2014 Triathlon Results

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1Male1 Top Finisher1:13:47.44Samuel Fox
2Male2 Top Finisher1:16:18.70Andrew Smith
3Male3 Top Finisher1:16:33.80Brian Crowley
4Male4 Top Finisher1:17:33.43Eric Juergens
5Female1 Top Finisher1:17:52.19Karen Pompay
6Male5 Top Finisher1:19:09.41Ned Daily
7Male30 to 341:19:34.22Christopher Koegel
8Female2 Top Finisher1:20:31.74Betsy Eickelberg
9Male55 to 591:22:53.86David Fabian
10Male35 to 391:23:40.53Billy Michael Ospina
11Male60 to 641:25.60Fred Neinast
12Male55 to 591:25:31.78Peter Skelos
13Male25 to 291:25:41.55Sal Farruggia
14Male35 to 391:25:52.91Rich Rogers
15Female3 Top Finisher1:26:02.54Kelly Pickard
16Female4 Top Finisher1:26:40.56Christine Grippo
17Female5 Top Finisher1:26:49.58Clare Carroll
18Male50 to 541:26:58.08John Scalzo
19Male45 to 491:27:25.19Robert Dealy
20Male45 to 491:27:32.03Francis McVeigh
21Female50 to 541:28:13.31Barbara Cronin to Stagnari
22Female25 to 291:28:55.54Erin Lusenskas
23Male50 to 541:30:12.19James Conway
24Male45 to 491:30:38.35Robert Regan
25Female30 to 341:30:47.40Alexis Noest
26Male40 to 441:30:56.07Adam Mazur
27Female45 to 491:31:14.85Lesli Hiller
28Male45 to 491:31:28.93Andriy Kapys
29Female55 to 591:32:17.42Lorraine Huether
30Male50 to 541:32:50.48Brian Stone
31Male50 to 541:33:11.92William Perrine
32Male40 to 441:33:34.09Juan Mestres
33Male40 to 441:34:06.95Dennis Wresch
34Male55 to 591:34:44.68Ronald Lipsky
35Male50 to 541:34:50.57David Flomenhaft
36Male45 to 491:35:06.52John Martinez
37Male55 to 591:35:16.23Jamie Fishlow
38Male50 to 541:35:19.30Francis Ricigliano
39Male55 to 591:35:56.42Timothy Doran
40Male50 to 541:36:19.55Steve Carey
41Male45 to 491:36:53.83Cary Blanco
42Male30 to 341:37:20.70Joe Azzata
43Female25 to 291:37:32.25Jacqueline Kupferman
44Male35 to 391:37:32.63William Kupferman
45Male25 to 291:37:47.79Rory Wagner
46Male55 to 591:38:06.26Thomas Bottini
47Male55 to 591:38:09.90Martin Brown
48Male55 to 591:38:10.62James McTiernan
49Male50 to 541:38:15.53James Ader
50Male45 to 491:38:38.80Christopher Crane