Competitive Diving 

Competitive Diving

Competitive diving teams are organized for residents 8 years of age and over. All participants must be able to swim in deep water. Diving teams compete against each other in dual meets and hold practice on weekdays.

 Competitive Diving is only offered at the following facilities: 

  •  Echo Park Pool, West Hempstead 
  • Veterans Park Pool, East Meadow.


June 18th  -July 18th, 2022   Registration takes place at the Pool Office 


  • $48.50  Season Pass Holders Only  
  • $97.00 Non Season Pass Holders (Only Valid During Swim Practice Hours and Meets  ,all other times all persons must pay the daily admission rate or hold a valid pool membership

Program Schedule

  • June  28th, 2022 through TBA
  • The program will run five days a week
  • Coaches will Email all parents before the start of the season with weekly practice schedules  
  • Town of Hempstead Residents Only