How do I navigate the website?

There are two navigation bars for the website.

The top navigation bar, referred to as navbar, contains links that pertain to sections of the home page of the website. Here you can find Quick Links, Town Board, Events, Helpline, and Search. While on a mobile device these links will collapse into a hamburger menu on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Additionally, if you are on a mobile device, the search link will appear as a blue search icon to the left of the hamburger menu.

To browse the pages and content that are featured on the website visitors can use the Sitemap. The Sitemap is located at the top of the navbar on the left. Clicking this button will open up a sidebar that will list of all the pages found on the website. Currently, at launch, the ordering and organization of the content are identical to how it was on You can click on any item with an arrow to expand the menu which will display the items/menus listed under that menu.

View the Staff Directory.

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1. How do I navigate the website?
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