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Conservation & Waterways

  1. Conservation & Waterways Volunteer Program

    The Town's Conservation & Waterways Department works with volunteers to expand programs and outreach throughout the township. Past... More…

  1. Schedule a Tour @ Conservation & Waterways

    Have a school group, scout group, or other organization that would like learn about the environment and sustainability? Take a tour of... More…

Constituent Affairs

  1. Helpline
  1. Online Petition

    Residents may register their opposition to Governor Kathy Hochul's proposal to mandate localities to permit Accessory Dwelling Units on... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. Car Show Vendor Form

    Vendor signup form for the Oct 1st Car Show

Town Clerk

  1. Helpline
  1. Road Complaint

    Residents may use this form to submit a complaint to the Engineering Department about a town roadway in the Town of Hempstead.

Traffic Control and Street Lighting

  1. Street Lighting Service Request

    Use this form to report a problem with a street light on a Town of Hempstead roadway.

  1. Street Sign Maintenance Request

    Use this form to report an issue with a Town of Hempstead street sign.