2015 Triathlon Results

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1Male1 Top Finisher1:3:39.57Brian Crowley
2Male2 Top Finisher1:3:41.62Eric Juergens
3Male3 Top Finisher1:7:04.54Rich Gregory
4Male4 Top Finisher1:7:09.29Andrew Smith
5Male5 Top Finisher1:7:22.55Kelly Coyle
6Male55 to 591:7:36.06Ned Daily
7Male35 to 391:8:42.55Vladimir Aronsky
8Male25 to 291:8:55.24Jeff Hussey
9Male18 to 241:9:58.54Matthew Broncato
10Female1 Top Finisher1:10:09.54Katie Bottini
11Male55 to 591:10:16.58David Fabian
12Male50 to 541:10:19.78John Nicolini
13Male30 to 341:10:59.67Matthew McLoughlin
14Female2 Top Finisher1:12:07.03Jaclyn Fahey
15Female3 Top Finisher1:12:54.79Erin Lusenskas
16Female4 Top Finisher1:13:25.40Clare Carroll
17Male40 to 441:13:46.40Michael J. Gleason
18Male35 to 391:14:10.72Rich Rogers
19Female5 Top Finisher1:14:44.57Kelly Pickard
20Male18 to 241:15:03.06Brian Shannon
21Male45 to 491:15:06.94Robert Dealy
22Female55 to 591:15:07.32Patti Thorp
23Male45 to 491:15:29.67Stephen Davis
24Male45 to 491:16:58.25Michael Esposito
25Female30 to 341:17:14.52Amy DeFelice
26Male35 to 391:17:26.92Ray Gogarty
27Male55 to 591:17:29.47Michael Hughes
28Male45 to 491:17:31.53Charles Maass
29Male55 to 591:17:54.73Jamie Fishlow
30Male65 to 991:17:56.65Peter Martin
31Female30 to 341:18:04.31Alexis Noest
32Male50 to 541:18:25.57James Conway
33Male55 to 591:18:32.03Thomas Bottini
34Male30 to 341:18:33.47Joe Azzata
35Male60 to 641:18:34.25Steven Jonas
36Male25 to 291:19:14.91Stephen Intrabartola
37Male50 to 541:19:25.89Francis McVeigh
38Male45 to 491:19:53.43Colin Noonan
39Male50 to 541:19:57.82Frank Borgi
40Male60 to 641:19:59.66Ronald Darress
41Male45 to 491:20:07.46Rodger King
42Male50 to 541:20:40.11Brian Stone
43Male30 to 341:21:01.38Stephen Bauer
44Male25 to 291:21:02.77Kevin Carbone
45Male55 to 591:21:06.20Larry Striegel
46Male45 to 491:21:10.68Jerry Ambroise
47Male45 to 491:21:26.94Paul Escher
48Female50 to 541:21:46.65Karen Conkling
49Male45 to 491:21:51.59Scott Cunningham
50Male35 to 391:22:11.17Brett Cohen