How much does the One-on-One instruction cost?

Rates for the one-on-one training are set at $38.50 per hour with a special $99 rate for a set of three, one-hour instruction periods. Reserve a time and location (town parks only) that is convenient for you (Mondays through Fridays). Groups of 2 to 5 players will pay $27.50 per hour, per player. The hours are flexible and appointments are required in advance by calling the academy office at 516-783-3208.

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1. Does my child have to be a Town of Hempstead resident to participate in the Lacrosse Academy?
2. Does the Town of Hempstead provide any equipment?
3. What equipment is needed for boys and girls to participate in the program?
4. Does the Lacrosse Academy teach beginners in the program?
5. Does the Academy provide goalie instruction?
6. Does the academy conduct its sessions rain or shine?
7. How will I be informed of any schedule changes due to weather?
8. Can my child participate in more than one week of the Academy?
9. How old do the participants have to be in order to attend the Lacrosse Academy? Is there an age limit for participation?
10. Do the boys and girls play together?
11. How are the players grouped together?
12. Who are the instructors who coach at the Lacrosse Academy?
13. Do I have to attend the week-long clinics before I can sign up for the One-on-One instruction?
14. How much does the One-on-One instruction cost?
15. What does it cost to participate in the Lacrosse Academy? Are there discounts for multiple-child families?
16. Is there a refund policy if my child does not participate?
17. When are payments due and who do I pay?