Record Series
Fire Districts

(Bulk Dates: 1887-1947) - 23.3 c.f.

The Fire District Series consists of Fire Districts and Fire Protection Districts (unincorporated areas that have contracted services from a Fire District) separated into existing (and dissolved) incorporated and unincorporated villages within the Town of Hempstead.

Historical Note: On April 23, 1832, the New York State legislature passed an act authorizing the formation of fire companies. "1. The supervisors and justices for the time being of any town in this state, may appoint in writing any number of the inhabitants of said town, not exceeding twenty, to each fire engine which may be procured for the extinguishment of fires in said towns, which persons thus appointed shall be firemen in said town, and shall, during the service as such firemen, be exempt from militia, except in cases of invasion or insurrection;..."

The materials within the series include: establishment (creation, organization, and/or incorporation of fire district or fire protection district), elections (district elections of Fire Commissioner and Fire Treasurer), special elections (includes appropriations for equipment, building construction, authorization of serial bonds, facility improvement and extension, supplies, maintenance, and insurance), financial information (audit and treasurer reports, bank statements), claims/injuries (partial information on claims of injury of firemen for reimbursement), extensions (proposed and actual extensions of fire districts/fire protection districts), annexations (applications, resolutions, orders, and determinations of extensions of fire districts/fire protection districts), contracts (contractual agreements of fire districts with fire protection districts for fire coverage), specific fire companies (incorporation/establishment papers, member roosters, and related information) and posters/flyers (notices of special meetings, elections, and special elections) [oversized and separated out - see individual separation sheets for each sub-series].

The Fire District Series is arranged alphabetically by village, with the exception of the Town of Hempstead which is first. The folders are arranged by topic and reverse chronological order, with the exception of individual fire companies which are arranged chronologically.

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