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Franchise/Licenses Series

3 c.f.

The Franchises/Licenses Series is arranged topically and chronologically and consists of two sub-series: Sub-Series I: Utilities (Water, Gas/Electric, and Telephone/Telegraph, Sewerage) and Sub-Series II: Transportation (Railroad/Trolley, Hacks/Taxicabs, Ferry, Buses). Materials within the Utilities Sub-Series includes: Incorporations, Applications to Form Corporations, Petition Pro & Against granting Franchises, Resolutions, Contracts, Mergers, Legal Opinions and Decisions, Renewals, and Public Notices. The Transportation Sub-Series includes: Protests, Public Hearings, Assessments, Complaints, Applications for Consent, Resolutions, Extensions, Deeds, Communications, Renewals, Legal Opinions, Petitions, Schedules, and Bus Route Maps.

Historical Note: Article 4 Section 64. General powers of town boards. "7. Franchises. Except as otherwise provided by law, may grant rights, franchises, permissions or consents for the use of the streets, highways, and public places or any part thereof or the space above or under them, for any specific purpose authorized by law upon such terms and conditions as it may deem proper and as may be permitted by law. No such franchise, permission or consent shall be granted without a public hearing, notice of which shall be given by the publication of a notice thereof in the official paper at least ten days before the meeting." McKinney's Consolidated Laws of New York - Annotated - Box 61 - Town Law. 1965 pp. 175-176

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