Record Series
Park Series

20.8 c.f.

The Park Department [renamed Parks & Recreation Department as of 7/9/68] "is responsible for developing, operating and maintaining recreational facilities for the people of Hempstead Town.To carry out this program, the Park Department must operate and maintain all beaches, parks and pools within the Township. ... The Park Department administers the recreational facilities and programs of 8 Special Park Districts: Oyster Bay-Hempstead Joint District, Franklin Square, Point Lookout, Lido Beach, Levittown, East Atlantic Beach, and Atlantic Beach." Annual Report, Town of Hempstead, 1958, p. 13.The Town Park covers 170 acres, and is opened only to Hempstead residents, located at Point Lookout."In 1908, a referendum approved by the voters of the Town of Hempstead authorized the sale of the island of Long Beach with a one thousand foot strip of beach deeded back to the Town as a `public beach' for residents and taxpayers only.The beach could be reached from the mainland only by ferry.There were no roads." Hempstead Town At a Glance, c.1976, p. 24.

"[The] park districts are set up at the request of the people of a given area or community by petition to the Town Board.All Town and district parks are operated and maintained under the supervision of The Town Director of Parks." Hempstead, Nassau County, c. 1950s, pamphlet.

The Series includes three sub-series: Sub-Series I: Park Department (Operations, New York State, Rock Hall, and Town Parks by Village); Sub-Series II: Park Districts (by Village/Area); and Sub-Series III: Special Park Districts.


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