Record Series
Judicial Series

1.8 c.f.

The Judicial Series of the Town of Hempstead is artificially created from unclassified papers, papers from "miscellaneous" labelled folders, and papers that had originally been in pigeonholes in the Old Town Hall (c.1917) and then placed in unlabelled folders. The Judicial Series consists of the following sub-series: I. Bonds and Communications of Constables; II. Bonds and Communications of Justices of the Peace; III. Town Locks-Ups (cells in Village Courts) and Court Rooms; IV. Juror Records and Information; V. Citizenship Applications/Forms; and VI. Legal Concerns/Cases that affected the Town of Hempstead.

The Sub-Series: Bonds and Communications of Constables/Justices of the Peace are in alphabetical order by last name, Town Lock-Ups and Court Rooms are in alphabetical order by Village, and all other sub-series are in chronological order.

See Also

Memorandum Decision, Supreme Court, Nassau County - 1941 [B]
Decision of Honorable Justice Charles C. Lockwood, in the case of Town of Hempstead vs Frank Willets, et al. The Court sustained the Town's title to 57 acres of property on the east side of Woodcleft Canal, but found against the Town as to 36 acres on the west side of the Canal.

Justice's Criminal Docket - Edward T. Neu - Criminal Book 44 - Summary Proceedings - 1930 - 352 pages [B]


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