Record Series
Cemetery Series

2.3 c.f.

The Cemetery Series contains two sub-series: I: Cemeteries (areas the Town of Hempstead) and II: Greenfield Cemetery (Town's Cemetery). Materials include: annual reports, audit and accounting reports, bills, sexton salaries, receipts, burial grounds, ownership, deeds, committee reports, serial bonds, trustee statements, and trustee reports.

Greenfield Cemetery - Historical Note: "Meeting of Town Board and Trustees of Greenfield Cemetery. A meeting of the Board of Town auditors and Trustees of Greenfield Cemetery was held on the 27th day of November 1869 ... for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of exchanging the grounds of the said Greenfield Cemetery for other grounds, offered in exchange by Mr. A. T. Stewart..." (p.239) "Certificate of the Supervisor and Town Clerk of the Town of Hempstead in Queens County and State of New York. We Carman Cornelius, Supervisor of said Town, and J. Seymour Snedeker, Town Clerk of said Town, Do hereby Certify that pursuant to, and by virtue of an Act of the Legislature of the State of New York, entitled 'An Act in relation to the Public Cemetery of the Town of Hempstead in Queens County' passed April Twenty eighth 1870, have changed the location of the Public Cemetery of the Town of Hempstead, and have received and accepted from Alexander T. Stewart and his wife, a Deed of Conveyance to said Town, of a Tract or Parcel of Land within said Town, containing Twenty Acres, Four perches [22 yds.] and Sixtenths [sic] of a perch which has been selected by us, to be held and used as a Public Cemetery for said Town of Hempstead." May 10, 1870 - p. 256 Town Records, Vol. 7, 1859-1883.


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