Record Series
Public Officials Series

3.5 c.f.

The Public Official Series is arranged by office title, alphabetically, and chronologically. The series consists of papers, letters, resolutions, memoranda, and bonds* for specific public officials (elected and appointed). Included in this series, by Job Title and Alphabetically are: Presiding Supervisor; Supervisor; Clerk, Town ; Councilmen; Receiver of Taxes; Treasurer, Town; Assessor, Town; Highways, Superintendent of; Sealer of Weights and Measures; Excise Commissioner; Constable; Justice of the Peace; and Overseer of the Poor.

In addition to the documentary material, addition information on: Supervisors, Town Clerks, Receiver of Taxes, Treasurers, Superintendents of Highways, Excise Commissioners, Justices of the Peace, and Overseers of the Poor are contained in Bound Volume Listings. Election Series should also be cross-referenced for information on elected Public Officials.

* Bonds (also referred to as Undertakings) were originally legally binding documents which assured that the individual who was bound and his sureties "do hereby jointly and severally agree to pay to each and every person thereto, all such sums of money as said [principal] may become liable to pay on account of any execution which shall be delivered to him for collection, ..." Bonding of an individual in later years was generally through a bonding company or corporation.


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