The advanced-search feature allows users to perform a defined search of the website.  To perform a search, users can click on one of the three buttons to make a search bar appear which you can then type your search query into.  There are three categories to choose from.

  1. The first category labeled 'Content/Pages/Links' will allow you to search through URLs and the content that is featured on the pages.
  2. The second category labeled 'Press Releases' will allow you to search through all the titles and the content of all the press releases that have been posted.
  3. The third and final category labeled 'Board Documents/PDFs' will allow you search through Town Board documents such as resolutions, agendas, etc.  This is a growing database that will eventually include all PDFs and documents featured on the website.

*To search for an exact phrase, surround your search query with quotes.*
eg: "Search for exactly this phrase."

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