How do I request an additional street light?

Requests of additional streetlights within the Town of Hempstead can be sent to the Street Lighting Division at 1580 Merrick Road, Merrick, NY 11566 to the attention of the Street Lighting Supervisor.  Requests should include name, phone number, email address, address of the residence or business, location of the utility pole, and the reason why the light is being requested.  These requests will be sent out with our inspectors to determine if the lighting is necessary to illuminate the area.  Additional lights that involve underground wire installation cannot be accepted at this time.  An inspector’s assessment and the process could take several months.   Requests will only be accepted by a resident or business owner who is requesting a light in front of their residence or business.  Requests should only be for issues dealing with public safety and welfare for the roadway between curb to curb.  Requests are not accepted for the purpose of sidewalks or personal property.  Our Street Lighting team processes requests and puts them on a waiting list. As funding becomes available, these requests are prioritized based on numerous factors.

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