Record Series
Sanitation Series

22.5 c.f.

The Sanitation Series is arranged topically, geographically (by village where appropriate), and chronologically. There are five sub-series: Sub-Series I: Refuse & Garbage Districts--categorized by village; Sub-Series II: Sanitation Districts (bonds, elections, reports, minutes, commissioners, elections, improvements, and annexations & extensions); Sub-Series III: Sewer Collection Districts (establishment, bonds, elections, increase in facilities, reports, petitions, and minutes); Sub-Series IV: Town of Hempstead Refuse Disposal District & Disposal Plant (establishment, bonds, maintenance/repairs, and increase/improvement); and Sub-Series V: Sanitation Department (agreements, disposal systems, consultants, construction, insurance, and landfills).

The Department of Sanitation is charged with the collection and disposal in the Town's eleven Garbage and Refuse Districts. 1960 Annual Report, p. 21.

"About 70% of the Town is serviced by 11 Garbage Collection Districts which operate under the overall supervision of the Town's Sanitation Department. The remaining areas are under the jurisdiction of 5 Sanitary Districts which elect their own commissioners." 1958 Annual Report, p. 27 - Both "districts" fall under the term "Special Districts".


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