The Phantamagoria: the Hidden Workings of18th Century Magic Lantern Show

Thursday, November 2nd -7 p.m.

The Phantasmagoria: the Hidden Workings of an 18th-Century Magic Lantern Show

Join Magic lanternist performer Joel Schlemowitz as he gives an illustrated lecture on the technical and cultural history of the phantasmagoria. 

In 18th-century Paris, showman and scientist Etienne-Gaspard Robertson caused a sensation with his magic lantern performances, known as the Fantasmagorie

It was a true “multi-media” event of its time, using a magic lantern with wheels and track to cause images to grow larger on a screen to frighten audiences. 

Other innovations included the projection of opaque objects and puppets, the use of shadowplay, live theatrical sound effects, and eerie music.

Fee: $10; $8 seniors. Members free. Check is to be payable to the Friends of Rock Hall. Space limited. Reservations required.