Information on school related matters (all districts included) - In-depth table of contents (alphabetical).

Volume 4 (1918-1923) - Information on school related matters (all districts included) -Table of contents (alphabetical) [32 pages].

Volume 5 (1923-1926) - Information (photocopies) on school related matters (all districts included) - Table of contents (alphabetical) [127 pages].

Description of the School Districts in the Town of Oyster Bay in Queens County - February, 1814 (2 pages restored)


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