Board of Appeals



  • Old Town Hall
    350 Front Street, 
    Room #230 (Second Floor)
    Hempstead, New York 11550

  • Phone: 516-812-3004


Ragano, John F.Chairman and MemberJanuary 10, 2023January 9, 2028
Adams, Joann RuthMemberDecember 12, 2017December 31, 2021
D'Amato, KaturiaMemberMay 24, 2005December 31, 2014
Pellegrini, JosephMemberJanuary 10, 2012December 31, 2020
Perry, KimberlyMemberMay 3, 2011December 31, 2021


The legal function of the Board of Appeals is to hold official public hearings and render formal written decisions on cases brought before it. Such cases are brought by persons whose permit applications have been denied by the Department of Buildings, or by persons who contest the issuance of a building permit. In other words, the board was established primarily to review actions taken by the Department of Buildings referable to the Town of Hempstead's Building Zone Ordinance.

The board has jurisdiction to grant relief when at least the majority of its members, or in the case of a disapproval recommendation by the Nassau County Planning Commission, a majority plus one. The board may find that after considering all evidence presented and after due deliberation, that the imposition of a particular building zoning ordinance requirement would legally justify such relief.

In addition to hearing cases seeking variances and special exceptions to the Building Zone Ordinance, the board has the power to permit certain dwellings to be occupied as "mother-daughter" residences.

Filing Instructions

Please note - All new Board of Appeals applications must be filed online through "" -

All filing forms can be found at -


View Board of Appeals Rules.

Hearing Dates

Please call the Secretary to the Board of Appeals, Grace DiGrazia at 516-812-3005 for future hearing dates. 

To submit your comments regarding an upcoming Board of Appeals hearing, you may do so online using the Hearings Comment Form, or send your comments in writing to:

John F. Ragano
Chairman of the Board of Appeals
One Washington Street
Hempstead, New York 11550

Comments received prior to the close of the public hearing will be made part of the record.

Comment Form

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2024 Hearing Schedule

January10th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
January24th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
February7th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
February14th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
March6th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
March13th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
March27th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
April3rd9:30 am / 2:00 pm
April17t9:30 am / 2:00 pm
May1st9:30 am / 2:00 pm
May15th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
May22nd9:30 am / 2:00 pm
June5th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
June12th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
June26th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
July10th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
July24th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
August7th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
August21st9:30 am / 2:00 pm
September4th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
September18th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
September25th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
October9th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
October23rd9:30 am / 2:00 pm
November13th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
November20th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
December4th9:30 am / 2:00 pm
December18th9:30 am / 2:00 pm