Injured Wildlife Rescue & Transport

The Town of Hempstead will respond to distressed and injured wildlife, when possible.  The Town does not rehabilitate injured or distressed wildlife. The Department collaborates with a network of licensed wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians who have the equipment and expertise to treat injured wildlife, with the goal of releasing a healthy animal back into the wild.  

If you encounter an animal you believe to be injured or in distress, please call the Department of Conservation & Waterways at (516) 431-9200.  A staff member will assist and transport the injured animal to a licensed rehabilitator if necessary, after assessing the situation.  Because the Town does not have the proper permits, staff will not respond to rabies vector species such as raccoons and bats.

If possible, please take pictures of the animal and email them to with your name, phone number and location of the encounter.

Important information that will be helpful in planning a rescue include:

  • Date and time the animal was first observed
  • Location (as much detail as possible)
  • Where is the animal on the property (in the water, in a tree, under a bush, etc.)
  • Describe the animal 
  • If it is a bird, can it fly? 
  • Describe the injury and/or behavior of the animal
  • Is it entangled?