Record Series
Grand Army Relief (GAR) Series

1.0 c.f.

The Grand Army Relief Series is arranged topically and chronologically. The Series consists of communications, fund requests, resolutions, annual reports, and receipts. Types of receipts include: Boarding, Nursing, Doctor Services, and Sundries (coal, butter, tobacco, yeast, flour, sugar, milk, coffee, butter, cough syrup, soap, tea, baking powder, meat, fish, poultry, etc.). At the end of the Finding Aid, a list, by village, is provided with the names of businesses that provided goods and services.

Historical Note: Hempstead April 23, 1888 - "At a meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Hempstead consisting of the Supervisor, Justices of the Peace and Town Clerk thereof, held at the Central Hotel (Benjamin Smiths) in Freeport on Monday April 23 1888 present - Martin V. Wood. Supervisor B. Valentine Clowes. Thomas D. Smith and John W. DeMott. Justices of the Peace. and Thomas V. Smith. Town Clerk. ...
Resolved, That the sum of Four Hundred Dollars ($400.) be and the same is hereby appropriated from the money's in the hands of the Supervisor not otherwise appropriated for the support of indigent veterans of the war of the rebellion, and of the families of deceased veterans, the said sum being appropriated in conformity with the laws of 1887. and to be held by the Supervisor, subject to drafts, signed by a majority of the G.A.R. Relief Board consisting of the Commanders and Quarter Masters, of the G.A.R. Posts, organized and located in the Town of Hempstead.
Resolved, That the Grand Army Relief Board be required to make and present to this Board at a meeting thereof, to be held for that purpose in October 1888. A full itemized report of all their acts relating to the relief of indigent veterans, or the families of deceased veterans, showing the names of persons relieved and the rate and amount of relief furnished to each individual or family." Town Records, Vol. 8., 1880-1888, pp. 369-370.


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