Record Series
Building Codes/Zones

8.5 c.f.

Chronological files - Board of Zoning Appeals, Building Codes--by Village, Easements--by Villages, Ordinances, Non-Conformity Findings, types of residences, rezoning, amendments, & violations.

"In communities with an established Zoning Code, New York State requires that a Board of Zoning Appeals be set up, to help individuals with zoning problems. The Board of Zoning Appeals may grant the property owner relief by issuing a `variance.' This usually takes the form of a modification of the lot area or set-back requirements. The Board also hears and decides claims that the Building Inspector has not properly interpreted the Zoning Ordinance. It is also concerned with specified special uses of land, called `special exceptions,' to see that the applicant complies with the standards proscribed by the Zoning Ordinance." 1961 Annual Report, p. 23


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