Who is Considered a District or Non-District Resident?

A District Resident is an individual in the Town of Hempstead who does not reside in an incorporated village or a special park district.

A Non-District Resident is an individual who resides in the Town of Hempstead within an incorporated village or in Special Park District.

Note: Persons who reside in these specific areas pay different property taxes.

All individuals in the town are members of the General Park Fund, which includes major beaches such as Town Park at Point Lookout and Forest City Park. State legislation created areas called Special Park Districts, where individuals in these areas have exclusive use of parks and pools due to a separate tax levy. A non-park district includes persons who do not live in special park districts and live in incorporated villages, which usually have their own recreation departments.

For example, a person who lives in the Incorporated Village of Valley Stream must pay a non-district rate when entering a pool, while a person living in the unincorporated community of Valley Stream is considered a district resident because they pay special taxes which go into the park district fund.

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