Three Sheets to the Wind- Speaker- Cynthia Barrett

Sunday, November 19th -1:30 p.m.

Three Sheets to the Wind

Speaker–Cynthia Barrett

If you love the ocean, boating, word origins, or surprising seafaring facts, this is the lecture for you. Cynthia Barrett is the author of Three Sheets to the Wind: The Nautical Origins of Everyday Expressions. Part reference, part trivia, and part history, the book

explores the origins of more than 175 words and phrases that sailors coined at sea. “Filibusters” are the invention of seafarers, not the US Senate, and the first skyscrapers were the tallest sails on a ship. Cynthia will discuss many of these nautical

expressions, and will also talk about her research, and about how her family’s maritime roots inspired the book. 

Fee: $10; $8 seniors. Members free. Check is to be payable to the Friends of Rock Hall. Space limited. Reservations required.