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Election Series

(Bulk Dates: 1890-1936) - 4.8 c.f.

The Election Series is arranged topically and chronologically. Within the series there are four sub-series: I: Soldier's Power of Attorney for voting in the General/Presidential Election of 1864. II: Town Elections and Related (1890-1987) which includes proposition, special, and general elections; receipts for ballots; election of public officials; handwritten ballot tabulations; canvass results; oaths of office; registration and polling places; and election inspectors. III: Election Districts and Special Districts (1892-1974). IV: General Town Election Related (1895-1974) which includes: finances; protests/complaints; legal decisions, orders, and opinions; voting machines; resolutions; Hempstead Development Commission; and District Maps.

Historical Note: "Election Districts of the Town of Hempstead. We the undersigned composing the Board of Town Officers of the Town Hempstead, in Queens Co., do hereby certify that the said Town is divided into eight election districts." October 7, 1889, pp. 137-141. Redivided into twenty-one districts on August 25, 1890, pp. 270-280. Town Records, Vol. 9, 1888-1892.

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Bound Volumes

Elections/Slaves [BR]

Elections - 1799-1840 - 88 pages - Chronological order - Contents: Election results, number of votes each person received.
Slaves - 1799-1824 - 39 pages - Chronological order - Contents: Record of children born to slaves, manumission records.

Town Records - Various Record Books, check Indexes under Election(s) and Board of Election.


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